French Magazine Portrays Prophet Mohammad Naked In Cartoons, Set To Further Infuriate Muslim World

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It's almost as if someone is actively trying to force the Muslim world to launch an all out war against the "developed" west. A week ago, it was a film mocking Mohammad which led to the death of the US ambassador in Libya. Today, it is a French magazine which has ridiculed the Prophet Mohammad by portraying him naked in cartoons, which, as Reuters logically adds, "threatens to fuel the anger of Muslims around the world who are already incensed by a film depiction of him as a womanizing buffoon." It is as if the anti-Iran strategy of antagonizing the country to its breaking point, merely so the first attack comes from them in response to endless provocations, and a defensive retaliation can be spun to the "free world", has now been adopted against the entire Muslim world now, and all the insolvent Western countries are praying they get attacked just so the media spin will coalesce the sheep around the "developed" democracies in an all out "retaliatory" assault, which among other things, liberates tens of millions of barrel of oil equivalents, even as it spreads democracy and unlimited credit cards.

Naturally, just as in the case of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula video, where the US government promptly washed its hands but not before condemning the response, so here too, the French administration has promptly bashed the cartoon. Of course, it is just this "freedom" that the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo had, that the Muslim world supposedly "hates us for." Needless to say, the damage has already been done and the second major provocation against the Muslim world by the west, with a mass response that will be no surprise to anyone, has been launched. One of these days the desired reaction to the endless battery of provocations will finally take place.

From Reuters:

The French government, which had urged the magazine not to print the images, said it was temporarily shutting down premises including embassies and schools in 20 countries on Friday, when protests sometimes break out after Muslim prayers.


Riot police were deployed to protect the Paris offices of satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo after it hit the news stands with a cover showing an Orthodox Jew pushing the turbaned figure of Mohammad in a wheelchair.


On the inside pages, several caricatures of the Prophet showed him naked. One, entitled "Mohammad: a star is born", depicted a bearded figure crouching over to display his buttocks and genitals.


Initial reaction from Muslim countries was critical.


"Of course it will anger people further. It will raise tensions that were already dangerously high," said Sheikh Nabil Rahim, a leading Salafist cleric in Lebanon.


"We will try to keep things managed and peaceful, but these things easily get out of hand. I fear there could more targeting of foreigners, and this is why I wish they would not persist with these provocations."


In Egypt, Essam Erian, acting head of the powerful Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, told Reuters: "We reject and condemn the French cartoons that dishonor the Prophet and we condemn any action that defames the sacred according to people's beliefs."



Charlie Hebdo has a long reputation for being provocative. Its Paris offices were firebombed last November after it published a mocking caricature of Mohammad, and Charbonnier has been under police guard ever since.


Speaking outside his offices in an eastern neighborhood with many residents of North African origin, Charbonnier said he had not received any threats over the latest cartoons. In a message on its Twitter account, Charlie Hebdo said its website had been hacked, but referred readers to a blog it also uses.


The French Muslim Council, the main body representing Muslims in France, accused Charlie Hebdo of firing up anti-Muslim sentiment at a sensitive time.


"The CFCM is profoundly worried by this irresponsible act, which in such a fraught climate risks further exacerbating tensions and sparking damaging reactions," it said.

Well, as long as their hatred of our freedoms continues, all shall be well.

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I'd just surrender!


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The pre-emptive surrender is a new one, even for the French.

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I say we turn the middle east into glass...


Edit: Before I rival MDB is Reds by this I mean the only solution to crazy people is more crazy people doing crazy things.

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Who owns the magazine/newspaper - Cui Bono?

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Could someone please arrange a screening of "Life Of Brian" for these people?


Seriously.  Lighten the fuck up.

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just because the western world has grown used to having its spiritual teachers trashed and belittled by zionist controlled media doesn't mean that the rest of the world is willing to roll over and drink zio-piss and laugh about it.  I don't condone violence, but, its fairly obvious that the bankers and doing everything that they can to start a war, including this shit... 

(edit) why not make a movie poking fun at the holocost and see what happens.


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Riot police were deployed to protect the Paris offices of satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo ...

Why? If I choose to stand in a crowded bar and shout 'all B@#$%$s are twats' I would expect to get filled in by every twat in the place in short order. We have the right to free speech but they have tthe right to take offence. If Charlie Hebdo wants to piss people off because it has the right then let them, but let them take the consequences also, just like they would in a crowded bar.

There's some things you just don't do, even though you have the right to...

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There's some things you just don't do, even though you have the right to...

Yes, once upon a time this was called ''civility''

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And is it civil to rape, torture and then kill ambassadors?


Do you seriously think these are moral equivalents?

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You know, underneath our clothes, we're all naked. True story.

