Frontrunning: January 3

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  • Tight race in Iowa kicks off 2012 campaign (Reuters)
  • West Is Using Cultural Means to Divide China: Hu (Bloomberg)
  • Economists see bleak year ahead (FT)
  • Billions needed to upgrade America’s leaky water infrastructure (WaPo)
  • Sarkozy, Merkel set bilateral euro talks (WSJ)
  • Romney’s hope of Iowa lead in balance (FT)
  • Greece: Clinch Bailout or Face Euro Exit (Reuters)
  • Euro Break-Up Biggest Threat in 2012: CFOs Survey (CNBC)
  • Memo to Eddie Lampert - Dump Kmart (Reuters)

European Economic News

  • Germany Unemployment Change for December -22K m/m – lower than expected. Consensus -10K m/m. Previous -20K m/m.
  • Germany Unemployment Rate s.a. for December 6.8% - lower than expected. Consensus 6.9%. Previous 6.9%.
  • Norway PMI s.a. for December 46.6 – lower than expected. Consensus 48.4. Previous 48.6.
  • Switzerland PMI Manufacturing for December 50.7 – higher than expected. Consensus 45.4. Previous 44.8.
  • UK PMI Manufacturing for December 49.6 – higher than expected. Consensus 47.3. Previous 47.6.

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« The two major [USA political] parties are completely bankrupt zombie organizations and this election may be their last stand. ... Look at the dismal lineup of morons, hypocrites ...»

- James Howard Kunstler, on his blog 'Clusterfuck Nation', 2 January 2012

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Is it that visible? Even from Brussels... jeez

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it was a nice event in Iowa. when do you think that it will be the next one?
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