Fox, NBC, Bloomberg Project Newt To Win South Carolina, Romney Second

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Three primaries, three different winners. There is little that can be said here except to add what we said before: the US gets just what it deserves. Follow the results live on the CNN webcast and the interactive Google chart.

And live map:

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The Careless Whisper News Update & Threadjacking

Just One Story Today Because It's So Outrageous



"United Against Nuclear Iran" (a 501-c-3 entity) Says Jennifer Lopez (aka J Lo) Is A Terrorist Sympathizer Ands Needs To Be Indefinately Detained At Quantanamo Under NDAA   VIDEO: Commercial

Meet: United Against Nuclear Iran:

Meet: The Alleged Dangerous Terrorist Sympathizer ("Party Freak" Is Code - She's Evil) VIDEO:

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"United Against Nuclear Iran" (a 501-c-3 entity) Says Jennifer Lopez (aka J Lo) Is A Terrorist Sympathizer Ands Needs To Be Indefinately Detained At Quantanamo Under NDAA"

Ok ok...I'll do this one for the good of the country. I got a spare room.

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and I will stand guard from the closet with a camera. 

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she's a hag...

now we have 3 primaries, 3 winners...but RP ain't one of them

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Divide and conquer, bitchez. Works every time.............

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Tea party,  Totally corrupted by the neocons.  Comon,  NH  Teaparty voted for Romney,  

Over 40% voted for the Grinch who stole South Carolina.  

Tea Party is Karl Roves and Kristols play thing.  

Over 40% of the voters who were calling themselves VERY CONSERVATIVE, voted for Gingerich.  So that must make South Carolina either the most UNINFORMED group in the union or the STUPIDEST>  

Glad I never moved there.  

Viva de revolucion via Ron Paul.

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Gingrich is a RINO POS.   He would be the fourth choice out of the 4.  Even Romney is a better choice than Gingrich.  He is NOT a conservative. 

We get all of these narcissist sociopaths like Clinton, Obama and now Newt. 

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Newts and Santy are out over 500 delegates due to poor campaign strategy:

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I project that within a generation the American Empire will wither and die and millions of pathetic unproductive Americans will starve to death in the process when they lose their crony .gov jobs. Think I will get a prime time spot on the Thought Vacuum? Doubt it. No one wants to hear the truth.

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You're giving America a generation?  How generous.

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No, apparently we're giving America a 'Gingrich' which is significantly shorter than a generation. :)

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President Camacho: Shit. I know shit's bad right now, with all that starving bullshit, and the dust storms, and we are running out of french fries and burrito coverings. But I got a solution.

South Carolina Representative # 1: That's what you said last time, dipshit!

South Carolina Representative # 2: Yeah, I got a solution, you're a dick! South Carolina, what's up!

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Dear non-Americans, I would like to apologize on behalf of my country. Despite what my peers and I do to wake up most Americans to the tyranny that will ultimately start WWIII, most Americans are too chemically dumbed down to get it (fluoride poison in the water, aspartame in food, toxic vaccines administered throughout their lifetime, x-ray scanners known and unknown that shred their dna). Please understand we are not all ignorant and are trying to save the Earth and your country from a nuclear holocaust that our corrupt government would like to ignite in order to serve the larger UN agenda of population reduction (Agenda 21) and total world dominance of all governments. Sadly, it appears that a warmongering ass clown who has never even been in a school yard fight will end up in the white house for the next four years. God help us.

Awake American

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Well said Comay. It's unfortunate but true. 

And you know what? Seeing this cast of characters, with a NEWT in the lead in anything....forget a Caucus, A NEWT.

Imagine, who is the president of America? NEWT Gingrich. 

Newt, Perry, Bachmann, Palin, Perry(!!!!!!!!!).....need one go on....

Tch... in the other corner... Obama or Clinton?




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plus we are pretty hung over all weekend. We start to recover on Wednesday, but then the whole cycle starts again come Friday night...

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You need to find chumba and get back here more often.

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Dear American friend,

I know what you're going through. It is not that different over here. It is frustrating but don't give up. I'd miss you.

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The backup plan; complete and total economic collapse of the USA. That should fix most of our problems, even if Ron Paul doesn't win.

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Plan A is Ron Paul to fix the problem.

Plan B is complete and total worldwide economic collapse, that should fix most of our problems.

Either way I win.

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Plan A-- Spike Lee gives a pair of Air Jordan to telepromter, for early victory dance.

May be he knows how to fix the economy and win another Nobel Prize, this time for Economics?  Hummmmmmm. 