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I don't condone poking anyone in the eye re their beliefts, but the reaction to the poking tells you a great deal about the people being poked.

Were this reaction only because of the poking, I'd say knock it off.  But as it stands, these whackos have death sentences for any of their faith who decide to become Christian, etc.  You may convert to Islam, but never away.

I've long called Islam the Borg of religions.  Beware.

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Give a link Tyler, I will print the mf'ers.

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How gauche..

Next thing you know there will be some cartoonish criticism of The Holy Prophet Mohammed raping an innocent 9 year old girl.

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I can't believe I'd ever have to say this but:


Good for the French for printing this.


Bad for ZeroHedge, you cropped out the image. Have the same balls as the french and show the full thing!

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You and me, bro, but I gotta bite the bullet.   Vive la France.

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a grand-grand-grand-[...]-parent post said,

"There's some things you just don't do, even though you have the right to..." 

Like questioning the Holocaust. Oh, right, that one is illegal, I wonder why?

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it doesnt matter now. Zerohedge is fucked too. They printed his head. The Jihad is on bitchez

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Wondering why Tyler is furthering the myth that these riots were sparked by some silly YouTube clip, when they were actually sparked by the drone assassination the #2 Al-Qaeda leader in Pakistan on Sept 10th, the day before the riots started in Lybia.

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Is it worth world war to flaunt the “right” to deeply offend others or speak evil of something others consider good?

“There is no greater glory for man than the service of international peace.

“Peace is light; war is darkness. Peace is life; war is death. Peace is guidance; war is misguidance. Peace is conducive to illumination; war is destructive of light. Peace and amity are factors of existence; war is decomposition, or lack of existence.

“Wherever the banner of peace is raised it is conducive to the welfare of the world.”

-- Peace Is Life, War Is Death, by ‘ABDU’L-BAHA of Persia, Prophet and Advocate of Peace


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Too bad for too many it's their version of peace, or you get the sword. 


Liberty, baby.

"Why should I care?  I'm not the one going to hell."


Eqloquence! It's between you and your God. 

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maybe you haven't noticed... but most of the 'killing' done around world, is by US/NATO/Israel...  so, who are the savages again?

Chuck Walla's picture

so, who are the savages again?


The guys sawing off the heads of innocent, alive people?


JR's picture

Savages? Perhaps its Israeli ethnic Madeleine Albright, former U.S. Secretary of State, with her infamous statement that the “price” of 500,000 dead Iraqi children for U.S. sanctions on Iraq was worth it. And, of course, those Americans who supported her and the Iraqi Holocaust that killed an additional 1.44 million in U.S. "collateral damage." Wouldn't it be cheaper in lives for Americans just to buy their oil?


Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

Life is more complex than just saying 'peace is light, war is death'

There are many in this world for whom your committment to peaceful protest at all costs is just their opportunity to subjugate you. They dont have any interest in negotiating with you. they dont give a fuck about the injustice of your enslavement. They are comfortable that your enslavement is the price for their comfort and social status.

Under such circumstances, forceful resistance may at certain times in history be the only path to justice.

The tragedy for all parties concerned, however, is that the aggreived are particularly susceptible to having their anger misdrected by the most lunatic repulsive ridiculous religious belief and practice available in the theosophical marketplace.

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Indeed and the administration is already starting the back peddaling after being outed by the Britts and the Libyan's themselves. I thought this was Fight Club I think in the interest of Freedom ZeroHedge should post the full picture

White House opens door to other explanations behind Libya attack

U.S. official says Benghazi consulate was "terrorist attack"

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I wonder if we are being censored here in the US I have the link but they won't let me connect it comes up telling me Connection impossible Can't connect when I try to click on the images either that or the site was hacked...

The New York Daily News has a blurred copy

Judging from the down arrows it appears some don't really value freedom after all. Freedom/rights are a slippery slope folks you can personally find something offensive fine don't look at it but to attempt to take away the freedom from another will eventually cost you YOUR freedom as well only a Communist would advocate that.

France Shuts Embassies, Schools After Weekly Fuels Mohammad Row with Nude Cartoons


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being played for a useful idiot by playing along with NWO provocations to WWIII doesn't seem very intelligent, nor a good way to defend free speech rights.

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If they don't get the hard kill of bigoted riots then they will settle for the soft kill of hate speech legislation that will slowly smother freedom of expression and extinguish all religion.

It's all game theory and the only way to win is not to play the game.

Now, convincing all the players that they're merely pawns, that requires a real game-changer.

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You know, underneath our clothes, we're all naked. True story.

john39's picture

how about drone murders of women and children, just because they happen to be in the area of someone that the U.S. government claims is a 'terrorist' (oh the irony).... mass bombing campaigns destroying infrastructure and overthrowing legitimate governments?  what are people in these countries supposed to do, write a nasty letter to the ambassador?  

