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Busy day with the usual Thursday fare of Initial claims, as well as Empire Manufcaturing survey, PPI, and the Philly Fed, which will reflect just two things - the reflation in global capital markets courtesy of non-Fed balance sheet expansion, and soaring gas prices courtesy of the same. Average regular is now $3.821, an all time high for this day in history.

8:30 am: Initial jobless claims, Empire manufacturing and the producer price report.

  • Initial jobless claims are expected to decline to 357,000 for the week ending March 10, a 5,000 drop from the week prior. The four-week moving average would increase slightly, to 356,000 from 355,000.
  • After surging to 19.5 in February, the NY Empire Manufacturing Index is expected to decline modestly, to 17.5.
  • Finished goods producer prices should rise 0.4% in February, as January's surprise declines in food and energy producer prices are reversed. A sharp increase in oil prices is the main culprit. Against year-ago levels, finished goods PPI should increase 3.3% - the slowest annual pace since November 2010. Goldman forecasts that the February Producer Price Index (PPI) increased by 0.37% month-over-month, reflecting the recent run-up in energy prices. The muppet master expects a moderate 0.12% (month-over-month) in the core PPI.

10:00 am: March Philly Fed report. After rising for three consecutive months, the Philly Fed index is expected to moderate to +12.0 in March from +10.2 in February. In other words, expect it to print 5-6 standard averages away from the median consensus.

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Jacque Itch's picture

My Bro works at a public technology company.  He called last night and said they are prepping for layoffs immediately.  I'm not talking small stuff either.  His dept alone is looking to go from 98 to 73 people.  That's 25%! 

It's coming and it's coming now and it's coming big!

Zgangsta's picture

Wow.  I guess that will revise the outlook from 357,000 claims to 357,025 claims.  This could be a game changer!

JPM Hater001's picture

And technically it's more than 25%...train wreck.

Just having fun at your expense.  This is big.

Jacque Itch's picture

Got a big LOL on that one.

+2 if I could

urbanelf's picture

Zgangsta understands the essence of leaving comments.

chubbar's picture

OT but if anyone here has any reservations about how evil this Agenda 21 thingy is then this article ought to dispel them.


This is like something out of 1984, unfrickingbelieveable.

SimpleandConfused's picture

Seems here on ZH, "it" has been coming and coming big for at least the last three years.  And still, no "it".  It just feels like every time someone here says "stick a fork in it", Ben shows us all "it" is not quite done.

After Greece, I am not convinced anything will happen anywhere about anything.  Sheep are very placid you know.

Hope I'm wrong.  We are serf enough already.  We need some real chain; on bankers that is!

Ruffcut's picture

Holy shit batman. I got a v10 excursion and it costs a buck just to start it up. Glad I sold the vette, it was actually worse. Didn't fit in it very well anyways. A very cute death trap.

People still are driving around, in circles. New show idea; Zombies Behind The wheel.

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

Long time cusotmer in electronics distrubution went under, allot off people getting layed off in eastern long island.

JPM Hater001's picture

"Finished goods producer prices should rise 0.4% in February"

Um, isnt that 4.8% annual inflation?

And didnt Nixon impose price controls at 3?