Frontrunning: November 30

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France is not AAA


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Munibonds Exposures will crash Morgan Stanley and Insurance Portfolio (mismatch asset -liabilities)

Take a look to MS 2yrs CDS

This movement done by PBOC cut reserve requirements is a completly desperation act of frustation.

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  • Belgium Unemployment Rate 6.6%. Previous 6.7%.
  • You guys have to admit THAT'S NOT BAD AT ALL!!

    in other news our immegration problems are swining through the roof and oh yes... we're broke...


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    UK and Canadian banks are also a Sell

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    MBA Purchase Index, an LOL if ever there was one.  But, but, but rates are historically low.

    Euro Ministers Bid for Bigger IMF Role as Fund Boost Falls Short

    So why are futures green...oh wait China cut their RRR...rally on bitches.

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    when 1+1 does not equal 2..cnbc will explain why it does = 2, or why it does not matter..UE still at historic highs debt ditto, house prices still falling in Las Wages they continue to drop to levels of historic lows.

    empty store fronts, cash strapped americans living off ccards..

    tax revenue falling..local gov defaults on and on..

    all adds up to stock market x mass rally..LOL

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