Bring the Gold's picture

Exactly. Try living with daily drone strikes, invasions, bombings, children dying from Leukemia caused by depleted uranium shells, wars, starvation, land annexed and all the other little joys that the "West" and Israel have visited upon them in the past 40+ years.

Then add in insult of their prophet. Also who says this isn't all a repeat of 1979 with western Intel agencies taking advantage of a chaotic situation for political objectives (October Surprise)? Its not like Western governments or Israel would use False Flags to meet political objectives at home and abroad right?

JPM Hater001's picture

"And is it civil to rape, torture and then kill ambassadors?"

No.  Neither is blowing up children but I didnt see anyone sodomizing Cheney...except Rumsfeld of course.

joak's picture

This is the very same people who were helped by Western nations to kill Khadafi who murdered the 4 Americans in Benghazi. They want a big East/West clash, can't you see this ?

Bring the Gold's picture

Right, a puppet goverment is in Libya. What does THAT tell you about who the "They" is who wants to kick off a West vs Muslim fight?

Cathartes Aura's picture


And is it civil to rape, torture and then kill ambassadors?

what if said "ambassadors" are doing the work of anchoring invasive forces, spying, and various subversive behaviours that undermine the "sovereignty" of their "host"?

full story might help balance out the "moral equivalence". . .

(sheesh people, this is ZH? backstory & critical thinking!)

Bring the Gold's picture

Ding ding ding. These weren't random westerners enjoying a holiday its an Embassy. Who works at Embassies? Spies. Duh. Why do you think Embassies are targetted so often? People in countries who are being ravaged by hostile forces know full well who works at Embassies.

Cathartes Aura's picture

and diplomatic immunity grants those embassy workers the freedom to carry out their assigned tasks.

until the people trump the "rules" of course.

guess they'll just have to build bigger embassies. . .

EmileLargo's picture

You mean things like "piss on Christ"?

FeralSerf's picture

Some Talmud quotes:

Sanhedrin 105ab: "Jesus fornicated with his jackass."

Gittin 57a: "Jesus is in hell and is being punished by being boiled in semen. Christians are boiled in dung."


El Viejo's picture

Quote from "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

Earth is a place so mean that they once hung a man on a tree for merely suggesting that people be nice to one another.

matrix2012's picture

Nope EmileLargo, that one isn't really effective in the West, in places whereas the Zio-controlled press is in power!

One must try something more creative to hit their nerves, similar lines as below should do.




I bet my real money that it'll deliver the results :D LoL 

Oh regional Indian's picture

Your analogous situation is funny and spot on.

And this ridiculous level of propaganda just shows what a weak tribe humanity has become. Totally enthralled by tits and ass and the glorification of non-human traits on the OpiaTVe screen.

Just in time, UFC (Ultimate Fighting for the Un-initiated) launched it's operations in India. Hooray. Cage fight mentality. They are on the hunt for Indian Cage Stars. Nice...



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The legal arguement to that was that it only allowed the rich and powerful to speak the truth as the rest of us couldn't afford security guards ad infinitum;

The other legal argument was - you had the right to ignore them....that is also civility...

Parabox's picture

What about things you just don't do even when you don't have the right to.  I'd say murdering someone or blowing up a building over hurt feelings falls within that category.  

Dalago's picture

With Freedom comes great power and from power comes great responsibility.  Say ni99er in a room full of black people and watch them get upset.  THEN say ahh look... they're soooo sensitive of my freedom of speech.  Its a moral responsibility for the Freedom to keep your mouth closed.


If you get too close to a rabid dog I hope you get bit.  Leave them the fuck alone.

john39's picture

one other example that demonstrates how screwed up this world is... its "free speech" to publish garbage trashing a revered religious leader....   but its a crime to question the historical accuracy of any part of the holocost... just ask Ernst Zundel who rots in jail for making true statements about the holocost...    or even more irony....   a magazine gets shut down for publishing a few crappy picks of a flat chested "royal", which is also apparently a crime.   just illustrates very clearly who runs the show.

Leopold B. Scotch's picture

Thou shall not question anything about THE ONE AND ONLY Holocaust.

Seriously, though... I think it happened, but all this persecution of those who question it -- people in the U.S. deported without trial, etc., has done more to make me a skeptic than anything else.  That behavior by those who silence historical questioning rather than bury it with evidence is abhorrent.

john39's picture

the fact that they have to pass laws making it illegal even to question is a huge tell.  truth doesn't need such protection...    something happened, yes, but you are not allowed to explore the truth of it...   if you really want to know, check out Michael Hoffman.  They guy is a genius and is fearless: