Friday Humor - This Is Europe!

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Poor Xerxes was born 2500 years too early.

h/t John Lohman

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I like my women like my Italian cruises... wet, wrecked, and ready to go down.

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Obama better watch his ass. The Zionists have a lot of experience with assassinations.  The only question is which Palestinian would they blame it on?


I can't believe how brazen they are.  Wolfowitz and Zakheim call the 9/11 attacks a year early, and now this?

“Three, give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States’ policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies.”

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It only took Der Spiegel 3 days to come up with a cartoon based on my exact same thoughts:

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based on your thoughts?  must've been an empty page

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But ain't it Trav, the certified moron with his IQ of 77.
Trav who believes in the tooth fairy, peak oil, hope and change, ethnic cleansing, and worthless fiat over silver.
When TSHTF, scumbags like you will "dance in the air".

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This will change your life too:

Well, maybe not, but it is funny!

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I propose smore gets first billing in all new threads.. huzza..

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yeah, how's about a link to that vid?  damn.

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Ships going down. Nations going down.

And all guy's can think about is Going Down!



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Speedy had a nice set of avatars, too! :>D

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You include peak oil with the tooth fairy, but it will take pixie dust to replace light sweet crude as an energy source to mitigate the problem of the current rate of depletion.

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Well, actually a simple flip on the current concept set that collectively goes by the name of engineerng will do too Mr. LH.

A wholesale busting of false paradigms and the breaking of the headlock that OIL has us in.



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Peak oil is something you ought to pay attention to.  It is what this whole global freakshow is all about.  Industrail age is about to slam into the reality of finite resources and a popluation boom that makes bacterial growth blush.  Shit dude, the military has been working on this problem for decades.

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So long as Obama outlaws pipelines, you will get your "peak" oil sooner rather than later.  With horizontal drilling becoming perfected, there is at least another generation or two, of easy oil.

But if it can't be connected to a pipe, then Obama's pal Buffet is the one to reap the benefits of higher cost of distribution.


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The rest of the EU knows that if Germany leaves the whole EU is done.  Germany wants to leave and leave now before it gets to expensive.  The rest of the EU don't want them to because to much of their economy is tied up in the make believe finance of the Euro and the bonds and loans bought by that currency.  If the Euro goes down, then overnight many of these countries go into a very hard depression along with severe inflation if not hyperinflation.

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You are 100% correct, IMHO, except in one small detail: "Germany wants to leave and leave now before it gets to expensive". Wants? This is what the British Media (and per reflection the Anglosphere) is ceaslessly repeating. With all means. Germany is FAR from "wanting", at this stage. They might, in future, but there is no "want", yet.

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The Yids assiasinated the last gold standard president McKinley.

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Get your facts straight, idiot.

Czolgosz was born in Alpena, Michigan[4] in 1873, one of eight children (six sons and two daughters)[5] of Mary (née Nowak) and Paul Czolgosz, Polish Catholic immigrants from Prussia.[2][6]

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ON SEPTEMBER 6 1901, a 28 year old Polish Jew, Leon Czolgosz, walked into the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo NY where McKinley was speaking and shot McKinley twice in the abdomen at point blank range. McKinley died a week later and “Teddy” Roosevelt was sworn in as President, much to the delight of the NY Jews.

Prior to the assassination, Leon Czolgosz had fallen in with Emma Goldman’s Jewish anarchist crowd at Sach’s Cafe on Suffolk Street, their headquarters in New York City’s Lower East Side. (NYC’s Lower East Side was where Trotsky, owing to Jacob Schiff’s financial support, had recruited many communist Jews to travel with him to Russia to incite the October Revolution of 1917.)

Emma Goldman’s crowd had broken away from main-line socialists who were “under the eye of a paternal government.” Instead, Goldman’s crowd preached that social change could only be achieved through violence and assassinations. They preached that capitalists would never change on their own volition. Thus it was here at Sach’s Cafe that the assassination plot against President McKinley, a “capitalist,” was hatched.

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On September 6, 1901, Leon Czolgosz, an unemployed factory worker and registered Republican with a history of mental illness, shot US President William McKinley twice during a public speaking event in Buffalo, New York. McKinley was hit in the breastbone and stomach, and died eight days later.[58] Czolgosz was arrested, and interrogated around the clock. During interrogation he claimed to be an Anarchist and said he had been inspired to act after attending a speech held by Goldman. The authorities used this as a pretext to charge Goldman with planning McKinley's assassination. They tracked her to a residence in Chicago she shared with Havel, as well as Abe and Mary Isaak, an anarchist couple.[59][60] Goldman was arrested, along with Abe Isaak, Havel, and ten other anarchists.[61]

Earlier, Czolgosz had tried but failed to become friends with Goldman and her companions. During a talk in Cleveland, Czolgosz had approached Goldman and asked her advice on which books he should read. In July 1901, he had appeared at the Isaak house, asking a series of unusual questions. They assumed he was an infiltrator, like a number of police agents sent to spy on radical groups. They had remained distant from him, and Abe Isaak sent a notice to associates warning of "another spy".[62]

Although Czolgosz repeatedly denied Goldman's involvement, the police held her in close custody, subjecting her to what she called the "third degree".[63] She explained their distrust of him, and it was clear she had not had any significant contact with Czolgosz. No evidence was found linking Goldman to the attack, and she was eventually released after two weeks of detention. Before McKinley died, Goldman offered to provide nursing care, referring to him as "merely a human being".[64] Czolgosz, despite considerable evidence of mental illness, was convicted of murder and executed.[65]

