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Ironically with Europe imploding, it is America that is the source of our quote du jour (via BBG):


Let's just give Obama unlimited powers to fix all government.... and indefinitely detain anyone for "domestic terrorism purposes" as well (wait, that already happened) Sure. Why not. If we felt like it we would chart how under Obama, debt held by the public will have increased by over $5 trillion by the end of his first term, compared to $6.3 trillion under all other presidents. We don't feel like it.

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Just for fun- how about this- 401ks are taken first, then you will be offerred silver and gold for any guns, then no need to confiscate as they will control all essential supply lines and take back the gold in exchange for your survival.

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Snarc: .gov administrated facebook instance updated for "HoofHearted" neordowell associates "Washington" "Jefferson" Tomas Paine" "Sam Adams" and "etc" to be added to "Hoofhearted's" profile

ERROR 404 person record for "etc" not found. ACTION See if we can get "etc" to sign up for facebook with a coupon for a free taco or sign up to enter a drawinging to win an Ipod.


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I hate going to Wikipedia for a translation, but in a pinch...

Law to Remedy the Distress of the People and the Nation

The Reichstag has enacted the following law, which is hereby proclaimed with the assent of the Reichsrat, it having been established that the requirements for a constitutional amendment have been fulfilled:
Article 1
In addition to the procedure prescribed by the constitution, laws of the Reich may also be enacted by the government of the Reich. This includes the laws referred to by Articles 85 Paragraph 2 and Article 87 of the constitution.[2]
Article 2
Laws enacted by the government of the Reich may deviate from the constitution as long as they do not affect the institutions of the Reichstag and the Reichsrat. The rights of the President remain undisturbed.
Article 3
Laws enacted by the Reich government shall be issued by the Chancellor and announced in the Reich Gazette. They shall take effect on the day following the announcement, unless they prescribe a different date. Articles 68 to 77 of the Constitution do not apply to laws enacted by the Reich government.
Article 4
Treaties of the Reich with foreign states which affect matters of Reich legislation shall not require the approval of the bodies of the legislature. The government of the Reich shall issue the regulations required for the execution of such treaties.
Article 5
This law takes effect with the day of its proclamation. It loses force on 1 April 1937 or if the present Reich government is replaced by another.

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A shiver just ran up my spine!

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"If congress goes along with his request ....they all have rocks in their heads!"

Or guns to their heads.

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or lots of additional fiat in their wallets!

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"chart how under Obama, debt held by the public will have increased by over $5 trillion by the end of his first term, compared to $6.3 trillion under all other presidents."


Yeah, and while we are at it, let's not forget where all that debt came from, can anyone say "socialization of PRIVATE losses".  Fuck these paper pushing fucknuts, give all that debt back to those private entities and let those who profitted pay it down.  Fucking bring on the collapse already, my employees and I know the value of our labor.

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"from the hour of their birth, some are marked out for subjugation, others for rule...."


Aristotle in his Politics

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"Every night and every morn, some to misery are born. Every morn and every night, some are born to sweet delight. Some are born to sweet delight; some are born to endless night." Bill Blake

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"It's a hazy shade of winter." The Bangles

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"Never eat spinach with a stranger" - Either George Washington or Benjamin Franklin, I forget.

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"her face, at first just ghostly,
turned a whiter shade of pale"  Keith Reid

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"I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today."  ~Whimpy

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6.3 and 5 don't add up to 15.  What am I missing here?

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3.7?  did that in my head, so not sure.

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oh man, does this guy obama deserve to be assaulted now more than ever or what.

Where are the real terrorists / freedom fighters / rebels when you need them?

Its on, its fucking on!



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That may be FTMFW quote of the day, but this is the FTMFW quote of the decade, given the debt situation, and harkening back to Senator Obama's impressive words on the floor of the U.S. Senate, as the future POTUS who would bring sanity back to our budget (/sarc/):


As President Obama and congressional Republicans joust in the coming weeks over the federal debt ceiling, consider this quote:

The fact that we're here today to debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. Leadership means 'The buck stops here.' Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America's debt limit.

The speaker: Then-Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., back in 2006.


