Frontrunning: December 2

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If Iran can't export oil to Europe, what will happen to Greece?

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Maybe it's leaving Europe?

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they'll use olive oil

Seriously, now we know more about why Lybia was invaded by NATO, they were securing a fuel supply in anticipation of sanctions against Iran 

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So...which of these is the reason why ES is up 16.5 pts?

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Central planning works! The right Asset prices are up, exhange rates steady and bonds solidly controlled....EURO technocrats fist pumping that they slayed it this week BITCHEZ....

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Biggest rises in 3 years. Amazing what free money can do.

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What is the deal with the Spainsh unemployment...dropped in half???  Is that a monthly claims number??

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  "JPMorgan Follows UBS Cutting Carbon Jobs"

What's Al "I invented the Internet and Global Warming" Gore going to do for a nickel now? Invent electricity?

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  • Europe prepares oil imports embargo on Iran (FT)

    Well well. Seems the IGS in PIIGS (biggest buyers of Iranian crude) have dropped their opposition to an embargo.

    I wonder if that massive CB bailout had much to do with that?