As France Recalls Ambassador Is A Syrian "Liberation" Imminent

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Time for some geopolitical uncertainty to add to Europe's bond yield inferno.According to AP, "France's ambassador to Syria says the government in Paris has ordered him home in the wake of recent attacks against diplomatic missions and a crackdown by Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime. Ambassador Eric Chevallier said by phone Wednesday he "was aware" that he had been ordered back but declined to provide details. He deferred all questions about the reasons to the Foreign Ministry. The ministry declined immediate comment. France, Syria's former colonial ruler, has been increasingly critical of Assad's regime in recent weeks, urging him to step down, pressing for tough international sanctions, and meeting with opposition figures." If this is indeed an indication that a Syrian "liberation" is imminent look for other ambassadors to be quietly pulled. Also, look for Iran to mobilize as any invasion or air campaign against Syria will be perceive as an assault on Iran itself. Or look for "offensive" action by Syria to invoke "retaliation." That would be precisely the false flag that the anti-Iran lobby needs to send WTI into the stratosphere. Then again it is not as if WTI needs any more reasons to surge higher today.

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Any relation to oil price spiking lately?

Edit: oops...missed the last sentence there. My bad.

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That would be like spiking oil because of something that happens in Afghanistan......  which has no oil.  So, yes, probably.

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Except that Pres Assad is a gangly spoiled brat child. An Evil manchild is not a good WWF persona, IMHO.

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Just remember, he's been groomed for this fall-guy position his whole life.

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Shit's gettin' Syrius, coz the situation in the streets and the economy is deteriorating with every minute, hour, day! Sooner or later, whether with or without UN resolution something will have to be done or the 'situation' will result in civil war leading to regional destabilization and then Bibi will have gone wild! And that's the last thing we need now!

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No no, Arab spring is finished, time for European winter.

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Syria has been at a boiling point for some time now. On a repeated basis Syrians have asked the West to step aside in their domestic matters. Wait until Russia has an opinion...

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Send in the Foreign Leigon.

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Send in Clouseau!


"Yes, well, life is not all shoot-shoot, bang-bang, you know."

"You'll soon be laughing at the other side of my face, my friend!"


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you are posting up a storm on yer first day, P_V_I

great avatar! +++ yer name doesn't fit either!

so hi & welcome from a closet clouseauist

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Did you notice that guy quit doing those strips not too long after Obummer got elected?

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Yeah but I loved the t-shirt.

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Why would we care about Syria?  They barely produce much oil at all.

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Syria spelled backwards is "Iran".

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Nato bombs Syria

Iran helps Syria against Nato

Israel attacks Iran

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I laughed so hard my 10 year old awoke from bed to ask me what was so funny.'s picture

Because, left untouched, they would serve as a "second front" during the eventual take down of Iran. We are in the second or third act of just doesn't feel like it to us yet.... How many more governments or leaders do we need to see overthrown.... Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya ....warming up Syria and Iran....I'm afraid that once Iran is engaged it will feel like a World War to us....

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That's my thinking too...a "silent" WW is taking place.  These countries can no longer be a threat to any allied troops/assets because they have no government.  Once the last/enough go down, it will then be time to go after Iran.  We need a war, it's the only way out and still keep the ponzi going.  Depending on whom takes what sides, a LOT of debt could be magically erased.

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Former Saudi intel chief calling Assad departure and warning against an Iran strike.This is the same shiek who ran the iraq awakening movement. The Saudis have been funneling money, comms and weapons from the getgo - using western iraq (which Syria is apparently mined). One sidebar worth considering is the Saudi Crown Prince hiring the former head or Egypt Intel who is very close to the Israelis (Saudi already leaked to be coordinating with israel over Airspace use). Then today haaretz is reporitng the US loading up on 15T bunker busters after last week reportedly selling busters to UAE (4 days later UAE announced major Boeing order?)


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+ 1

Good digging, thanks for sharing.

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Because we need a beach head to attack Iran.  Take a look at a middle east map :

(I think it is a good habit to always look at a map when you here about a new conflict, most of the time we either attack a country for the resources or because the geograhic location is important,  for exemple look at Iraq and Afghanistan, Iraq as oild and is located next to Iran.  Afghanistan don't have oil but and located right next to Iran and China and they are home to important pipeline route.

Also you can take a look at all the African conflicts and apply the same logic.  I assume that they are all caused by either the U-S or China/Russian. I don't think any of them are 100% homemade conflicts.)


Iraq is bordering Iran, but the only way to reach the sea is by the persian golf, wich is totaly vulnerable to Irans anti-ship missles.

