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Ironically with Europe imploding, it is America that is the source of our quote du jour (via BBG):


Let's just give Obama unlimited powers to fix all government.... and indefinitely detain anyone for "domestic terrorism purposes" as well (wait, that already happened) Sure. Why not. If we felt like it we would chart how under Obama, debt held by the public will have increased by over $5 trillion by the end of his first term, compared to $6.3 trillion under all other presidents. We don't feel like it.

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Sounds way too similar to Adolf.

camaro68ss's picture

good idea, lets give obama more power to fuck up america faster!.......

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If congress goes along with his request ....they all have rocks in their heads!  

john39's picture

brainless puppets do what they are told by their handlers...

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To include the president.  This isn't about Obama gaining power, this is about the fascist shadow government's grip on the process.  They don't care who occupies the white house because they occupy the candidates (and have since as far back as at least JFK). They know that the proverbial shit is about to hit the fan.  They are doing what they can to strengthen the apparatus to hold power.  May you live in interesting times.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhZk8ronces -


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Since we are discusing things, JFK looked to be the perfect patsy, but his gosh darn bro Robert seems to have had a conscience, and his brother's ear.

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This is plain BS!! I can't take it any more. Get this un-American MUSLIM out of this great country, NOW! It's time to restore the constitution and re-found America based on principles of freedom of association. Ron Paul 2012!!!

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

He isn't muslim, he is godless.  He worships from the tit of the illuminatti, where there is no god, just Lucifer.

chumbawamba's picture

He's 100% Nigger, and I hope I can say that now without pansy-assed faggots jumping all over my case for it.  I think it's beyond obvious by now...

I am Chumbawamba.

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WOW and thay call Trav fucked-up.......

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Ignoranus: A person who's both stupid and an asshole.

GetZeeGold's picture



OMG...he actually blamed "Tricky Dick" Nixon for the government's woes?


trav7777's picture

The last vestiges of the Old republic are being swept away.

Fear will keep the local systems in line. Fear of this battle station.

trav7777's picture

For what, stating facts?  Everything I write on the subject of race can be PITIFULLY easily verified as true and accurate.  You may not LIKE IT, but that don't make it false.

you'll notice a distinct lack of the N word in my speech.  I usually only use passingly derogatory references to asians and that is because of how me and some of my best friends talk to each other using slurs.  I also use injun to distinguish from indians.

I don't find it necessary to refer to people like NeObama in racist terms...because I am not actually a racist.  You are just so conditioned to respond to particular facts, a "mental 3rd rail," that you have no cognitive defense mechanism other than this cloture tactic of screaming DATS RAYCISS at me.

Theta_Burn's picture

Just fucking with you.

I hear you, my daughters certainly WONT be marrying outside their race...

Where here to enlighten not insult...but then again as was pointed out below "this is fight club".

As far as my conditioned responses, well wouldn't it be nice if we all conducted ourselves online as if we were face to face with some big mofo who would fuck you up if you popped off like that....





Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

If you put the word "House" in front of it it would be more apropo.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

yeah, the fact that he didnt reveals that he doesnt get it...

just a cracker doin what crackers do...and i hope i can say that without offending my white folks who understand who the real enemies r...peace

chumbawamba's picture

I've liberated the word.  No one owns it anymore (unless you like living the post-slave mentality).

But tell me, if "house nigger" is acceptable, is "White House Nigger" equally so?

Fuck words, I'm more interested in the content of one's character, and by that measure, Obama is a nigger.

I am Chumbawamba.

Theta_Burn's picture


Content of one's character

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Fight Club, where somone punches another in the face and then helps them off the ground. 

We are the all singing, all dancing crap of the universe.

trav7777's picture

fuck you, racist speech like that isn't acceptable.

You're one of the real enemies with your PC bullshit

BigJim's picture

Chumba, you usually have something interesting and intelligent (or at least funny) to say.

What happened?

chumbawamba's picture

Sure, anyone can call Obama a nigger.  But why is it controversial to state the obvious?  Do I always have to have something intelligent (or at least funny) to say?  In all cases, you know that Chumba always cuts through the bullshit right to the chase, and the crux of the matter is that Obama is a nigger, just like Bush before him and Clinton before him.


swani's picture


 It's only offensive to use that particular word because it has only been used, in the negative sense, to describe dark skinned people, and not necessarily, dark skinned people that were slaves, therefore, that particular word was not appropriate to the point that you were making, nor was it an original, or particularly creative, choice. If you had said "slave", "lackey", "peon", "apparatchik", "bitch", "boot licker", "whore", whatever, it probably wouldn't have offended anyone. I mean what does the colour of his skin have to do with anything? The colour of his skin should have nothing to do with why people are disgusted with him. Most people here know that the people that are making the important rules are not in the public eye and that most elected officials made a deal to toe the party line a long time ago, and unless any of them are willing to commit Hare Kari while in office, they will just be following orders and marketing policy to the sheeple. 

