Friday Afternoon Humor: "Welcome To The Final Stretch..."

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Bernanke Put came in last? Oh man that was the key to my trifecta. 

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Quit looking at my'll blow the odds.

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Stop looking at my pics! Jeez.

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sorry tyler but for me the ultimate humour today is krugman saying we need more inflation: 

what the heck is he smoking? 

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I'm sure it's circumsized

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The Bernanke Put finishes last.

I lose, again.

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short oil and gold on the upside.. and you will make money all day long!

dont fight the FED!

FED approved Shorts!

1. Oil

2. Gold

or just buy the fucking dip(s)!

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The story behind that horse is quite sad. The Bernanke Put was a promising horse but a bit to frisky, so his owner decided to make him a gelding. Instead of improving the horse's racing what ensued was a string of last place finishes. Any good horse pyschologist could have predicted it. As soon as the announcer would say "They're off!" poor The Bernanke Put would fall deep into depression.

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I wonder what the surprise announcement will be tonight?

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Obama awards the "Teflon Pardon Sports Jacket" to the Bern and the Geith (and the Hold, for good measure) 16 months early.

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It's gotta be a biggie.  I was surprised today that things were so quiet and calm after all the fireworks this week.  Doesn't feel right.

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Barney Frank threatens to release the sex tape of him with the Bernank (Timmay was cinematographer)

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Filmed on location - "moves at the rear by Airforce One may be enough to get them through".

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don't forget janet napolitano! all went well until it disrobed! "i, i thought you were a man!" barney exclaimed!

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barney thought baloon;

               Dude!  My ass who cares!  This is too fucked up twisted to be passed.  Maybe there is a penal gland somewhere under the folds.  Maybe theres a penal gland somewhere under the folds.  Maybe theres a penal ...

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Uploaded by bstill3 on Aug 12, 2011

Unveiling a new 6-Step pathway to free ourselves from the shackles of the national debt system.

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Repost all credit to the original Poster! and Thanks for posting great info! Love the Profits Chart! from CBO (Congressional Budget Office)


Reposted all credit to the wonderful person whom shared it! and Many Thanks for Sharing!!


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Am I talkin' to me? Am I talkin' to me?  I better be talkin to me 'cause I'm the only one in the room.

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That brings up an interesting question:  If two or more "people" select the same avatar and moniker, is there any way for anyone posting here to know that such schizo behavior is going on?

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Transitory! Head Winds!!

Buy The Fucking Dip!!

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I was thinking gymkata (that cheesy martial arts movie)

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How is it financials get smashed (MS down 7%) and DOW finishes up over a hundred points?

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Seasonal "adjustments."

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Transitory seasonal adjustments.

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Same reason the RUT didnt lead, Black Monday Redux "Blame the Spectulators" coming soon to a casino exchange near you.

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So credit markets lead.  If so, are these low rates signaling 1) no worries, buy stocks, low credit demand or 2) alarm, siren, red alert, trouble ahead, bankruptcies coming, sell stocks?

Nope.  It's Fed manipulation, force investors to yield, hope for wealth effect, don't make borrowing costs any higher, more of the same, synthetics.

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OMG possibilities are endless - bucket, suck it .....

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Real Homes of Genius – The bubble city of Santa Monica. When shadow inventory dominates prime cities and foreclosures still sell for $739,000 and are listed with 935 square feet.


From Dr Housing Bubble....the Doctor knows.

<<Now these cities in the Westside of Los Angeles are clearly in bubbles.  I hear the argument that people are still buying so therefore there is no bubble.  A bubble is not defined by how many suckers continue to perpetuate the game.  A bubble is defined by unreasonable prices driven by mania and not underlying economic valuations and fundamentals.  Bubbles by definition pop. >>

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The Bernank's horse pulled up lame (Timmy cut its tendon).

Shot the nag and sent it to the glue factory (the horse).

BOA horse pulling up the rear but the house paid off anyway.

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bob_dabolina was heavy heavy on Eating Peas

i liked Cash BiCheZ and my dad thought Long Bond had a chance so we boxed an exacta together and both horses were late scratches.  we thought Family Values might be entered instead, but the trainer decided to hold him in the barn for another week

Initial Margin Call looked pretty good here, dropping down after a layoff and some breezy works.  people didn't think the Crimex Barn would open him up, here, but he closed like a mofo, proving that class beats speed, one more time

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I get tired of reading 95% of the comments looking for that which makes a comment section worthwhile but it's good to see the commenter that gets it right. Nice slewie.

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My first response was go fuck off. After careful consideration however, my second response is .... go fuck off.

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race is not over till Sept. 30... fiscal year bitchez

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Humor is appreciated. Thank you TD.

OT: any updates on the Jefferson County fun?

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I love it when all the fiscal years come together. 

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Is this the same Jefferson county that GS kind of screwed over? Aka


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If I didn't laugh, I'd be crying.  On another note, I think I'll watch "Brazil" again tonight.  Lots of laughs (thank you, Terry Gilliam) there, too.

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See, all fixed.  In less than 1 week, the can has been kicked to September, and the markets finished up for the week.  Great country isn't it?



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  Remember the good ol days when the can kickings lasted a whole fiscal year instead of till the next bill was due? That was when, oh yeah way back in 09 and 10, dang the years go by!  it seems like only yesterday.