Frontrunning: September 7

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"Bernanke: US Banks' Exposure to Europe Is 'Manageable"


'sub-prime is well contained'

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Nice dip in gold. And all is well with Europe and American banks. You guys believe that I got a couple of Chinese stocks to sell you.

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Rule of Law is dead.  Interpretation of Law for your own benefit is alive and well.  Carry on.

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When do we get the German riots in response to the court decision?  And folks call Americans sheep.


Drudge is linking to ZH.  There goes the neighborhood, again.

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Re: Obama "jobs" plan.  Play now, pay later.  Oh, and employers get free labor for a specified period where Uncle Sam picks up the tab.  Sounds good to me (sheesh).

Don't mean to bait people as Obama's misdeeds have been covered extensively.  But seriously, after every program .gov has tried, what makes people certain $300B will make ANY difference?  Oh wait, it's election season.  Silly me.


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Don't worry...the proposal includes increasing taxes "later" it won't make it through the house of (dis)reps anyway.


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I'll be listening for the part in his speech where he explains how raising taxes on "the rich" will create all these jobs.  Or is it just class warfare he's playing? 

In all seriousness, its pathetic how people are taken in by this crap.  "Oh lets just spend ANOTHER couple hundred billion to create jobs and if you don't agree with that, you will be villified by the White House and media.  You're welcome bitchez"

Democrats really have no other answers besides spending money.

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I think spending is as much of a red team thing as it is a blue team thing.  It's all political theater - the same thing would happen if roles were reversed.  The actors switch sides but the script remains the same. 

They're all statists.

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It's more like spend other people's money versus spending money we don't have, but thanks for the daily dose of partisan ignorance.

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Krugman is one daffy cunt.

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you gotta give the douche some originality points - analyzing the gold market using dental fillings on the x axis.  I've never seen anyone else go there.  

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I read the linked article, and he seems to miss the idea that some of us are expecting (ha!) a total economic collapse (due to the inability of paying all of the outstanding debt) and are hoarding gold because it is the only store of value that will survive the coming collapse. As more people figure out what is coming, the demand for gold outstrips the supply and the price goes up. (Economics: it always comes down to supply and demand)

I must have confused him with an economist.

Of course he may not have missed it; Perhaps he is just holding his handler's party line until the new kingdom arrives and the faithful are rewarded.


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If you read Krugman's article, and especially the update at the end, it seems he really believes that shit.

But I prefer his tripe... ehhh razor-sharp analysis on 7/19: "Wanna become a right wing nut? Buy an ounce of pysical gold or silver!"

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'Obama seeks $300 billion jobs package'....better off just sending $3,000 to everyone in the US. Ridiculous nonsense.

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Oh BTW...remember that QE3 thing that has been baked into every bit of bad news since DOW 9,800? 

Gee whatever happened to that? I guess its just irrelevant now since things are so good we wont be needing it Sept 21. All of yesterdays loss recovered in pre market plus some more, all is truly well!

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Jobs proposal is a feint so Obama can throw up his hands and say, "I tried, folks, but congress wouldn't let me lower your taxes or create new jobs."  yoose ur hed.  BTW--where the heck is everyone today?  Hiding in your bunkers already?  Come out ppl, I need moral support for my languishing pms and puts.    

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um...what?  Why on earth was I junked for that?

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I hope the Gold price dips a bit more, to many pussies in this metal for a quick stop. Take em out boys and make my physical cheaper to aquire. Regards

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Riots? In Germany? Are you kidding? When the german sheeple get hit really hard in their wallet and they then can't afford their car, the gym, the tekkno party and the flights to Mallorca and the turkish coast anymore, that's when germans will start applying at the townhalls for applications to get rioting permits. After that is accomplished it could, i would say, get extremely ugly.


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tee hee!  okay.  here.  a freebie.  junk it, yeah.  junk it harder baby, I love it.   

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Just for that +1 lol

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"Obama Said to Seek $300 Billion Jobs Package"


What the fuck!?!?! How can people not UNIVERSALLY hate this idiot? The ultimate liar, panderer, outright theif in chief. One can only hope that he would fall into a hunk of lead at 700 FPS along with his entire cabinet,  the house and the senate shortly thereafter. One can dream anyways.

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'700 FPS'?  You using pellets?  And why should he care, it's not his money. Mr & Mrs O'Hole struck it rich and are partying like it's 1999; vacations, travel, golf, etc. You can tell from what little we know about the stooge that he's a puppet and the hand up his ass is a mighty big one. He's playing the same record over and over again and it will somehow be spun into a Solid Gold hit by the MSM but you'll never hear about it crashing and burning once the election music stops. I consider myself a realist and watching this clown car careening off one gov't managed boondoggle after another while it heads for the cliff is demoralyzing. I've shut down all but one cylinder of my money-making and have stockpiled what I can as a kind of Linus' blanket. I can't even use that word, the H word, 'hope', anymore. They sold that off and left us a pocketful of Change. Now it's Pray for the best, prepare for the Worst. Because the Worst is what I think they want and I don't think I'm in a position to change that...

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I think the SCOAMF is hoping everyone forgot he spent $800 Billion on "shovel ready" jobs last year. We would have been better off giving the cash to hobos under a bridge so they could burn it to keep warm.

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OK, bull shit short squeezse on this morning, futures up so high at open, shopuld drop most day, perhaps even retouch or get close top yesterdays bottom, with a close up maybe a small amount, that's a good base.

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WTF?  Are the Chinese insane?  Aren't they having riots over inflation right now?