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Ironically with Europe imploding, it is America that is the source of our quote du jour (via BBG):


Let's just give Obama unlimited powers to fix all government.... and indefinitely detain anyone for "domestic terrorism purposes" as well (wait, that already happened) Sure. Why not. If we felt like it we would chart how under Obama, debt held by the public will have increased by over $5 trillion by the end of his first term, compared to $6.3 trillion under all other presidents. We don't feel like it.

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that was my thought.

more like: "how government doesn't works"

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RanSquawk must have cut off the rest of the headline.

...for the banks.

...to inslave the people in debt.

...to protect the lawyers' racket.

...for the benefit of the MIC.

...to insidiously dilute the Bill of Rights.

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Government doesn't work, so let government fix it.

Thank you sir, may I have another?

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The beatings will continue until morale improves.

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Always reassuring to see leadership becoming introspective when it all comes down.



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Hey where is Kito? Kito....I thought you told me that France......ah nevermind. It's just no fun anyway.

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shit really hitting the fan now, Euro downgrade, JPM earnings disaster, US debt ceiling. Gross is "Vomiting" over auctions. IT"S COMING DOWN NOW!


Oops snp off 10. LMAO!!!!

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Tyler looks at his watch....

One minute (looking out the window).  This is the beginning.  We are at ground zero.  Maybe you should say a few words, to mark the occasion.

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It's getting redicoulus. ZH turning into the anti-anti-tilson. Anytime TD posts a piece regarding impeding doom, low volume, or anything that would lead you to believe we are in a bear, buy em up

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I have to agree with you. I have frequented ZH for years now, been a "member" for slightly less. I rarely post, but read and absorb religiously. I have come to the conclusion that while the system is wholly unsustainable in the long run....... it is a LONG run. We are headed for a fall, and it's gonna suck. But there is a long time, years if ever, before we are trading gold and silver for anything other than FRN's. Plenty of time to play the collapse of Western Civ for a profit. Of course, at some point, said profit will need to be turned into something tangible. "They" can push this thing out for a long, long time.

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"There is more money to be made in the destruction of a nation than in the creation of one."


-Rhett Butler

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Tin -- very well put.   Agree.  

We have NO sense of time nor appreciate the spans of time things took to develop in history.  The workers may never have seen the completed Cathedral they labored on most of their lives.  Now people get mad if you don't return their (almost always unnecessary) text message in under five minutes.  We are in the instant gratification, instant feedback society -- which has lots of consequences (most bad).  

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OT: ZH moving on up, "West Blinks" article from yesterday top story today on http://rense.com and http://infowars.com

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What in the Fuck is Going on around here.  Does no one see the push, and honestly those of us that do are we powerless to stop the blimp before the tower.

there be no shelter here

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Completely powerless. Move out of the country very soon, or be prepared to live in Nazi America as a slave. The Democrat-Socialists have once again taken control of a superpower, and the results will not be pretty.

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no doubt, something along the lines of communist russia is planned, but with more of a fascist flavor...   now we openly enter Orwell's vision in 1984.

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The natural evolution of a broken education system is dumb and dumber, and eventually- dumbest. 

The Physical and Metaphysical Abortions of Republican Financial Illiteracy


When one starts a private equity practice, there are several business models one can incorporate into the new firm’s practice, among them are venture capital and leveraged buyouts.  Similarly, when one starts an Ob/Gyn practice, there are several business models from which to chose, among them are delivering babies and providing or committing abortions.  If Planned Parenthood were begin offering newborn delivery services, in addition to its ongoing genocide campaign in the American ghettos, would the good members of the Republican Party be willing to forgive or overlook the sins committed by the other side of their business with the same fervor with they seek to redeem a founding general partner of Bain Capital?


Providing venture capital to startup firms and buying out established firms with leveraged debt are vastly different endeavors within the realm of private equity and can coexist within a practice, just as delivering babies and aborting them are vastly different endeavors within the realm of obstetrics but can be performed in the same office.  The exposed level of financial illiteracy, ignorance and ineptitude within the recent public debate is a testament to the wisdom of the proverb, “even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise.”


In the absence of full disclosure, for those seeking a proper gauge of whether the result of any given leveraged buyout was an aborted fetus or a kicking and screaming newborn- there are several litmus tests, among them:  What was the size of a company’s employee headcount and balance sheet assets and liabilities before the leveraged buyout versus when the private equity firm divested itself of the company?  How does the return on investment for the private equity firm over a given period time compare to the growth of revenues of profits of the firm bought out during the same period?  


Sometimes an attempt to create life can result in death.  Similarly, sometimes death may be required to save a life.  Fortunately, advances in medicine have reduced the frequency of such unfortunate circumstances.  Bankruptcy can result from a legitimate effort to save the life of a distressed company.  However, absent a proper post mortem- it is impossible to properly attribute the cause of death to either a preexisting condition on the part of the patient company, or malpractice on the part of well compensated scalpel wielding financiers.  What can be stated with certainty is that if MD’s delivered the same 40% patient mortality rate that MBA’s have delivered in the ten largest leveraged buyouts- that reform would be forced on the industry, either from within or without.


