"Do Not Question" - Full Directive From China's Ministry Of Truth On High Speed Train Wreck Censorship

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You read about it previously on Reuters, now here, as per your 1st amendment protected right, is the full text of the statement issued by the Chinese Propaganda Department seeking to prevent broad dissemination and distribution of the news of the two high speed trains from Saturday. To wit: "The latest directives on reporting the Wenzhou high-speed train crash: 1. Release death toll only according to figures from authorities. 2. Do not report on a frequent basis. 3. More touching stories are to reported instead, i.e. blood donation, free taxi services, etc. 4. Do not investigate the causes of the accident; use information released from authorities as standard. 5. Do not reflect or comment." Obviously, that failed spectacularly, and as was reported earlier, has generated a broad wave of discontent among the population for this glaring attempt to put bureaucratic incompetence and corruption over human life. One thing is certain: at least America's own version of the DOT(ruth) is modestly more subtle... For now.

Courtesy of China Digital Times:

Central Propaganda Department: In regard to the Wenzhou high-speed train crash, all media outlets are to promptly report information released from the Ministry of Railways. No journalists should conduct independent interviews. All subsidiaries including newspaper, magazines and websites are to be well controlled. Do not link reports with articles regarding the development of high-speed trains. Do not conduct reflective reports.


Additional directives for all central media: The latest directives on reporting the Wenzhou high-speed train crash: 1. Release death toll only according to figures from authorities. 2. Do not report on a frequent basis. 3. More touching stories are to reported instead, i.e. blood donation, free taxi services, etc. 4. Do not investigate the causes of the accident; use information released from authorities as standard. 5. Do not reflect or comment.


Reminder on reporting matters: All reports regarding the Wenzhou high-speed train accident are to be titled “7.23 Yong-Wen line major transportation accident.” Reporting of the accident is to use “ ‘in the face of great tragedy, there’s great love’” as the major theme. Do not question. Do not elaborate. Do not associate. No re-posting on micro-blogs will be allowed! Related service information may be provided during news reporting. Music is to be carefully selected!

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Damn.. what's next? Tanks runnin' over people who disobey? Oops..

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Wow.  I wonder what Chinese TPTB would make of the Drudge headline from yesterday:

Toddler found alive in rubble after train crash in China kills 35...

Although the story has that desired element of "tragedy-brings-out-maximum-love-happy", it only takes a couple of commas or pauses to make for a very different story:

Toddler, found alive in rubble after train crash in China, kills 35

LULZ...Perhaps a new Saturday morning cartoon?

66Sexy's picture

ya gotta admit..

America could use a Mao right about now...

Operation: Sweep and Clear

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao

You ain't gonna make it with anyone, anyhow

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Music is to be carefully selected!


"Inferior men should NOT be employed!" -- I-Ching

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bbbbut...bbbbut...China is the FUTURE.

They do everything so well and we suck.

GFD I SURELY wanna drive on that new Bay Bridge with Chinese construction.  Fkin Awsumz

StychoKiller's picture

Well Shirley, no one cares where you drive!

Conrad Murray's picture

Good thing there aren't any red bastards among us....

koot's picture

No, He has it wrong actually.  The US has lots and lots of Red bastards of all colors.

Oh regional Indian's picture

koot, that is deep sarcasm. If there is one thing that unites this diverse group, it si the knowledge that the reds, via OhMama, his mentor (possibly father too, I've read variously)whose name slips my mind...

And overall, as is probably well understood, demoncrazy is communism in disguise. A weak disguise at that. 

Try getting an elected "representative" to listen. Better yet, look at the power pyramid. 

Some of us are more equal than others indeed.

Four legs good......




oogs66's picture

GDP growth is hgh and soft landing is imminent.  Do not question that.

Careless Whisper's picture

Do not question.

I think that summarizes China.


Sudden Debt's picture

And the United States Of Blanc Cheques!


DonnieD's picture

Obama's Ministry of Truth gameplan on debt:

1. If the ceiling isn't raised by 2.5 trillion, people will die.

2. All SS recipients will be murdered by Republicans

3. Without the President, the debt would be over 30 trillion

4. Obama made 4 hole-in-ones yesterday

Clueless Economist's picture

I believe the DEAR LEADER, why don't you?