ShankyS's picture

You left out spear chucker - just sayin - to get all eliments in place. /sarc


Actually as anger grows towards him, what was once not a racial issue now tends to blurr the lines. He was a man when he started and as his failure expands and as anger grows towards him, he d/evolves to a black man, so race comes back into the equation. 

Hephasteus's picture

That's only offensive to stupid british people who got speared by the zulu nation.

trav7777's picture

now you just made yourself a bitch by trying to de racialize the word.

No.  Busch was not a nigger.  Neither was Clitton.  They were white.

Father Lucifer's picture

Name droping will get you nowhere!

redpill's picture

Newt, please don't try to pose as a Ron Paul supporter and spout the Muslim line.  The Bain capital thing isn't going to work on Romney either.  Just drop out of the race and shut up already.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Born Patriot sounds like he might be one of Freddie's sock puppets.


StychoKiller's picture

Of all the things to charge the Romneylan with, asset stripping is the least of his faults.  He's a hypocritical, opportunist, but the Noot cannot accuse him of that, because the Noot is the same thing!

Urban Redneck's picture

Perhaps if Newt had spent more time at Forstman Little being an economic opportunist and less time being a self promoting political opportunist- he could phrase the argument more effectively.  But the sins of of the central banks themselves- ZIRP and monetization, result in the asset stripping of inflation which robs savers and consumers alike.  Bankers at privately held institutions taking record bonuses when their firms are utterly insolvent and only able to function and operate due to huge taxpayer funded liquidity lines, which don't even addresss the underlying insolvency, are another form of asset stripping.  My problem with the LBO business model is three fold, first the asset stripping to front load ROI, then the globalist outsourcing mechanics of business optimization, and finally the next greatest fool con of flipping deliberately impaired assets to others.  The LBO formula (even Bain's) is simple - maximum ROI in minimum time, it has nothing to do with jobs.  Since politicians are inherently liars, you would think they would be more adept at exposing the lies of thier competitors.    

kridkrid's picture

what I think... I think our fascist leaders thought they had JFK controlled via his father... but his father had a stroke and was incapacitated.  JFK and his brother quickly became threats. 

Oh regional Indian's picture

Spot on krid krid. It's the sound of a noose tightening. The slight crackle as well-worn fibers rustle along.

And yet, every day, bright young men slip on the noose/tie that makes them lie and go to LIvE another day. That is a down arrow to your lie even. How bad is that?

And young women, pout out their lips, and in a ritual repeated a billion times a day world-wide.... roll out the dog-penis and apply it lovingly to their lips...

And people wonder why they are lied to...



Widowmaker's picture

JFK was the transition event. 

To this day truth is repressed by the mafia "in charge."  

Even France acknowledges the fucking truth (French assassin on the grassy knoll).


lizzy36's picture

FYI...The ALL have rocks in their heads.

Why the hell do you think their puppet masters choose them?

Havana White's picture

The cocaine crash is a helluva nightmare.

HoofHearted's picture

Besides Adolf, I am hearing echose of Benito, Joseph Stalin, and FDR! Gold confiscation on the way...glad mine got lost in that horrible boating accident before the jackboots could come take it away. I'm probably a fucking terrorist anyway. I haven't checked recently. But I'd be glad to join that list of terrorists like Washington, Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Sam Adams, etc.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

How are they going to confiscate gold?  With metal detectors?  Do you know how long that will take?  Besides, they try that and people will think the cops are coming for their guns and that will get very bloody very quickly.

HoofHearted's picture

You're right of course. They'll probably start with something easy like 401ks...

viahj's picture

wouldn't that set off a chain reaction and crash all financial markets, then the brokergages, then the banks, then the pensions, then the governments as the people whom have lost everything take to the streets?

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

This is the exact problem that TPTB are faced with currently.  They need the dominoes to fall, so they can tighten their grip.  How can they issue QE X without a root cause (politically)?  They can but they don't want to.

How will they set it in motion?  This is why a false flag would be the solution for them, but it has to be bigger than 9/11, because the status quo has become numb to "terrorism".  Yet the police think they have to stop it, and although most POs are ignorant and stupid, they are standing guard.  The Police State that has been built may be the only thing stopping the false flag.  Ironic, no?

ShankyS's picture

No because when they conficate the 401k they force all funds into treasuries to support the ponzi thus supporting endless QE which endlessly supports the market's illusion all is well. 

thedrickster's picture

If they take the 401Ks the bathrobes will burn this motherfucker down.