French Rating Agency Fitch Affirms US At AAA, Outlook Stable

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Never heard of Fitch.

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Even the Algobots are not impressed!

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our yields sugggest quadruple A.  Same with Japan

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We need a convocation of the notables, just like they are doing in Europe.

Oh, I forgot.. we are doing that with a “super-congress”.

Of course we are AAA to the French regarding our “deficit of revenues.”

History does not repeat, but it rhymes.. 

BlackholeDivestment's picture


Fitch: the act of attempting to scratch an itch that can't be touched.

hunglow's picture

That's what my new girl friend use to say.

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But you have heard of Fetch. As in Fetch the Fiat.

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they should be banned

Racer's picture

I wonder how much the ChairSatan and the other evil doers paid them?

SheepDog-One's picture

I hope not too much, its totaly worthless.

Sudden Debt's picture

They have 2 mayor sources of income:

1. Ratings for hire

2. Their Google pay for clicks adds on their website.

And the rumor goes that their advertisings on their site aren't performing that well...


Sudden Debt's picture

good thing ratings aren't political motivated....




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Father Ted and Dougal was robbed I tell ya, My Lovely Horse was a fantastic song


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GH, as a ousider, check out one of Belgium's eurosong artists:

and now tell me how it's possible that didn't win?


Global Hunter's picture

90 seconds was all I could take of that!

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I only lasted 12 seconds for the time it took to go back here

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Sarkosy wears triple SSS childrens shirts and pants and has to stand on a chair to make out with his wife!

Sudden Debt's picture

makes you wonder how he got his wife pregnant he?


Cognitive Dissonance's picture


The snake always manages to find the home hole.

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he's got a telescopic weiner dog

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The USA is still AAA cuz we really want to keep France at AAA.  Our civil defense depends on it. Thank you, ur merci beaucoup, French Fitch.

vast-dom's picture

really? who cares?


at this point why not just rate Americancan AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++?


it ain't gonna change jackshit!

Hulk's picture

There's that goddamn 70% debt to GDP ratio again. What a bunch of fucking liars...

alexwest's picture

same shit w/ french twist..
SS debt is not a debt.. stoped reading on sentence..


Irish66's picture

and the ponzi lives on

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Yeah.....the French rate us AAA....that really makes me sleep better at night.   Hey...wait....are the these the same folks that invented the Maginot Line ?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

They can say all they want, but their premise is simple. The US can just print more dollars and thus will never default. The value of those future dollars doesn't play a part in the rating process.


shortus cynicus's picture

They do not print, but borrow. They will never print because convertibility from RFN into lowfull money is only suspended not abandoned, its transitory.

OK, it lasts already 40 years, but what is 40 years in a lifetime of great empires.

JSD's picture

CBOE, etc...just temp unavail for trading on IB...FYI.

SheepDog-One's picture

Well France since you think US debt is so great, why dont YOU buy up all our Treasuries?

youngman's picture

Why are my posts going bye bye???

Sudden Debt's picture

maybe your ratings got downgraded by France?


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I should be eating humble pie since my August 15th, omen filled call for global financial disaster, especially Dollar/Fed crash was such a whimper. Everything is up. Well, the Indian market was down, but it hardly matters, really.

Silver range-bound, gold up, dollar (Up?). 

And the US of A is AAA. Mirror madhouse.


SheepDog-One's picture

Timelines are tricky, and I believe theyre FAR behind their timeline for the shit hitting the fan. They got cold feet?

BTW what ever happened to QE3? Havent even heard it mentioned in a week. Somethings rotten in Denmark.

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Look this shit is coming down soon, the american patient has been knocked out so many times now he is on his knees puking blood

Cognitive Dissonance's picture


No mention of QE3 because they gotta make the sheep bleat for it. Please stop the pain and give me QE3. Pretty please with ice cream on it? Not enough pain yet to roll it out even on the rumour mill.

Looks like one more leg down will do it.

SheepDog-One's picture

OK, thats my point! Where is the leg down? Even last weeks market drops didnt cause a bit of concern anywhere, every -500 day was met by a +500 my question still stands 'where is any market fear and panic at all'?

Oh regional Indian's picture

Time-lines are tricky indeed. The NUMBer of tricks up their sleeves are without end seemingly. With the market mostly left to algos, us humans don't really seem to matter eh?

Anc actually both the debt ceiling and qe3 are two phrases that seem to have dis-appeared in a deep black hole somewhere. Right along with the Heroic Seal Team 6.

Figures, hmmm?


Smiddywesson's picture


TPTB used up two of their precious margin increases in the gold markets, and gold laughed in their faces.

From their perspective, that was the end of their world.

"Everything is up" 

No it's not, it is a game, not a market, a simple distraction to keep everyone out of the gold market where they are conducting massive operations to buy cheap gold.

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Fitch got their paycheck.

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S&P re-upgrade? MY, but the Emperor's clothes are so beautiul! So chic!

espirit's picture

Pump and Dump, bitchez.

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Tyler, very nice research doc produced today by Albert Edward from SG on Income Distributions in US and UK.

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So Bernanke wants to take 'all is well' into Jackson Hole? Suddenly the topic of QE hasnt been mentioned at all in days, crickets chirping. Seems like 'TSHTF' moment may be when Bernanke announces no QE in a few days. No market drops, all is well news, but how many times has QE3 been baked into stock prices since January? Somethings really not right here, none of these puzzle pieces fit.