Frontrunning: August 8

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frontrun this beotch

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I'm fairly certain Timmy can go fuck himself.

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I just wish Geithner would shut the fuck up.


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Ah China finally signalling the end of Japan. Let's see how long this continues. Japan to begin serious collapse in mid 2012.

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The Morning Careless Whisper Report

S&P: Get Ready For Part Deux

Geithner To Congress: Read The Constitution, You're In Charge Of Spending

Jesse Jackson On Obama: The Thrill Is Gone,1518,778990,00.html

Berkshire Tries Hostile Takeover; Latest Annual Report Says "We Will Not Engage In Unfriendly Takeovers"

Market For Used Tires Is Pumped-Up

Study: Electronic Medical Records Have More Errors, Deaths, Wasted Money

Banksy Comments On NewsCorp Phone Tapping

Heather Morris Wiggles Her Titties In Staples Back To School Ad





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my tap has been phone'd!  -- classic bansky

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All is well, you can sell me your gold bitcheZ

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Looks like the gold miners are starting to get a bid. It's been amazing how these stocks have underperformed the metal. Some of the exploration ones are back to the same levels the bottom in last july even though gold is now almost $500 dollars an ounce higher. I guess in the coming depression there will be a mining moratorium.
My favorite one of all the beaten down small and midcaps isn't even known as a gold stock. Thompson Creek metals used to be 100% moly miner but bought Terrane metals last year and in 8 quarters is going to open a giant copper/ gold mine in Canada.The mine is fully funded and will generate 560 million dollars in profit a year for the first six years at current metals prices. The stock looks to open at around 7.25 which would put it at 1.1 billion dollars marketcap, under .7 x book value and about 1.5x 2013-2014 ebitda. Panics are truly awesome.

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]more stimulus and bailouts needed. >.<

wtf is wrong with this "experts". you cannot print your way out of a depression.

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Teeny Timmah with the ever open mouth.

Can't he go on  a hunting holiday in Greater Appalachia...

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So Marx was correct in the long run, that, "Capitalism contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction."

Hey it is nearly fifty years since I read "Das Kapital" (in English) and the "Communist Manifesto", but I recall sufficient to know that Marx was a superb analyst and seer.

I briefly became a "Marxist" in an ideological sense which Marx never embraced, though never of a Trotskyist kind, e.g. "permanent revolution".

Interesting, is it not, that many of those who put together the PNAC are former Trotskyphiles, who flipped from "global communism" to (faux) "global capitalism" (actually financialism and "banks too big to fail').

Oh shit!!!!

My mind runneth over with connected dots from since Adam Smith first tried to make sense of the chaotic, emerging NWO.

Now we face the reality that the NWO of this industrial form of civilization was never going to work in the long run ... yes Adam Smith was writing over two hundred years ago and Marx capped him of, not long after

Short of writing a book - which would make a tad of difference anyway - let me simply say, "We are fucked."


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"To Reassure Markets, Europe Needs Bigger Bailout Fund, Says Geithner"

Yeah just rob more from pensioners and unborn children like you eh?

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Berkshire Hathaway Q2 profit rose 74% to $3.42B on improved results in its derivatives portfolio.

source please?

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Greenspan Prize winner J.C. 'Junk Bond' Trichet has turned the ECB into an AIG-style garbage barge.

And Turbo Timmah thinks he should go larger.

The G7 is a failed states club.

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Be nice if 'edit' was possible, or if I was not too stupid to edit my own comments before posting.

"capped him off"

"which would NOT make a tad of difference anyway"

It still remains so that we are fucked.

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