Frontrunning: August 3

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China Joins Russia in Blasting U.S. Borrowing After Debt Ceiling Agreement

"Warriors, come out to play!"

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they will have to pry my credit card out of my cold dead hands to stop me

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The Morning Careless Whisper Report

Homeland Security To Regulate Sale Of Fertilizer

Florida AG Wants To Be Probed

They. Don't. Give. Up; Detroit Gospel Choir Does Video Of Eminem's "Lose Yourself"

Witnesses Say 6 Cops Beat Homeless Man To Death,0,...

80 Year Old Teacher Fired Over Bathroom Breaks; Sues To Get Job Back; Not Ready To Retire (video after story)

Fedeeral Gov Refuses To Prosecute Wind Farms Over Deaths Of Protected Eagles,0,2891547.s...

Westchester NY Town Ignores Judge's Order To Award Garbage Contract To Lowest Bidder; Stays With Highest







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Homeland Security To Regulate Sale Of Fertilizer

"Hey, boy!  You got a license for that cow flop?"

No, wait...

"OK, Mr. Chimp!  Put the feces down and slowly step away!"

No, wait...

"Sir, I completed the TSA-standard fat-finger body cavity search on all these airline passengers -- they ALL have contraband!"

In other news...

Westchester NY Town Ignores Judge's Order To Award Garbage Contract To Lowest Bidder;
Stays With Highest

I am shocked -- shocked -- to find corruption and graft in the carting business!

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Futures are up. Maybe "soft patch" is traversed? I think there's quicksand up ahead.

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"The three-month euribor/OIS spread, the fear gauge of credit markets, reached the highest level in two years today, jumping 7 basis points to 40 in wild trading.

"Europe's money markets are undoubtedly starting to freeze up," said Marc Ostwald from Monument Securites."

"the trigger for the final denouement in each of the eurozone's bond crises so far has been when the spread over German Bunds reaches 450 basis points, prompting LCH Clearnet to impose higher margin requirements. The Spanish spread hit a record 400 on Tuesday.

The political ferment behind the scenes points to a major policy shift, though it is unclear what the EU authorities can do without the full backing of EU leaders. They are mostly on holiday and German Chancellor Angela Merkel does not like to be bounced into decisions"


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Semi OT - How much of a drag on the S&P is the end of the 99ers? I am guessing higher end food stuffs take a hit as people stretch food stamps. People might learn how to sew again, driving clothing down. Of course benefits are being cut like heating assistance, so possible uptick in upsidedown homeowners giving up the ghost.

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