Frontrunning: December 5

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  • Monti cabinet agrees Italy austerity plans (FT)
  • Sarkozy, Merkel kick off week of crisis talks in Paris (Reuters)
  • China to prepare for social unrest (FT)
  • China to stabilize exports, expand imports amid lackluster global demand (China Daily)
  • U.K. banks face higher financing costs (FT)
  • Reid Seeks to Break Impasse on Payroll Tax Cuts, Unemployment (BusinessWeek)
  • U.K. Economic Growth Forecasts Cut by EEF as Manufacturers See Stagnation (Bloomberg)
  • Germans Remain Unflappable During Euro Crisis (Spiegel)
  • Wolfgang Munchau: France and Germany look set to fudge it yet again (FT)
  • Gavyn Davies: Germany is winning the debate on fiscal union (FT)
  • Ireland Renews Austerity Push Amid Euro Worries (Bloomberg)
  • Putin’s Hold on Russian Parliament Weakens as Opposition Parties Advance (Bloomberg)

European Economic Highlights

  • UK PMI Services for November 52.1 – higher than expected. Consensus 50.5. Previous 51.3.
  • UK Official Reserves (Changes) for November -$249m. Previous $1387m.
  • Eurozone PMI Composite for November 47.0 – lower than expected. Consensus 47.2. Previous 47.2.
  • Eurozone PMI Services for November 47.5 – lower than expected. Consensus 47.8. Previous 47.8.
  • Eurozone Sentix Investor Confidence for December  -24.0 – lower than expected. Consensus -21.0. Previous -21.2.
  • Eurozone Retail Sales for October 0.4% m/m -0.4%y/y – higher than expected. Consensus 0.1% m/m -0.8% y/y. Previous -0.7% m/m -1.5% y/y. Revised -0.6% m/m -1.4%y/y.
  • Romania Retail Sales for October 2.0% m/m 2.0% y/y. Previous 0.7% m/m -5.2% y/y.
  • Spain Industrial Output WDA for October -4.0% - lower than expected. Consensus -1.8%. Previous -1.8%. Revised -1.4%.
  • Spain Industrial Output NSA for October -4.2%. Previous -1.7%. Revised -1.4%.
  • Turkey Consumer Prices for November 1.73% m/m 9.48% y/y – higher than expected. Consensus 1.27% m/m 9.00% y/y. Previous  3.27% m/m 7.66 y/y.
  • Turkey CPI (Core Index) for November 8.18% y/y – higher than expected. Consensus 7.80% y/y. Previous 7.67 y/y.
  • Italy PMI Services for November 45.8 – higher than expected. Consensus 44.1. Previous 43.9.
  • France PMI Services for November 49.6 – higher than expected. Consensus 49.3. Previous 49.3.
  • Germany PMI Services for November 50.3 – lower than expected. Consensus 51.4. Previous 51.4.
  • Czech Republic Real Average wages for Q3 0.6% y/y – lower than expected. Consensus 1.0% y/y. Previous 0.7% y/y. Revised 0.4% y/y

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Most important point from the above:

"Romania Retail Sales for October 2.0% m/m 2.0% y/y. Previous 0.7% m/m -5.2% y/y."

wow, this is really fascinating...

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a) Gypsies buying more Chinese violins?

b) Hollywood spending on location to make yet more werewolf, Dracula, Frankenstein films?

c) Foxy Romanian girls sending gobs of money home from their new found professions in Western Europe?

d) Romanian central bank really is throwing money from helicopters?



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Gold and silver aren't bullish at all.  General market-first 15 minutes will be dine and dash.  These inflated pumps are just to get liquid cause Santa Claus is gonna get stuck in the chimney this year.