Freedom Fries Versus Suppression Soda

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And so it is written; thou shalt not drink big soda upon the veritable streets of New York City. As the Village Voice reports, the NY Board of Health just passed Bloomberg's soda ban proposal banning sugary drinks in more than 16-ounce cups. Of course, none of this should come as a surprise as repression swings from financial to social - what next? No more 8-year-old chimney-sweeps? No more untested drugs on the market? Free-speech suppression on YouTube? As WSJ notes: During the first three months after the ban takes effect, the city will inspect and inform sellers when they are not in compliance with the law. The city will allow a three-month grace period before it begins issuing notice of violations that are subject to fines. Will there be soda hoarding? 'I Drink 17-ounces-at-a-time' T-Shirts?

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Peak Suger Bitchezz!!!

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Maybe this will get the food stamp fatties to pay attention... you know a government that has the power to give you everything can also take it away? Naw... this is just for our safety and health.

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More than anything, it is just plain stupid that anyone thought this shit up. Drink 16ounces at a time times 4 or one 64 ouncer. Who gives a shit? Dumb ass politicians just want to control people.

Maybe we should be attacking mayoral homes and governor's mansions. I'm sure Obama would apologize for the mayors and givernors then. What a fucked up country, what a fucked up world.

Can we please get some libertarians into office? I know who I am voting for.

By the way, does the sugar in alcohol count? Is this a racist attempt to take away our 40s?

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I'll just buy two 8-oz sodas, bitchez!

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You know, If you didn't water the soda down, a 64 oz soda probably would fit in a 16 oz cup, cut out the ice as well, and you can probably fit it into an 8 oz cup.  hmmmmm.   I think Bloomberg has just increased soda consumption efficiency immensly.

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You can't put that grape drink into the streets uncut! Are you mad, man?!

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New 7-11 drink deal: "The Double Fister" 2x 16oz drinks

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Have you noticed that Humor Day is coming earlier and earlier in the week. Soon everyday will be Humor Day.

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Be careful saying Freedom Words!

Cus they got Metal Birds!

Betta watch what you say! Or You will get a Pepper Spray!

bought a soda over 16 Ounces?

Major Mike Bloomberg Pounces!

He Kettled kids shouting Freedom words!

Sprayed down by the brown shirt Turds!

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WHEN does Bloomberg run into his term limit?

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'I Drink 17-ounces-at-a-time' T-Shirts?


Support the cause!

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I'd prefer a shirt that said "Screw the Criminal, Corrupt, and Illegitimate Government!"

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What people do with their 64 oz of carbonated water and 4 oz shot of soda syrup after I sell it to them is their own business.

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who the fuck will enforce this?

are they gonna test your drink TSA style?


if i was in new york i'd buy a 64 oz cup and fill it with water just to fuck with big brother

what about plastic 2 liter bottles?


fuck i hate democrats

and nazis

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As I type this I have a Big Gulp sitting on the desk in front of me.  *slurp*  Enjoy your tiny sodas and spray-and-pray cops, New got what you voted for.

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Hey!  Be nice to us Nazis.  We have feelings too.

SCHULTZ!  Take care of JQP.

Vee have vays!

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Heard on NPR (don't judge me) this morning that 7-11 is regulated as a grocery store (WTF?), and is therefore exempt from the new restrictions...the Big Gulp lives, bitchez!!!

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Grape is good for you.  It's full of antioxidants.

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Bloomberg says thanks for the extra taxes.

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52 ounces.....and still pouring bitchez!


Keep those French fries to yourselves....just super-size my steak fries. Yeah....I said steak. That's probably gonna piss someone off too.


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Yes, of course it's stupid.  

But you want to know what's also stupid?   Free healthcare for everyone,  no matter what your lifestyle or weight is.  Promising to pay for something and then letting the beneficiary control the price is frankly nuts.    I frankly don't want to pay for some fat shit's diabetes problem or some stupid smoker's fucked-up lungs.   

So pick one:   Free healthcare and some controls over abusing your body.  Or freedom to abuse your body, and you pay for your own damn healthcare.


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+1 Right on.  

Want to be a ward of the state?  Be a good bitch and do as you're told by the folks flipping the bill for your irresponsibility and lack of motivation.  Want to be left alone?  Opt out of the state-sponsored slave rat race.  Barter, grow yer own, stop trading fiat for goods and services.  Find every means possible to contribute as little as possible to the the friction, slow it down.  We need choices and our corporate oligarchs and 'political representatives' ain't offering much.  

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Free healthcare? 

What are you complaining about, CUBA?

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That's the conversation that I never really heard. If we want single payer healthcare, and most do, why not pay for it with taxes on things that obviously are unhealthy. Put soda on the same cost basis as fresh juice or smoothie. Mc D's on the same cost basis as health food store sandwich. If you want to eat shit that makes you sick, pay as you go. Now it is obvious that details of such a plan would be ripe for manipulaion by Bus./Gov. But, when it comes to behavior modification, both macro and micro, in this country money talks!