Obama once opposed lifting debt ceiling
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Thats the 3rd time this week I've seen this quote, and the 2nd time from you ;-)

My question is why hasn't Ron Paul ( or anyone) called him out on this.

A few yrs pass and everything is forgotten/forgiven

Bill Clinton flip-flop on Nafta was a WTF moment as well

Oh well carry on plebs.....

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They have a gentleman's agreement to not bust it out until a nationally televised debate.

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I remember seeing the Bernanke getting called out being critical of his predecessors and his response was that he is now more sympathetic to central planners (now that he is one).  In other words, it’s all a bunch of bullshit and horrible leadership…that is until it’s on my watch.  But then again anyone reading ZH already knows that.

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because ron paul is really a paid lackey like all the rest...?

Theta_Burn's picture

Hopefully just biding his time...

But without even citing RP voting record, I'm 100% sure he backed Senator Obama's stance at that time, as he is now 100% opposed to the stupidity happening now.

If you can, cite ANY elected officials record on issues during a career spanning 40+ yrs as unwavering as Dr. Ron Paul's

I'll make it even easier for you, go just 50% un-wavering.....


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Dat guy dat killed more wimmen wit his car den my guns has?

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How 'bout we give the people the power to streamline guvment by electing Ron Paul.

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Time to get a good bottle of scotch and enjoy the show. The world ain't going to end, but it sure will be vindicating to watch the thieves go down one by one.

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No need to panic, look at volume, all is well.  We will close green today and millions of 401k holders will sleep well this weekend.

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They sleep well every weekend; it's called ambien.

LawsofPhysics's picture

+1 ambien, apparently that is all you need.

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+1 ambien...and a handful of cashews

"He stated that two handfuls of cashews a day, gives one the therapeutic equivalent of a prescription dose of prozac."


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That doesnt make me panik. After elections he's going to tell us that he "needs to fundamentally rethink" how the american society works.

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But we can trust Obama, because he is a Democrat that comes from a grasroots background.

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Grassroots?  Is that similar to Grass Huts?


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All Obama has done is create a 17 year high in poverty, 28 year low in the civilian labor force participation rate, and thousands of satisfied contributors who got the pay off of a lifetime.

All you ZHer are jealous you were not one of the contributors.  I mean I got a fucking free motorized wheel chair out of the asshole and you can too!

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Here's what Obama gave me:

Gold in January, 2009 (his inauguration): Au at +/- $850

Gold in January, 2012: Au at +/- $1600

And that is ALL I got from him.

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i was a fan of that slogan/idelogy when they used it for clinton...



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Clinton reduced the size of the federal government from 22.1% to 18.2% of the GDP.  A little known fact.

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Of course that went on during the first of the last great bubbles....................


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And by raiding the last of the SS "Lockbox"....

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Look, Chancellor Palpatine "promised" to give up his emergency powers, once the crisis is over, WHY does no one believe him?

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"fundamentally re-think" (cue philosophical metaphysical trope); give me the "power"  (cue Machiavellian prince trope) == > I think we need to dial our calendars back about 70 to 80 years.  Oandroid has been programmed with data from the past.  

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And just think for a second, Obama is disorganized affirmative action idiot, imagine how fast the fascist machine will move when Romney, who is reported to have a IQ over 100, get his neocon hands on the gears of power.  


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The president wields about as much real power as a kid riding a horse on a merry go round.


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Romney will fire Bernanke and organize the thugs much more efficiently to favor his cartels.  

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Incorrect. There's always some degree of looseness, slippage if you will, in any oligarchy. Zero has been dragging his heels on the IranWar for months now, and RedShield is tightening the screws on him. This latest is a desperate gesture.

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Sure there is some degree of freedom, but most all of the power is set up, and maintained, by those other than the president.  

He can even seem to be independent, as long as he keeps the ship going in the direction that they want.  Let's also not forget that most, if not all, of his handlers/advisors are not working for him, but for them.

If the decision comes down to attack Iran, he will have little say in it either way.  

Who knows, he might be performing a poignant rendition of My Pet Goat somewhere when he gets the news that he was overruled.