Throughout her detention and after her release, Goldman steadfastly refused to condemn Czolgosz's actions, standing virtually alone in doing so. Friends and supporters—including Berkman—urged her to quit his cause. But Goldman defended Czolgosz as a "supersensitive being"[66] and chastised other anarchists for abandoning him.[66] She was vilified in the press as the "high priestess of anarchy",[67] while many newspapers declared the anarchist movement responsible for the murder.[68] In the wake of these events, socialism gained support over anarchism among US radicals. McKinley's successor, Theodore Roosevelt, declared his intent to crack down "not only against anarchists, but against all active and passive sympathizers with anarchists".[69]

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Wikipedia is know for its crap standards.

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So, what was your impeccable source? David Irving? LOL

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"with a history of mental illness,"

Always use character assassination without foundation. 

"Another useful idiot" V.Lenin 

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So because Wikipedia is crap, you feel justified in making an asinine statement about "the Yids" offing McKinley?

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 "Wikipedia is crap"

You said it.  The modern day version of Cliff Notes.  How the hell is someone going to cite sources when the unarmed opponent is citing Wiki ?

It is like saying Einstein's General Theory is e=mc2.  Wow, that was simple.

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Uh, that's his Special Theory.

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And you are known for regurgitating ideological homilies.

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Congrats Ah-me-anal, great job on your monster prediction, you giant specimen of overwhelming acumen! Is that what you wanted?

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Discordia.png?????  Don't get me fnord started!!!

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Smore. . .it is difficult to focus on your posts with your friend to the left openly displaying her . . . attributes.

But I'll keep trying.

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Your prognostication of three days ago from this date certainly appears to be correct rather than an ambiguous rant.

Are you aware of what is coming to these shores within the next several years?

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Poor Barack Hussein. Caught between Zionist rock and Iranian hardplace. Right where he belongs.

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If they get him cornered maybe he'll make a nation-wide address about ZOG, Israeli subversion and Mossad involvement in 9/11 attacks?

I won't hold my breathe.

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He can't even string a coherent sentence without the aid of his faithful teleprompter. If he were to voice such ideas, it would be under orders of the vatican.

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Thanks DP, hadn't seen this one yet.

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Jews still love Obama and will vote for him as enthusiastically as before. He's the product of over 100 years of jewish activism and social criticism. Ron Paul has much more to fear from a Mossad hit squad than Obama. 

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Absolutely.  I fear for Ron Paul's safety if the election isn't stolen from him.  He needs to run with an insurance policy, Judge Napo or Jesse the Body.

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Well he won't be running with Gary Bauer.  Check out this add and be sure to see the very end.

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On the other hand Gary Bauer, Ron Paul doesn't believe it's anybody else's business what consenting adults do in the bedroom, least of all the government's.

So if you and other closeted, compromised homosexual "conservatives" like Lindsey Graham enjoy sucking on an occasional big cock, Ron Paul says it's your life and your choice to make. 

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What a fuckstain. I was really upset to see the comments had been disabled :-(.


Glad you support the coverup of our nation's worst domestic attack Gary!

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I am ready, willing and able to donate my time to Ron Paul for security detail.

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I recommend that a detachment of Marines replace ALL presidential Secret Service agents...

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What would RP have to fear?

He's in no danger of being anywhere near the throne.

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You are correct Hugh.

44 = no good

Its part of the cycle and its due.

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"For the present, the next stage in the Illuminati's grand strategy will be something few are expecting, or even think possible. The next world-dominating empire is going to be a Europe forged on the basis of a Berlin-Vatican axis."

The present financial turmoil in Europe is not a disadvantage to Germany. Germany (and the Illuminati) knew when they created the Eurozone that it would lead to a crisis down the road.
You can't yoke the currencies of strong nations like Germany with weak nations like Greece, Ireland, and Portugal, without having economic and political unification.
Germany is using this crisis to bend the other nations of Europe to its will. It will maintain the euro and the Eurozone, but the other nations will have to submit to de facto German control or be forced out. This includes Britain.
And it is forging an alliance with Russia (Medvedev was recently welcomed at the NATO summit). A German-led Europe is turning away from its Anglo-American orientation.
Gaining control of the European Union, Germany is preparing to take over from the declining Anglosphere.
But it needs something more to cement its control of Europe than economic strength and political will. It needs a spiritual and cultural foundation for its coming empire.
The Roman Catholic Church has always seen itself as the successor to the Roman Empire. Its ambitions are imperial as well as spiritual. It laid the foundations of Western civilization in Europe.
Pope Benedict XVI has worked quickly to restore the Church as the spiritual force that will unite Europe, the way it did in the time of Charlemagne.
He has appealed both to traditionalists (e.g., by restoring the Tridentine mass) and to secularists (e.g., by his recent concession with respect to condoms).
He has underlined (in his speech at Regensburg) the contrast of Catholicism and Islam, and he has made room for disaffected Anglicans to join the Catholic Church. He is establishing new ecumenical ties to the Lutheran and Eastern churches.
Despite the recent scandals affecting the Church, Benedict is on the offensive. A German himself, he is working to forge a united Europe, led by Germany, with the Catholic Church as its spiritual head.

 = New Holy Roman Empire