Friday Humor: On Infinite Human Stupidity

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Here’s a clip that’s a good lesson in how to get famous: Appear famous.

On the night of July 27th, 2012, a huge prank was pulled in New York City and this is the video of what took place. Brett Cohen came up with a crazy idea to fool thousands of pedestrians walking the streets of Times Square into thinking he was a huge celebrity, and it worked! Not only did it work, it caused quite a sir. This social experiment, of sorts, makes a profound statement about how modern culture is so attracted to pop culture, without any real credibility needed.


He dressed up like a typical celebrity and was accompanied by an entourage of two professional bodyguards, two assistants, and photographers pretending to be paparazzi. While the assistants and photographers waited for Brett to exit the 49th street marquee at NBC Studios, they started a buzz that a “big star” was about to walk out, thus making it worth their while to wait and get a picture. Many asked the crew whom Brett was, and no answer was given. They were forced to either make something up, or just take a picture with him in hopes that their Facebook friends or Twitter followers might have a better idea.


As the crew walked over to Times Square, the crowds around Brett grew on each consecutive block. Very few people even questioned who he was, where he was from, or what he does. Brett took pictures with nearly 300 people before the stunt ended. The video even includes interviews with people who had just taken a picture with Brett, and puts them in an awkward position when they’re asked questions such as, “Where do you know Brett from?” and “What’s your favorite movie he was in?” Many of them were overwhelmingly excited over Brett’s walk through Times Square, and it showed.


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saw this on the tosh.0 blog yesterday.  idiots.  lol

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We are doomed I tell you...

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This happened by accident to myself and some friends at a baseball game in Atlanta. One of ours was physically fit and looked like a pro ball player. He had an Atlanta cap. We were on the 'patio' having lunch. Another one of our own looked like a car salesman with a big cigar. Somehow some on the patio got the idea that they were a ballplayer and agent and started getting in line for autographs. Things got strange when they started following us back to our seats.

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This interview happened at the shooting in NYC today:


Queens resident Rebecca Fox, 27, said she saw people running down the street and initially thought it was a celebrity sighting, but then saw a woman shot in the foot and a man dead on the ground.

"I was scared and shocked and literally shaking," she said. She said police seemed to appear in seconds. "It was like CSI, but it was real."



Yes, we are doomed.


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That was O'Bummer's last campaign!

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Back when television was reaching saturation levels, roughly during the late 1960s, the puppetmasters saw the power of the celebrity dynamic.  That's when we started to hear about people who were "well known for being well known".  Since that time, the dynamic has been used against the public, in combination with other methods such as threats of violence and outright assassination, to marginalize or eliminate celebrities of any substance and to focus the public increasingly on "pure" celebrities, those who are well known *only* for being well known.  Those marginalized or eliminated include Dylan, Lennon, Marley, and many more.  It has worked like a charm.

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Back in the 1950s(!) a man by the name of Aldous Huxley warned us of this...  Apparently he was familiar with Edward Bernays' work?

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Yes, the celebrity dynamic goes back farther, and there were people like Bernays and others who understood what was happening.  But it's only in the last couple of decades that the American public (and others) has descended into this condition, in which many high-school- and college-aged kids live their lives through their expectations of achieving celebrity.  Hence we hear a lot of forlorn young people say things like "when I get famous..."  Television seems to me to have enabled this transformation, and I do think the transformation was brought about intentionally.  Before the 1960s, many Americans had a cultural instinct against the aspiration to celebrity, just as many parents of the era had an instinct against letting their kids spend much time watching television.  I'd say they were right on both counts.

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culture-wide cringe moment

makes my skin crawl...

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Reminds me of a different phenomena when I lived in still Socialist Yugoslavia.  If you saw a line on the street coming out of a store, you just went and got in the line.  Didn't know what it was that you might be able to buy, but those lines only formed if something that was hoarded and had tradeable value came in - like toilet paper, coffee, certain cosmetic products etc.   Sometimes it was sugar, which wasn't in short supply, but now you'd be afraid it might be, so you'd wait in line and buy as much as they'd allow.  Happened all the time.  Someone could have easily spoofed with a product, though I am not personally aware of that happening.  

Feeling like one "has" the rare or sought after commodity is similar to celebrity association.  Actually, probably more understandable.

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ever been to a club where the bouncers forced people to wait in line only to see that once you get in it is empty????


fear of missing out is a good way to fool greedy people.

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muppets all over the place! too bad there were no GS salespeople around, they could have sold some 2007 CDOs at par to the bypassers..

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Back in 1934 Joseph Mitchell wrote a story for the New Yorker called A Sporting Man. The sporting man, called Commodore Dutch, reminisced about his young days in the Bowery, from the late 1890s to about 1910.It was  then New York's leading theatrical, entertainment and sporting district. He talked about the "personalities", the important men and women of the district who were known for their power and achievements and contrasted them with the "celebrities" of 1934 who were famous for no very obvious reason.

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Who is Kim Kardashian, Alex...

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I agree with your analysis Ciabs, There will never be another "Performer" as celebrity/social leader, the Beatles where the last of that genre, Uncontrolled idealism is dangerous stuff!

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Brent rocks. I cant wait for his next album/movie.

