Full Text Of S&P Warning On AustriAAA

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I can;t keep up! Posting too fast for the Groupie!

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Time to sell Wien now that it was listed as the best city to live in.


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This will put some nice pressure on the politicans during their summit. Wonder what the terms being dictated to not fill the fan with shite are.

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Ive told last week in this forum...


SELL AUSTRIAN AND FRENCH BONDS in your portfolios....the same they have done with Greeks,Italians,Spanish,portuguese, irish.....

Austria and France ,, NOW U WILL PAY ....


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I have lost track...need a score card!  Maybe I should ask who hasnt been downgraded or put on a negative watch.

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ART (next hedge)

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If all of the countries in the Eurozone get downgraded, then none of them get downgraded. That's the wisdom I learned from the Incredibles.

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all those fat loans Austria nade to eastern block countries (and took fat profits and bonuses at the time the loans were made) will now bite the wrong people. The bad loan/profit takers have long been boosted up the ladder for good performance I bet. Read Moffitt's book about int banking....very informative.

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Austria has a lower Debt to GDP ratio than other EuroSwines, but those loans to the Stans and the Ukraine are killing them. S&P Lowers Ratings Of 15 Of 17 Euro-zone Nations – They Need Harry Potter To Conjure Up More Than The E1 Trillion Bailout Fund


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equities are eating this shit up. dow futures now up 15. HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! RATINGS SCROOGES WONT BRING DOWN THE HOUSE OF CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good stuff ZH!

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What is amazing is they are not downgraded immediately with all the shit that is happening.

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SP500 monthly chart remains bearish and USDX weekly remains bullish, so it’s only a matter of time until the market makes its move.


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