Frontrunning: December 28

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  • BRIC Decade Ends With Record Fund Outflows as Growth Slows (Bloomberg)
  • U.S. says China not currency manipulator; chides Japan (Reuters)
  • Japan Deflation Returns as Production Slides (Bloomberg)
  • Record use made of ECB deposit facility (FT)
  • Irish May Pay Greek Price for T-Bill Market Return: Euro Credit (Bloomberg)
  • Italian 10-Year Bonds Rise, Stocks Advance After Debt Auction (Bloomberg)
  • Obama to nominate economist, banker, as Fed governors (Reuters)
  • Japan relaxes weapons export ban (FT)
  • Japan and India eye new currency swap agreement (BBC)
  • China’s Wen Urges Protection for Farmer Rights (Bloomberg)
  • Taiwan’s Ma Stakes Re-Election on China Ties (Bloomberg)

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Powell is a lawyer by training and worked at Dillon, Read and Bankers Trust Co. after leaving the senior Bush administration and before joining Carlyle Group. His knowledge of financial markets could help him fill the gap left by Kevin Warsh, a former Morgan Stanley executive who acted as Chairman Ben Bernanke's point-man for crisis negotiations.


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ron paul is frontrunning.

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can someone please tell me what the heck happens when I wake up in the morning and then look on bloomberg and the futures are up, then all breaks to hell. there is a lot of really funny stuff in premarket hours