SheepDog-One's picture

Only 4? I figured it would be hole-in-one on every hole, did the Dear Leader suddenly become demure?

DonnieD's picture

His driver was a little off on the par 5's

JeffB's picture

I thought maybe it was the caddy Tiger Woods had to fire.

Version 7's picture

Not planes, not boats. It was really a train accident and they are telling the truth in this regard. Gotta see the good side of things.

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Wasn't one of these directives issued by our government during the banking crisis in 07-08? 

duncecap rack's picture

You know about this stuff but to see it laid out in black and white is still amazing.

spartan117's picture

China Digital Times, run out of Berkeley California?  Sure, I trust their sources are "unbiased".

JOYFUL's picture


 One thing is certain: at least America's own version of the DOT(ruth) is modestly more subtle... For now.



 I must humbly dispute the logic of your conclusion: the fact that the Chinese media require such directives points out their relative inexperience(of the past decade standing at any rate!) at being well trained lackeys of the current crop of little emperors....

Amerika's media whores need no such reminders....no grinding in the gears of corporate MSM! 


DCFusor's picture

Yup, our media doesn't have the nice dead giveaway like that, you have to figure it out yourself.  See, China's government is actually being helpful to the people!

trav7777's picture

well, to dovetail with that Peacock thread, you almost have to wonder if the people who push the MSM message of consume, consume, consume, and establish these images that people feel the need to live up to are RELATED to the people who are standing on the other side waiting to lend you money.  It's almost as if they are all part of the same family or something.

Silverhog's picture

 ‘In the face of great tragedy, there’s great love’” I think you got that back-wards from a Fabio novel.

Agent P's picture

That's classic Jedi mind trick 101.

carbonmutant's picture

Did someone in the White House write this directive?

ThirdCoastSurfer's picture

They should outsource all reporting to CNBC

Missiondweller's picture

China has built its HSR system by stealing European and Japanaese technology. Yep, its a high tech knock off. Is anyone surprised its not as good as the original?

JackES's picture

seriously, how do you know they stole from Euro and Jap?

To me you are brainwashed successfully. congrats.

trav7777's picture

are you stupid?  He knows because he did some research.  In fact, both the Japs and the Euros have already complained about China's wanton stealing of their technology, which China is now trying to turn around and resell.

I mean, WTF, you think they just steal and copy everything ELSE but the train system is indigenous?  Are you a freakin moron or something?

Cpl Hicks's picture

trav7777 (total score:7777)

Fixed for you, Tyler.

Mec-sick-o's picture

Well, I can't talk about Train Tech being stolen by China.

But I can confirm that China buys machines, makes reverse engineering and makes copies (not improvements).

Once a friend was called to service one of his machines (he had set it up and start-up) and when he got there, something was different and couldn't tell initially what it was... eventually he noticed it was a copy-cat machine, same colors, layout, brand, everything.

He was puzzled and asked what happened to the machine, and they confirmed it was one they built same as his, without any concern.

He left and told them to call him only when HIS machine was failing.

ArrestBobRubin's picture

"Do Not Question" summarizes China? Oh really? I mean sure it does but to me it sounds just like HERE of late. I mean, read much about Fort Calhoun lately? No news MUST mean all is well there, right? Just like with Fukushima, babe: nothing to see here, move along. Hell, there's not even any need to report on it anymore. Things are just that peachy.

To me it just sounds like the Chinese hired Commissar Chertoff to sort it all out. Took all that 'Nawlins expertise and competence with him I guess. Now watch, he'll sell the poor bastards a shit load of his special GIR/SU "Security" scanners (Gentile Irradition/Sterilization Units) as part of the deal. Commissar Mikey gets a spiff on every Gentile fried. Extra bonus for all Shiksas who won't be able to bear any awful Gentile kids after just a couple of trips through. Sweet technology, eh? What a Human! What a gifted businessman!

Well I guess it's one way to deal with Chinese overpopulation.

irishlink's picture

Totally agree and do you notcice that no one I repeat NO ONE says nuclear disaster . the media seems to have banned the expression. All one hears is : tradgety  of earthquake and tsunami : T earthquake was natural and though the loss of life was terrible at least people could have moved on without fear of whwt the air,water and food would do to their health.

