Frontrunning: September 19

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4 month outflow 75 billion, record

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Wall Street criminal-types front-run?


I refuse to believe you.

Fuck all you subversive-types.

Them be good Christians.

Fuck Lloyd Blankfein and the horse he rode in on.

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"Bernanke Joins King Tolerating Inflation"

Yeah they can tolerate it easily, but the poor and the pensioners CAN'T


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Does anyone calculate the real number for inflation (link)? The Gubmint number is clearly a made up number to keep from spooking the herd.

I still recall Bernanksters comments on 60 minutes when he started QE. Said he was 100% certain he could stop inflation if QE produced it. Apparently, he forgot to add "if I give a crap about it".

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Bernanke Joins King Tolerating Inflation (Bloomberg)

US citizens should get adult diapers ready.

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Richard Fisher, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, told reporters Sept. 12 he couldn’t imagine trying to explain the shift to unemployed workers and others “who don’t want their income or meager savings eroded by price increases.”

Armies of homeless seniors ain't gonna look pretty. But the oligarchs own the media so I suppose the media won't cover that story anyway.

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Sorry this is from a gaming site, interesting development on the NFLX front:

Netflix Splitting Streaming and Rental Services into Two Companies

Founder's blog:

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  • Swiss Cash blockade against German tax evaders (Spiegel)


Who does trust Swiss secrecy nowadays?

The best friends of secrecy are PMs, a shovel and a night without Moon.


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It strikes me that Buffet just shat in his own punchbowl. Most of his clients and stockholders are millionaires. They may not appreciate him pushing a tax on their wealth.