Whether one seeks the obstetric assistance of a physician who averages forty live births and forty abortions per year should be a matter of personal choice.   That same physician may argue that he actually brought an average of a hundred new lives into world because the babies he delivered then grew up and had children of their own.  However, the broader electorate would likely look instead to actual certificates of live birth the good doctor signed or corporate payroll taxes paid to take their measure of the man.  If the loudest voices of the Republican Party wish to defend free enterprise or capitalism as they defend life and liberty- then they should familiarize themselves better with the various underlying processes and practices before proselytizing ignorance and ineptitude to their followers and condemning their lot to a penitence of wandering the political wilderness of irrelevance and impotence for their sins.      


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fuck my life.


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WHAT life?.

Did you ever think you would see it lost in 3+yrs?.

Those Jaggoffs give this to him, they need to swing.

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Beware the Jack booted thugs.  All folks who have been following REAL news about this nation have seen this coming.  Leading up to this comment from President Zero, Congress has, indeed, been ceding it's power to the Executive branch.  

But to see it so plainly stated is just...well...still hard to believe.

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Yeah, fear the thugs but fear the neighbors who denounce you for being "different."  In the one survive archive of SS records they discovered that the SS spent most of its time sorting through such denunciations.  "See something, say something."  

I see my country riding the rails straight to hell.

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No worries, they will have to spend so much time perusing my file that y'all can slip out through Canada.


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Canada will hand us back... I mean, who wants 'terrorists' immigrating to their country?

Or getting on the wrong side of Uncle Gorilla, for that matter...

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I have a canadian passport.A fat lot of good it will do.lOOK UP nORTHCOM.

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I see the same thing. The country I grew up believing in doesn't exist today, if it ever did. Could it be that we are the terrorists? Nothing is what it seems.

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Damn straight, Cdad, back when ObaMao was a candidate I warned people this guy is a pure lying dictator puppet. No one would listen. I was called every name from lunatic to racist.....well america has made its own bed, now they get to lie and sleep with the rats and lice and bedbugs, and it serves them right!

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Anyone who did not rely on the MSM for information could see the trouble coming from an Obama presidency.

But not to worry about the name callers, brother Dog, 'cause I love you, man.


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up vote....buttttttttttttttt...as usual it would have been Obama who said "yes we can" or someone else at the time who "we know you can't"..."yes we were suckered", but also "yes we tried and got let down, again"

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Congress has, indeed, been ceding it's power to the Executive branch.  

Ceding?, hell, he's seizing, and they sit and diddle with their Oscar Mayers.


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No...you have that backwards.  The President has been taking what Congress is giving.  Congress, through such things as the "Super Committe" continues to fail to execute on its duties for the simple fear of voter backlash.  

While all three branches are a mess with folks who do not respect the Constitution, it is Congress that has most clearly failed in its appointed duties.

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The President would recommend a change and the Congress has 90 days to approve it. The first rec he is making, combining seven departments into one to cut regs on small businesses sounds like a good start.  In any event it beats the Repug plan, which is to do nothing.

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AND, if they do not approve his recommendation they are detained forever in an unknown location outside of the US, therefore they cannot vote against it.

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I have no problem with cutting regs on small businesses ... its all the other crap that he is going to load the legislation up with that we don't know about right now that I have a problem with.

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Kind of like that healthcare program that was going to reform the healthcare industry and reduce our costs. That's working out swell, huh?

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I'd agree with this if there was an iota of indication the merging would, rationally, decrease the total size of these, redundant, departments. If Obama outlines actual reductions in size (and not token or "projected" reductions), more power to him. He'd actually be acting like an exective for a change.

However, this idea comes in his fourth year, the election year, of his tenure. How is it possible that reductions like these "escaped" him and his team until the political handwritting was on the wall?

He's no more serious about "streamlining" government now than he was three years ago. This is a ploy, an attempt to paint Congress (Republicans) as "do nothing" when the reality is its Obama who's done nothing serious about spending in three years. The devil is in the details and I guarantee you there are absolutely no details concerning any reduction in the employment of these departments. Just the typical inference that "change" automatically equates to "improvement" because.....well because Barry says so!

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Rule #1.  Always start with something everyone agrees with, but you end with everything people would never agree with.

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If he doesn't get the powers will the Capitol building catch fire?

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9/11 was this generations reichstag


but given poeples conditioned 30 days of attention span, were due for another so maybe

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A replay of the night of the long knives?

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That would have been the accounting wing of pentagon going up in smoke. Probably from them actually looking into where the 2.3 trillion went.

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I posted above a false flag is necessary because any other triggering event shows incompetence of the system, and since the system has caused all of the financial problems thusfar, it would be political suicide if it happens again on a large enough scale to implement action.

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Of course another false flag is also needed just to get the attention of the sheep.  They hate wasting them without getting what they want (OKC).



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Bullwinkle: "Got the wrong script from the teleprompter. As you know this is really the Humphley/Brinley report. No no. The Bullwinkle Show. And I am your moose-ster of ceremonies for the next half-hour: Bullwinkle his-self. As if you couldn't tell. I mean what other show has a host who sings, dances, recites poetry and has antlers?"

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  • That would be constitutional scholar Barak Obama?