Frontrunning: September 1

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My fellow Americans, there is absolutely no way I could have known about the suitcase nuke attack next Sunday.

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Wow, that is about as funny as a barrel full of dead babies.

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The Alan Brazil report mentioned in the WSJ article above is about as close to ZH GS gets.   The tendency amongst recipients I have talked to is that we are not going to fade this report (as was the tendency earlier) but increase shorts on the sensitive regions, assets classes and instruments mentioned by Alan Brazil. 

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do you know how to get the full alan brazil report?

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5000 comedians out of work, and you're givin it away for free !

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Yep total world economic monetary and banking collapse is apparently highly bullish, 'cuz then someone will do something or other....'animal spirits' sense the logical conclusion is being handed more free money so the worse the news is the better.

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Economies are grinding down because no "central planners" anywhere are doing anything to boost manufacturing & economic production ...except China, Germany, and Brazil.

Eveyone else is trying to keep economies and financial systems afloat with central bank cash infusions.

But they can't do it forever. Central bank cash infusions steadily weaken the currency as money supply outgrows GDP (which is shrinking in many cases, like here in America).

The future is clear to see. Steadily creeping inflation, steadily diluting citizens' purchasing power, streadily pushing commodity prices higher, steadily pushing citizens toward poverty, while governments & banks party on, swimming in money from those central bank cash infusions (which never go to the citizens).

It's like governments & banks have given up on their economies, hoping to party on a while longer until their currency collapses,  government collapses, banks collapse, and the nation collapses.

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Really? You don't say. I think you're on to something here...

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Katia could be *very* interesting.... been following it since it was near the Cape Verdes, it is a "classic" Hurricane along the lines of Ivan

The best place to follow Katia is

Excellent discussion of the modelling and forecasts on the attached blog.

For those interested in history


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I've been fascinated with hurricanes since Katrina coverage.  Kinda got sucked into it & haven't been able to stop.  Thanks for the links!

On a cynical and off-topic note, the conspiratorial side of me wonders what would happen if Katia wreaks havoc around Galveston, TX....Ron Paul's district.  The weather controllers could steer the big one into Paul's district after his comments about FEMA, thereby derailing his campaign.

Long shot and totally unrelated, I know, but it makes me think.


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Katia, if it makes landfall, will hit the US Northeast... even if just grazes the coast, any more rainfall could be serious.

There is a little something brewing in the GOM that has to potential to suprise...Lots of very warm water there. Galveston may well get dinged.

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You're right, sorry.  I misspoke.  I watched some CNN yesterday, and they focused on a tropical depression in the GOM (not Katia).  The track was towards New Orleans, but they admitted it was a rough guess.  That's what got me thinking.

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RE: the GS lugubrious assessment (it's all going in the shitter);  America needs a truly "big picture" concept, not more monetary stimulus (now impotent), but a real balls-to-the-wall 'technology stimulus'.  Dr. Harrison 'Jack' Schmitt, former US Senator from NM, last man to set foot on the Moon (we know of) and now at the University of Wisconsin Fusion Technology Institute, recently hinted at when he told a major Canadian mining industry conference, "it's time to go back" ( ).

But we cannot do any of this until we get out of that specious, Cold War sop to Soviet paranoia, the Outer Space Treaty of 1967.  Nobody can, because it disallows property rights, by disallowing any extensions of national sovereignty that would recognize and protect those property rights.  Moreover, it's simply foolish to believe the international regimen that perpetrated this fraud to begin with would craft a subsequent treaty, in a timely manner, to help spur on economic recovery.  They already tried that after we landed in 1969, with an even more proscriptive one, the Moon Treaty of 1972, which Nixon shit-canned in the Senate. 

The United States should use its legal rights, per Treaty article #16, to unilaterally withdraw, and then declare we'd use national sovereign powers to recognize anyone's lunar discoveries (minerals, rare earths, He-3, etc) or unique lunar processes developed (metals, nano, drugs, etc) back on Earth (thus protecting them from decades of international litigation & theft).  It could easily have the same effect the Pacific Railroad Acts (1863-69) had on the American economy for a good 65-70 years, or a helluva lot longer.


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you need the space elevator theres a project that will soup up the tip of the hat to mr a clarke.


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Why don't you just mine the sea floor?  It's right here.  Mining outer space is a fucking dream!  Do you know how expensive it is to lift a ton?  Do you know how heavy MINING equipment is?  Don't even think about's a waste of your thoughts.

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OT -

Transporting prisoners for torture. Aren't the pilots and the employees eligible for war crimes charges?

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As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, the mass of invoices, receipts, contracts and email correspondence – submitted as evidence to a court in upstate New York – provides a unique glimpse into a world in which the "war on terror" became just another charter opportunity for American businesses

it's really not much of a stretch to acknowledge the private contractors who spray the amrkn (and other NATO countries) daily for "weather modification" when one realises pretty much anything can be done to other humans, for money.

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Not the solution. Helium 3 is a finite resource just like oil, moreso since it is only available on a body located 225,000 miles from us. Eventually we would be in the same or worse condition we are in now as it started to run out or we destroyed the moon and then fucked ourselves in the process ala The Time Machine. HE3 fusion is a joke. Made for an interesting novel though.

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Gulf depression currently forecast to strengthen and persist in the gulf until next Wednesday.  This will pound the oil & gas producing region!  Go long oil!

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S&P500 big picture remains bearish and this will ALWAYS exert the most influence. The only thing GUARANTEED is that the bearish medium/long term cycle will have the upper hand.

FX medium to long term outlook continues: Euro bearish and USD bullish.

As mentioned many times - bring on the OVERDUE USD rally.


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you forgot the FED 2.74 billion QE POMO for today:

 Operation - RESULTS   Operation Date:   09/01/2011 Operation Type:   Outright Coupon Purchase Release Time:   10:15 AM Close Time:   11:00 AM Settlement Date:   09/02/2011 Maturity/Call Date Range:   03/15/2014 - 08/31/2015 Total Par Amt Accepted (mlns) :   $2,740 Total Par Amt Submitted (mlns) :   $16,694
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