Frontrunning: September 16

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How about they peg EURO and USD? Is it a good idea for stability?

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Would you use a wooden stake or silver for that?

Seriously, why should anyone peg to anyone? Let a free market determine the value.

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Joe kernan pastse a ZH page on the TV

When is tyler going to make a guest appearance

behind a screen



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Just give Brad Pitt an earpiece and whisper/message responses to him.  It would be perfect and I bet he'd do it.

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He needs to be smoking, shirtless, and banged up from fighting for the full effect.

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Chief Executive Oswald Gruebel, himself a former trader who was brought out of retirement in 2009 to try to turn UBS around...

"What is clear is that we must become more efficient. That will prompt major criticism because of reductions, offshoring, outsourcing of jobs and activities," he said...

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"BP oil spill report may stimulate $30B pay-out."

It's still leaking. I wonder if that made it into the report.

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The Politico bit on Geithner is a key thread, and the book being mentioned should have some good tidbits.  The superelite basically stiffarmed the newbie and in so doing took a big psychopathic step into the abyss...and it's a looooooooong way down.

No one in power has ever looked outside the box, we get more confirmation all the time.  Even though the box is held together with string, is suspended over a lava pit, and is actually on fire.  Or something. 

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My gut reaction is BO needs to resurrect his image as poll numbers continue to nosedive since people are waking up to his puppet status.  The other day James Carville wrote he needs to remodel his administration to provide the impression that change is afoot.  Even more interesting are the statements by Turbo himself lately that some days he wishes to be fired.  If fired he will likely receive a large severance package but BO will congratulate him for the hard work via the teleprompter showing once again he is a true leader.  The only question is this all the work of the previous speech writer that recently left for Hollywood?