France Refutes That "Blue Horseshoe Loves €2 Trillion Bailout Fund"

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Complete, and total, idiocy

  • DJ EU Source: No EFSF Deal Til Friday, EUR2T Number 'Simplistic'

Beyond words.

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this whole this is fking bullshit.

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Check this video out -- Who reads the papers? - Yes, Prime Minister - BBC comedy 

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And the market still believes AFTER it's been completely refuted for the 20th time...

Still WAY too many suckers in this market.

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Tyler, what is the source??....I have not been able to verify the statement from DJ

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I wonder what Todd Martin will say about these unregulated reports.

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Tomorrow's headline of The Guardian will read:

Poland Invades Germany

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LONDON -(Dow Jones)- European officials are still debating the size of the bailout fund for the euro zone and reports that an agreement has been reached to leverage it to EUR2 trillion are "totally wrong," an official familiar with the negotiations said.

European officials are working toward resolving the euro zone crisis and will be meeting over the weekend. A report in the Guardian newspaper suggested the EUR440 billion European Financial Stability Facility could be levered up to increase its firepower and the euro surged but EU officials have dismissed the report.

"Leveraging the EFSF is still being debated," a person with direct knowledge of the discussions said. "We may have a decision on the size by the summit or just a statement that firepower must be increased. But there no talk about an amount around EUR2 trillion. Such reports of an agreement between France and Germany are totally wrong."

UPDATE: EU Source: No EFSF Deal Til Friday, EUR2 Trillion Number 'Simplistic'

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so how many weeks has this been going on......



3:18 PM NYSE Time Zone - Europe is Saved!

4:47 PM NYSE Time Zone - That Report Was Complete Bullshit!



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Thanks mate, could not confirm the news after it was posted.

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No shit.  Tyler making stuff up?  Say it isn't so.

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It says "DJ" in the headlines, so I'm sure it's Dow Jones newswire. 

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Don't educate him.  Remember it's impossible to fix stupid Spartan.

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Who is te fucking "SOURCE"?  Sarko's mistress?  This is beyond absurd.  The EU has officially delegiitimized itself today.  

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Who can believe anything these pack of clowns say? All pure BS!

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The paranoid part of me <99%+> asks why is this from the Guardian??? I thought FT was the designated water carrier. Something is amiss here!


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EDIT:  It's on the DJ newswire

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Today? Every single day for the past year is more like it.

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now...if its in many zeros is that?

I think a bit more than most think


From wiki


Long scale is the English translation of the French term échelle longue. It refers to a system of large-number names in which every new term greater than millionis 1,000,000 times the previous term: billion means a million millions (1012), trillion means a million billions (1018), and so on.[1][2]
Short scale is the English translation of the French term échelle courte. It refers to a system of large-number names in which every new term greater than million is 1,000 times the previous term: billion means a thousand millions (109), trillion means a thousand billions (1012), and so on.[1][2]

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We are in an alternate universe, lol.

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The current global economic PONZI scam (born of fractional reserve banking fraud), which now depends heavily on rumor & innuendo from media "sources" to perpetuate its very day-to-day existence, is currently at one of the historical, watershed 'make it' or 'break it' moment in time (to those of us with even basic arithmetic skills and/or common sense, I am confident that we realize which ending we're certain to see):

The Axe's picture   first day that I can remember that not ONE insider bot stock ZERO

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There were NEVER two paths, only ONE- the "break it" one.  Ponzis cannot "correct," lest they wouldn't be Ponzis.

It's like the picture.  Note how there's NO food around.  What else is there to eat?  Pretty logical outcome.  It's one that you could apply the the entire grow-or-die paradigm that we've been operating under for, well, a, thousands of years.

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Yea, from now on lets run up a wild rumor 1/2 hour before market close to ramp it, then deny the rumor after market close, so that we can run up the same rumor tomorrow for another stock ramp.

This is well beyond retarded.

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Hey, if I could make the bots go up and down just by posting rumours I would too. Easy money if you can do it....... Lets see...


I heard they were going to say screw inflation and just print 4 trillion new Euros.

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Loosing Credibility by the second.....




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DJ is the DOW JONES NEWSWIRE....FUCKING PAY FOR A GODDAMN NEWS SERVICE WITH YOUR TRADE ACCOUNT.  Or wait the delay and wait for the reutgers newswire tonight.


Fucks sake.

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Freaking hilarious. All to initiate a short squeeze to cover the turd AAPL laid. F'in hilarious.

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that was strangely fast...

(pre-planned and prepared?)

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I think it's a natural function of the Benny Hill-esque manner in which the EU conducts business.

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Before market close, fire that guy

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How can one not laugh?  Un-fucking-believeable.

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These fuckers been doing this the past few weeks...of course any negative releases are for after the markets closed and promptly ignored.

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This is exactly right. The Financial Times (Alphaville) even did an article about it, looking at news release timings and market performance that day, and, of course, decided to call it the "FT Effect". Though, to be fair, most of the rumors have been caused by them.

Every single time it's some "anonymous" source related to an official source or simply some no-name official who has nothing to do with anything. But, of course, the market does not care. Quite a few people think its algos trading off the back of sentiment changes on the news wires or adding to any volume in that direction IF the sentiment news change is there.

What's even stranger is that the market keeps reacting off stories in Anglo news sources who have basically no stake in Eurozone discussions but are high profile, mainly due to English language dominance.

Whereas you can expect if anything concrete that changed anything at all were announced, it would at minimum be quoting high profile named officials and be broadcast from the rooftops to German and French newswires.

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EUR 2T are totally wrong. It must be 6T.

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Yeah according to them frogs, 2T aint enough....RIBBIT!

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Shimman, it is just a key on a keyboard after all.  Just keep moving the finger to the right until...

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Who's on first (base)?

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the source code is corrupted...

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This is complete bullshit. It will continue until Greece "officially" defaults...

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Up 20 pts on rumor... down about 7 after the DJ report.


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They CAN NOT do anything but spin and blow smoke until an external club hits them over the head.

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Complete, and total, idiocy

Well, it's from deathz... err eurozone so DUH!

Unelected dictator Barroso must be proud of this latest uber confidence lifting twilightzone episode. After all, he said THE ONLY problem in Europe is lack of CONfidence.


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I have absolute confidence that reality, exponential functions and mathematics WILL have the final say! :>(