Frontrunning: November 23

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Nokia Siemens to Cut 17,000 Jobs (WSJ)….signaling a strong improving economy….right?

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Nokia.... sells phones that are 4 years outdated!

Siemans is the smart guy and doing what will need to be done in 12 months from now. They already transfered their cash out of european banks. They'll dominate the market after this crisis in 2027.


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Why is the DXY rising and the 10Y yield rising as well?

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Because the USD is the best looking horse in the glue factory.

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Latest from "worldwide race to debase" comparing 75 fiat currencies versus gold (and silver) through Q3.

 How's YOUR fiat compare?

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Merkel want's the Greek austerity agreement " in writing" - LMAO

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I think ZH should have added "MuddyWaters website has been hacked." I guess it's was the hackers hired by FMCN

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Clearly risk off is the theme, which was expected. Here is an updated look at the DX and CL.  Both indicate that equities should remain very heavy and are headed much lower in the days ahead.

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