Afghanistan is also bordering Iran, but there is no way to reach it by sea and Pakistan is less and less of an ally.  There are also Chinese troops in Pakistan.  And it's anyone guess how they will react.

Maybe they could try to land from the black sea, but They would be totaly vulnerable to Russia if it decide to act.

So what option do they have left?  They could drop materials either in Turkey or Isreal+Jordan+Iraq.  But in both case you have Syria right next to them.  So you get rid of Syrian and then you are free to send tanks in Iran.

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I'd say that this story from the media arm of The Mossad fits in quite well with this thread.

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Ahhh, you beat me to the Debka story, you turd ;-) ... some of the salient points from their posting today:



Wednesday's potential game-changing attack was undoubtedly part of a well-laid plan to topple Assad laid by the coalition formed by Turkey, the Persian Gulf states led by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan. DEBKAfile's military and intelligence sources report this would be the first concerted effort from inside the region to oust Iran's closest ally.


From Wednesday, four threats are closing in on Assad:

1. The Arab League, under the leadership of Egypt's Supreme Military Council in conjunction with Saudi Arabia, is planning to submit a motion to the UN Security Council on the Syrian crisis that would open the door to outside military intervention in the Syrian crisis. If the motion is defeated by Russia or China, the Arab League will act on its own as the paramount Arab authority in the region


Until now, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, on behalf of the Gulf Cooperation Council, have limited their intervention in Syria to weapons and funding. Now they have begun paying Iran back for its subversive troublemaking in Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon.



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What I especially liked was the link to STUNNING UKRAINE WOMEN at the bottom of the article...

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I thought the Arab League voted to remove Syria from it's ranks. How do they propose to get monitors into the country?

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constant war used to increase GDP.


first stage: nuetralize Syria to control Hamas & Hezbollah, helping Israel mollify these groups pre Iran strike.

second stage: turn a blind eye when Israel bombs Iran. 

third stage: Regime change, control strait of Hermouth, and oil production.

fourth stage: cheap oil to boost productivity, and GDP, but denying it to BRICS to slow down their growth.

fifth stage: BRICS retaliate. currency wars.

sixth stage: constant war.  global totalitarianism.

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What happened to signing off with #occupy?

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"Until they become conscious they (the people) will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious."


The fact that more ppl rallyed in support of  the Penn State coach, than occupywallstreet signifies something.. If only I could find the words...

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Given that OWS is an elite funded, divide and conquer tactic (like all of the recent "revolutions") the fact that people are smart enough to avoid these herd movements please me.

As I told my occupying friends. politics is evil, and thus so is your political action. Factional fighting over control of the beast only strengthens it. The true solution is to walk away, and it will die due to your lack of support.

It's as simple as consent of the governed. As long as I retain my free-will, I do not consent. Rulers rule only via violence and coercion.

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He left it in his tent, which was confiscated yesterday.

The man took his sig!

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That would help take my mind off the Euro debt crisis.  It's really been bugging me lately.

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seventh stage: Numerous armies fighting each other around Megiddo then surrounding Jerusalem

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A Syrian conflict makes the odds of an escalation with Iran a certainty.  This wouldn't be as fast and painless as the Iraq war was. 

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Fast and painless?     WTF.

Ask some Iraqis how painless it was, is, and slowly becoming.   Or how about plenty of our boys and girls missing limbs up the ying-yang.  

Ya, real painless.


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50,000 dead US troops, 100,000 injured for life and/or missing limbs, 1,000,000 dead Iraqis...hell if thats painless then WW2 was nothing.

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Totally acceptable. After all Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction, no? Or did they...


Japan attacked a valid military target - Pearl Harbour - and the US retalliated with 2 nuclear bombs on civilian targets. Totally acceptable.


A few nuclear bombs on Tehran. Totally acceptable.





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Boys yes.  Girls, not so much.  Political Correctness is a set of lies agreed upon.

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A girl I know of has been trying to get out of the army since shortly after she joined.  Still unmarried, she has been pregnant or on maternity leave continuously since she decided she made a mistake.  A women can still plead her belly. No tours in Iraq for her. In the long run it would be much cheaper for them to just let her go.  As it is, they are paying for the children she keeps having. Last I looked, the military provided wonderful daycare centers.  I think her hitch will be up shortly after this one is born.  How she plans to support them is beyond me. 

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The Pentagon's latest figures show that nearly 3,000 women were sexually assaulted in fiscal year 2008, up 9% from the year before; among women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, the number rose 25%. When you look at the entire universe of female veterans, close to a third say they were victims of rape or assault while they were serving — twice the rate in the civilian population.,9171,1968110,00.html

"girls" tend to have their own unique set of circumstances to deal with.