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You can't fix STUPID


"Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can't locate the U.S. on a world map. Why do you think this is?"

"I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some . . . people out there in our nation don't have maps and, uh, I believe that our, uh, education like such as in South Africa and, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and, I believe that they should, our education over HERE in the U.S. should help the U.S., uh, or, uh, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future, for our children." 

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That was Ms. South Carolina. May explain some of the voting last night.

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Give her a break, there might be a complete sentence in there somewhere.

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It's all theater. Two words -STAGED ELECTIONS. The syndicate controls the microphone. They drug the food and water. They control what we see. It's a cross between a bad joke and a nightmare.

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OT:  Sorry to hijack, but has ZH commented on SCYTL buying SOE:

-  SCYTL, an international based company headquartered in Barcelona buys SOE Software, the leading provider of election management solutions in the U.S.


-  SCYTL has offices in Baltimore, Toronto, New Delhi, Athens, Kiev and Singapore


-  SCYTL is a portfolio company of leading international VC funds Nauta Capital, Balderton Capital and Spinnaker


-  SOE software is based in Tampa, FL


Seems to raise a red flag for me that a domestic election management solutions company is sold to a VC-funded company based in Barcelona 10 months before a nation election.  <...Paging George Soros...>


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I hear elections in the future won't even need people.

Now that's efficiency.

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They already don't. It's all an 'Illusion of Choice.'

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Quit whining start working. Be a watch dog in your precinct.

"There is only one way to immediately find out whether Scytl/SOE reported the right results*, and that is for members of the public to capture evidence of reported precinct results when polls close tonight. Think of it as a giant neighborhood watch.

Precinct results should be posted at each polling site. In addition, during poll closing the public has a right to be in the polling place watching and videotaping what goes on.

Here is a four-minute video showing exactly what to do:

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I wasn't "whining," it was a statement of opinion which is likely very accurate. Aren't you aware that electronic voting machines are easily hacked?  This is not to mention the myriad of old school vote fraud techniques...

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Whoever gets elected, besides Newt, should ask Newt to serve his country in his best way. We can deploy him in Europe and his massive head can serve as the missile defense shield.

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"We get all of these narcissist sociopaths like Clinton, Obama and now Newt. "

....and Bush and Reagan and Carter and Nixon etc. etc. etc.

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RINO Gingrich is a big admirer of FDR.



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Needless to say most folks here like RP.

Maybe he uses his delegates at the convention to "get something."

RP runs as third party and split "conservatives" allowing an easier Obama win.

We all already know that Romney is no different than Gingrich OR Obama, or Hillary.

We all know CNN, WSJ, NBC, Fox are all rigged and biased.

They are all part of the killer elite that's driving the country into the ground on a daily basis.

But even with their control grids, money printing and surveillance corpocracy WHAT WILL GET BETTER under the present path? Nothing.  Nothing is presumed to get better.

On the present course, by 2016, the only thing holding the country together will be Xboxes, food stamps and chronic.  The Feds will never disarm this country.  Even Mossad made the calculation that nuking Washington and relocating the capital to Chicagoland only buys a little time.  Same with the Iran War.  Big banks and business can only kick Amerikans' teeth in for so long.  After the last molar comes loose, that irradiated TSA wonk you depended on to molest Grandma Moses, but trained to take a bullet for Morty Moneychanger is going to go berserk.  And the few allowed to carry guns or search databases are going to look for scapegoats to keep their jobs from the mobs.

Locking up Mandela did not keep apartheid.  Turning Gaza into a polish ghetto did not conceal human misery.  NDAA, SOPA, PIPA, Patriot 2, ZIRP are only temporary weapons in a war verses the human spirit.  The human spirit will rise again even after the coming catastrophe of the 2012 "election."

Stay local.  Stay alert.  Stand ready.

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IF Ron Paul can split the "conservative" vote, then he's going to win.  There are a whole lot of disenchanted '08 Obama voters that will be voting for RP, and if you combine that with a nice chunk of the independents, that's a win.

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I elected Bill Clinton.

How?  because I voted for Ross Perot.

Now I knew Perot was another big money guy out of Texas, but he wasn't a demopublican and that was enough for me, you and all of us back in what 1992?  Good grief.

Same with Paul today, only there are more of us now.

But it will likely not matter because the science of controlled opposition, big media, super-PACs and the like now not only control the message, but can effectively manipulate an election at the polling place.

We already saw the work done with the Iowa causes.  'Santorum who?'  That was a trial balloon for the 2012 election.