DCFusor's picture

You guys gotta be kidding.  over 10k people killed by natural causes -- a couple days media.  No one killed by reactors and it's still news.  That's sick people "letting no crisis go to waste to push an agenda".  That's my definition of deranged, cold attempts at manipulation.

Let me let you in on a little secret.  There are (at least) half a dozen reactors already on the ocean floor -- sub accidents, not reported, and some still going full crank down there, leaking away.  From both of the main cold warriors that had nuclear subs.  You can even find them if you can get ahold of some un munged IR sattelite photos.  Lucky they are in general so far down that the trrrists can't get to them, as they used highly enriched U and are dirty as hell.

I *am* a nuclear physicist, concentrating on fusion and no particular friend of fission plants, but....

Under some very ideal conditions -- rain collection from clouds that formed over Fukishima and then dumped here (which is how NRL got isotopes from the first Russion tests btw) and with the very best gamma spectrometerr money can buy -- I managed to see a tiny amount of radioactive iodine 4 days after the accident.  Total level about 1/1000th of the *natural background*.  Some of which is caused by coal burning plants, the main alternative to fission right now.  (I run on solar here, totally, but most won't pay forward for that privelege).

Yeah, sucks for Japan -- stupid to build reactors where they did, but their NIMBY problem is even worse than ours, so it went near the po' folk.  Surprised?  Yes, some number of people will die a little younger than otherwise due to the leakage - not many, and nothing compared to what the water did.  Did you know they refused volunteers to help clean it up?  Old people with little to lose from an increased chance of cancer decades out volunteered to help and were refused.

Nuke fanatics -- pro or anti, remind me of that other kool-aid -- Dems vs Pubs.  Missing the point entirely.  How about "Weird weather kills crops all over USA"?  Back off a little and look at the forest, not the individual trees.


pepperspray's picture

..a city of love and warm..

StychoKiller's picture

Something is to happy!

This is not here.

citrine's picture


In my view, the train crash does not only raise doubts about China’s big ambitions and effort to build its high-speed train network. It will also add to people’s frustrations over the way the country is administered. Some political commentators have said the “accident” was not really an accident but an incident, which we may in the end have corruption, irresponsibility and bureaucracy to blame for.

For investors, it could be a time to short on those high-speed train related stocks. The Ministry of Railways tried the best to regain trust from the nation’s frustrating passengers that China’s latest high-speed train technology is safe and advanced in the world and such declarations just came in less than 24 hours after the tragedy that the the entire country is mourning.

by George Chen


Vergeltung's picture

reminds me of the Journo-list (non) scandal here in the US. same level of collusion....a defacto state-run media here anyways....

pods's picture

Yep, but in the west nobody would ever accuse the media of being in bed with the Oligarchy.  That only happens in those other countries.

For shits and giggles sometimes I will listen to a top of the hour news break on the radio, and then research what topics they cover.  The slant is so easy to see now, it is almost too easy.  I guess taking that red pill really does work.


buzzsaw99's picture

Maybe it is terrorism, oh boy, big sis REALLY hopes it is terra

grovernors's picture

Who runs that place?  Rupert Murdoch?

Mercury's picture

Music is to be carefully selected!

And this, intrepid journalists of China,  is where you can get the most bang for your truth seeking buck if you want to push the envelope...

pods's picture

So China has a different flavor of propaganda, BFD.  

To cast stones are their reporting is the exclamation point of the pot calling the kettle black.

Media in the West (US primarily) hasn't asked a tough question in years. Well they will, but only to individuals that have no great impact on everyone's lives.  Ask a tough question to someone in charge?

Hell no.  

So Mr. President, if too much debt caused this problem, why is more debt going to solve it>

blah, blah, blah.

Again, Mr. President, if too much debt caused this problem, why is more debt going to solve it?

<flops on floor after being tazed>

Any more questions?

We in the US have the Grandest of Illusions.  Freedom.



djsmps's picture

I wonder what censorship may evolve from the new Bay Bridge spans on their way from China right now? Maybe they will only report news on the good sections.

Hacksaw's picture

My thought exactly. Is this futher proof that slave labor in China can build it as well? Who wants to be the first to cross the new Frisco bridge built by China?