Frontrunning: August 31

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Re: Canada.... oops.... Always thought the US wagged the Canadian tail?

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Who Carez what happens in Canada? Boring.

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Ah Fukushima.  Remember Fukushima?

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Separately, the operator of the plant, Tokyo Electric Power Co, said Tuesday that a worker involved with the cleanup died of acute leukemia, though officials said medical tests concluded the death was unlikely related to his work at the plant.


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Im just surprised the wildly lying Jap Gooberment didnt announce he had died of severe sudden boredom. Nothing to see here, you move along now see?

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What "medical tests" could possibly lead to this conclusion of causation?

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Ones performed before the accident showing he already had leukemia?

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That's a bit like saying leukemia has nothing to do with cancer..

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Gee now the Clowhorn financial media cant even toot 'But....well Canada is spectacular' anymore?

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This all makes much more sense if one stays highly intoxicated and smiles at Becky Not so quick....

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'June home prices decreased at a 'lower pace' well hell that practically means theyre wildly rising! Tack on another +200 to the DUH.

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  • Choice for EU: Bail Out Greece or Bail Your Banks (WSJ)
  • LET'S DO BOTH!!!


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    Choise for USA: Bail out Greece (IMF) or bail your Banks (QE3)

    Let's do both!!!

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    Watch Canada´s housing market..way overbuilt...

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    Also Bank of Japan spends 56 billion for nothing.....the Yen changed for a day more or less

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    Gotta love the markets. Canada's GDP goes negative and the C$ spikes higher.

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    Volvo Cars and Siemens join forces in the development of new line of electric cars.

    You might as well join forces on providing where the electric energy is gonna come from.

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    Hook up jumper cables to pink unicorns balls?

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    'US economy 'moving sideways', whatever the &$*@ thats supposed to mean, so obviously more fake money is required' on USSA!

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    Americans need to learn that "Help refinance..." means "gift to banksters which helps them clean up their title mistakes".

    "which would cut their monthly payments and free up cash for other spending."

    That "cash" is already "freed up" by the deadbeats not paying their morts.

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    SEC Lawyer Blew Whistle Before

    Apparently the SEC hired a "professional whistleblower", without knowing it.  Just when you thought they couldn't be more incompetent...





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    ok, it might come from below, this is the first sign that the greeks are getting really pissed off:


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