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We are in fact doomed. The great mass of humans think little more than barking dogs think. They think they communicate via ESP with immortal superbeings in the sky who grant them wishes. They deny the painfully obvious effects of their own actions. They blame others whenever anything goes wrong. They kill on the slightest whim. They breed like bacteria and pronounce ignorance to be knowledge. It won't be long. Facile cleverness has kept the Malthusian end point at bay, but it draws ever closer.

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That's what Malthus said, too.

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Good he said that because hard to remember him writing it...

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Malthusian Citizenism is all about anti-blobbing-up.

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People are quite literally proud to be's like a badge of honor.  "I ain't no pointy head."  You hear radio/tv announcers pretending like they don't know how to pronounce a long word; god forbid they be perceived as not like one of the "regular" people.  The last thing you want is to appear knowledgeable, you will be ostracized as snobby.

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The majority of people are not particularly intelligent. At some point marketers acknowledged this and figured better to play to the average idiot.

And the good news turned out to be stupid people are a great market. 

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"Joe could understand what *they* were saying, but to them, Joe's speech sounded pompous and faggy."

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Lighten up Francis.  Imagine a world of people like you.  That would be rough.

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I have more respect for a steaming pile of dog shit, than any so-called celebrity.

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but Krugman, YOU are a celebrity !!!

Clueless Economist's picture

Exactly correct - Steaming Pile of Dog Shit > Paul Krugman

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Dr. Krugman, maybe if you ask nicely, WilliamBanzai can make you one of these:

"Seperated at Birth?:  Jamie Dimon and a Steaming Pile of Shit"

Element's picture

... you're amazingly well adjusted ... the therepy must have cost a furtune.

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"Friday Humor: On Infinite Human Stupidity"


This is not a display of stupidity, this is a display of how predictable human behavior is, remember, it was the media who taught people how to respond to "Celebrities" now many are obsessed with celebrities and imagine that they "Know" the celibrities they follow, for many it is the only contact with others that they have, entirely one sided of course, still, better than nothing! and a Talisman they can rely on!

monad's picture

Krugman is the textbook case of an impostor groomed and marketed as an expert specifically to displace and shout over actual experts. There are at least tens of thousands of them in the USA. We have tools installed by the TPTB posing as bankers, judges, politicians all the way to the top, lawyers, cops, scientists, CEOs, generals, financial wizards, journalists and teachers at every level. Some are in on it, most are not: they are so dumb that they believe they earned their seat at the table. TPTB do it to maintain control and suppress real competition. Be gradually indoctinated, graded & certified, merit is no longer the measure, the monkeys are trained to buy whatever we put on your papers. Not just your papers, but any piece of paper. I can prove it: take the money out of your pocket and look at it. See it now? Breeding by unnatural selection. Baa.

Try the clam chowder, bitchez.

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We are so totally doomed...  Great stunt though, educational for all of us.  And "they say" people in NYC are more aware of what's going on...  Guess not!


Buy physical gold & silver, while they are still there!

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"those people" in the video were technically "in NYC" but anyone in Times Square is most likely a tourist. 

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You are correct.  When I walk through Times Square, I barrel right into the mass of tourists so I can play Beer Pong.  

Freddie's picture

The last time I was there was during Guiliani when Big Gulps and Slurpees were legal.  Pre-9/11 too.  It was very safe at night in Manhattan so it was like Disney World 24x7.  We also had an economy back then pre the hopium islamic.

NYC is all wall to wall tourists - so this was expected. They are all walking around looking for celebs.

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Paris Hilton did this crap years ago, only hers went on a little longer.

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...and had a 'happy ending'...

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What?  She's dead?  Oh, sorry, I got confused over whose "happy ending" you're talking about...

ZippyBananaPants's picture

I think that had to do with her ability to 'cornhole'

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Not even the SLA could put up with this heiress socialite.

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Why do ya think the Kardashians are on TV? Lil' Kimmy done went and did the batdance on tape with a rappuh, and then it somehow got leaked to the web about 2 weeks before her show was to start running. So naturally everyone tuned in for the razor-sharp wit and crisp plots that are the hallmark of reality TV.

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Wow how society has fallen. This is awesome. Good job on him.

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Sad state of affairs, maybe they thought he was that guy in the closet.

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I actually saw Brett's first movie and I have his CD and it was pretty good.

LOL! Explains idiot libtards who voted for the Muslim and who still love him.  This includes the union scum, especially govt union fecal vermin.  They love Allah's hopium.

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Wow, you can tell those people were "libtards" how exactly? You're just what the vagina hating, closet homo repugnuts love.......a stupid voter that sees no difference between both parties. You should delete your account and never come back here.

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"STONE the heretic breeder! Don't allow him to *speak*!" FOAD, libtard asshole. Go back to KOS.

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Wow.  "Libtard" and "Repugnut".  I thought the people on here were wiser than to degenerate into that nonsensical fake left/right distraction.  Good for you...that's just how the criminal elite behind the parties want you to think.  Keep calling each other childish names while they rape us and giggle.

  Educate yourselves, please.  If you think "liberals" OR "conservatives" are gonna fix anything then you're nothing but an uninformed sheeptard.

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wow. just wow. stupid people.