Frontrunning: August 23

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France is not AAA and UK neither too, dont hold UK and French Bonds cos downgrade is going to be effective soon

Rothschild bank will act as stabilizer agent...OH SNB Thanks for showing us the light...


Switzerland making Socgen going to the hell.


Rothschild vs Rockefeller war has just started

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If Bernanke's "aid" involves him quitting, then I am all for it!

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Tyler, the link for "White House to Scale Back Regulations on Businesses (WSJ)" is incorrect.  It should be: for the paywall

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Bernanke's "boost in dosage" is an indication of the kind of Fed speak we can expect to see.

This is jawboning.   They're promising to do "something" ... "as necessary"... "where possible".

As if the entire world didn't just witness 100% of QE2 coming unwound in a matter of months.

There's no possible way for a "smaller drip" of stimulus to have *ANY* effect whatsoever given that the supposedly knock-out punch of QE2 did absolutely nothing.



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I disagree; just a miner sub conscious thought of more stimuli will give the market a woody. Without it a soft-on for life

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stationary state, bitchez 

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Front page Bloomberg news:


Apparently Bberg editorial staff thinks that a $15 drop in spot is now top news.  And I thought they only paid attention to iJunk and patent trolls.

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Holy shit. It almost plunged 1%.  Stick save.



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The Morning Careless Whisper Report

Icahn: $2 Billion Bet To Short S&P 500

China Rail Boss, Blamed For Crash; "Heart Attack"

7 Years Of Money Laundering; Miami Bank Fined - No Criminal Charges

Fukishima Homes Off Limits For Several Decades

Ho Claims Forced In To Prostitution By Pimp's "Marijuana Habit"

Chines Vice Minister; Why Do West Governments Spend So Much More Than They Have?,1518,781597,00.html

Glee Project Winner; Damian Mcginty - Beyond The Sea


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Is Reuters already writing damage control for Friday?