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Why should anyone have to pay?  Just have the Chairsatan print the cash up to cover it all.....

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I'll take a large order of Freedom, smothered in accountability, please.

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Manhattanites have a tendency to elect little Napoleon-complex types as their mayor. 

Guiliani was a great start.  Bloomberg just took it to the next level. 

I'm going to make a point of carrying around a 40oz BK cup whenever possible.  (That's generally how I carry my rum-cokes in public, anyway...) 

If I'm lucky, the cops will ask me where I got it and I can plead the fifth, or maybe just sic 'em on any business nearby that I feel would benefit from more government harassment.

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Julian from Tailer Park Boys ALWAYS had his rum and coke handy - -even in jail!!


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If you think you are the name on a driver's license or a birth certificate then this ban applies to you.

If you do not let a piece of paper or plastic identify you, then why would you want to drink this garbage?

I am Chumbawamba.

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most of those jumbo drinks are probably diet anyway... with a massive dose of rumsfeld approved nerve toxins, er, aspartame....

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You are taking the progressive's bait - "it's for your own good". Believing this does not confer the right to enforce your belief on others.

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didn't mean to imply that at all.  on the contrary, i consider most government regulation a form of fascism designed to control the population.  just pointing out how the fascists are working against each other on this...  it all gets a bit crazy.  after all, it seems obvious that it has been official government policy to promote poor health by subsidizing mass production of poor quality junk food, pathetically harmful dietary guidelines (food pyramid anyone), and poor medical care...  pills over addressing underlying issues...   so, why the sudden change of heart?  don't they want us all dead anyway? 

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  pathetically harmful dietary guidelines (food pyramid anyone)

In primary school my kid was being taught this garbage. I set him down & told him that it was wrong, but he had to give them the answers they wanted for the test. He got it. Then he witnessed the Chino CA slaughterhouse debacle. He NEVER ate a school lunch again. 

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I wrote a line about Bloomberg in this trailer - check it out!

Montecarlo's picture

I wrote a line about Bloomberg in this trailer - check it out!

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This is wrong angle, they need to attack this at the healthcare angle.  Abuse yourself you pay more for healthcare.

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Maybe start here...

  1. Means test Medicare
  2. BMI test for SNAP
  3. End of life medical expenses are deducted from estate tax exemption
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yes or you get true charity care.  Not the taxpayers forced at gun point care they call 'charity' care now.


Your 3rd point has zero effect on people with a strong family structures, they just move all of the assets out of elder person's name and into other family member's names long before the time arrives for end of life care. 

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Have you ever tried to price the service your doctors gives you against another doctor?  We could start with making pricing discovery applicable again and get rid of the complexity.  Most of the time the doctors do not even know what the service costs.  They have to ask the insurance company.  Great system.  ./sarc We got this soda thing nailed in NYC.



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You are correct.  Medicare and Worker's Comp are essentially the only insurers that readily provide the fee schedule to the doctors, only because they are required to by law.

Aetna, United Healthcare, WellPoint, Cigna, Humana, BCBS, etc. all make it very difficult, if not practically impossible, for the physician to determine what the reimbursement actually is, and thus appeal underpayments.

All blame, however, is squarely on the physicians.  They sign the provider agreements without a fee schedule attached, ignorant and scared mother fuckers. 

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doctors are illness managers.  they know little to nothing about health, and what makes a person healthy.  if you want real health, don't waste your time with a doctor, you have to do your own homework, week through the oceans of disinformation...  and learn how to maintain a healthy body.... once you do this, you won't need the medical system much anyway.  consider it a return on investment.   the slobs who are too lazy to even consider this... are going to the slaughter that is american sickcare.

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Anyone have a recommendation for a doctor in NYC?  Probably get better recommendation here at ZH than any other place.  I would like to find a doctor who is not a illness manager, read the black swan, well read on fractal geometry, well read on complex adaptive systems, and is a critical thinker.


John 39.  Awesome +100 if I could.


**a few edits

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@jayman21, I too have some health issues that Drs.were only treating the effects. Nothing towards the cure. My Rhumo., Neuro., and GP scoffed @ me when I told them internet research showed a better way.

I don't see them anymore.

If you can tell me what's going on w/you I'd be more than happy to help if I can. I am finally making progress myself.

If not here remember ZH offers us personal/private email.

I'll check back to see if you respond.

John39 is right.

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How VERY DARE YOU! suggest personal responsibility!!!! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!

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Don't you go holding them accountable for their words!

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Fuck 16 oz soda. Drink 40 oz of malt liquor instead! That's still legal, right?