I will turn my prayer rug into a flying carpet to get anyone remotely like RP into ANY seat of power.

But game theory is very compelling when you know the two prime powers have so much power and money.

I am more heartened today than 2008 because when you listen to folks like Alex Jones, you will also hear the same rhetoric coming from Democracy Now and Pacifica Radio.  When the so called far left and far right are talking about the same injustices you know things have to change. No justice.  No peace.

Good luck to everyone.

Help Ron Paul Save America.



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Hw have I never read your stuff before. You must have a blog or something. Plesase send me anything written by you @ninja247.

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It's precisely this type of thinking (it won't matter because the demopublicans will effectively manipulate the election) that allows tyrants to remain tyrants.  Sadly, too many people are convinced a (D) or and (R) are their ONLY choices.

At some point... and perhaps not in this election cycle... it WILL eventually sink in to a majority of the general public that the 2 political parties that dominate the political landscape are one in the same... essentially wolves in sheeps clothing that have their own visions of how one obtains statist control.  And the mainstream media is nothing but a megaphone to those who already have consolidated power... as they are lothe to be on the wrong side of a tyrant's power grab.

The unfortunate thing, however, is that the older segments of the population (over 35) in these primary elections have strongly favored either (a) "status quo" candidates (Romney); or (b) a media-influenced "flavor of the day" (Santorum, Gingrich... even Huntsman).  The fact that these "flavors of the day" are doing so well demonstrates the power of the mainstream (divide and conquer works well). I've never quite seen anything like this...  but it does demonstrate just how terrible the lineup the Republican party actually has.  It's pathetic, really.

So given what we are likely to get out of the Republican Party... who really cares if an Indpendent Ron Paul allows Obama to win an election (though I'm not convinced that's the case either, as Obama has sold out a lot of the Democratic party voter base)?  Obama, Romney, Gingrich, Santorum... no matter.  They are one in the same-- they're all the same tyrants you knew years ago.  And they will continue at every turn to chip away at each and every one of our social and economic liberties.  F-that... why would I want to waste my vote that way?

This will be the 4th election I've voted totally away from the (D)/(R) tickets-- and I have a very clear conscience about that.  As the OP relayed earlier, we as a people are collectively getting what we deserve.  If you want to believe that "nothing can be done" and vote accordingly-- you are accountable to your own tyrannious choices.  And I'm pretty confident that whether its Obama or Romney leading our country, we will accelerate towards the economic/social/moral abyss.


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You seem to think that the elections can't be rigged.

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"What rough beast, its hour come round at last,

Slouches toward Bethleham to be born?"   The Second Coming, William Butler Yeats, 1919

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The revolution will not be televised. 

Ron Paul is planting seeds that will take time to grow. There are furtile fields of government educated lumps of clay: but it will take time.

I will never vote for anyone who does not defend freedom and liberty as the good doctor does.

Freedom != We are free to do what ever the government allows us to do

Liberty != You must do everything the government forces you to do

It will take time.

Thank you Dr Paul.

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I elected Bill Clinton.

How?  because I voted for Ross Perot.

This is a popular meme - I thought the same thing - but it doesn't really hold water. Exit polls in 92 showed that Perot attracted almost as many Democrats as he did Republicans. Clinton would have won any way, Perot or no Perot.

And I say that not because I think Clinton was smarter or better. GHW was and is a better man, but that silver spoon in his mouth mangled his speech, and for all Slick Willie's faults, he was an excellent communicator. I remember during one of the debates, Clinton tried to have it both ways on an issue, and GHW pounced as best he could, but all he could do was sputter "There's this.. this.. pattern where you try to have both sides on the issue" - hardly a killer put-down.

Paul might not be as telegenic as Bambam, but he's quick on his feet, and in a one-on-one, Paul can't be denied time to speak the way he is the primary "debates".

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Dude, not a chance. No offense, but you're dreaming.

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The typical 'very conservative' south carolinian voter:

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Smartest thing that ever came out of her mouth was dick.

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Last I remember you were dissing on Halle Berry, and now J Lo....

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She's a haybag

How does Fiat stay in business?  I test drove one of those pieces of crap.  Very pricey considering... 

Careless Whisper's picture

Well, they must be doing something right, they managed to acquire 58% of Chrysler. They already owned 90% of Ferrari, 100% of Maserati, plus a few other brands most people aren't familiar with;


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Sounds like a potential short to add to your watch list.

Careless Whisper's picture

im looking to short some CAT around 110-112, and if ANF breaks down that's a screaming short. F could be a short candidate. CVX i buy the dips.