Futures Re-Open...Down

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Having twiddled thumbs all day, equity futures just reopened with a modest drop - extending losses from the overnight session. Volume handily picked up from this morning as we note Gold dribbling along at $1900 and a small rise in the Dollar Index. Swissy seems modestly bid - especially relative to EUR (which is holding below 1.41 for now against the USD).


We are also seeing the first runs come through in credit markets and it is not too pretty. Not quite as ugly as Europe but IG is 4.5bps wider at 125bps and HY 7bps wider at 690bps (though 3Y HY is 20bps wider at 553bps). Obviously, financials are the hardest hit so far with Goldman Sachs (+12 to 235bps) and Merrill Lynch (+19 to 389bps) the standouts in a quiet late session.

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dumpster's picture

a burma shave

 couldn't repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder


sheeple2012's picture

Risk off boo-yatches!

X.inf.capt's picture




i still like pre64 dimes more than gold...

SWRichmond's picture

Pretty soon, each one will be a gallon of gas.

Prometheus418's picture

I like the white metal too, but just out of curiosity, why dimes?

Usually, I go for the dollars or halves.  Mostly halves (walking liberties) because they share the same "heads" side as ASEs, and might be more recognizable as silver to a layperson.  Mercury dimes are kind of neat, though- provided you can buy them alone, and not just as endcaps to rolls of wheat pennies.

rocker's picture

All white metal is good.  Today you can buy Platinum and Palladium too.   Today I actually added to my US pre 1933 Gold Coin holdings.

I am with you on the halves. Been watching various halves and quarters.  It is all good and a smart thing to do.

Sell the market and Buy, Buy, Buy the  PMs.

Race Car Driver's picture

... why dimes?


Mercury dimes. They're easily identified (don't have to look at the dates) and when the SHTF, they're going to be used extensively for day-to-day purchases... moreso than quarters, halves and d0llars. The term 'one thin dime' came out of the Great Depression era because the dimes were used so often that they became smooth... and very thin. You can still find them in the junk bins.

X.inf.capt's picture

and the most important point of all, if i had silver morgans and wanted to buy, say a loaf of bread, there is no guarantee Mr baker will have CHANGE FOR 1 oz silver dollar (how many people really have ANY silver at all to continue commerce WSHTF)! god help you if you want to make small purchases with a 1 oz A.G.E. you cant spend it. besides the cost of 2 halves, 4 quarters or 10 dimes is the same, about 80 percent of spot, at least at my coin dealer. and maybe, just maybe, i can start  a business, on the down low, making change for the gold bugs...food for thought.

StychoKiller's picture

Perhaps Mr. Baker had better set up an account with you, then.

HardwoodAg's picture

Esp the 1916D!  1921 was a fine vintage also.

johngaltfla's picture

THE SPEECH as it shall now be referred to as, will cure all.

For about 3 ES points then it will crash again until the Fed meets.

drink or die's picture

At least when the stock market crashes, the average Joe 6-pack will place 100% of the blame on Europe.

IMA5U's picture

Joe 6 pack is too dumb for that. He'll drink his High Life and blame Obama

HIp 6 Pack of PBR will blame Bush and Capitaism
Latino 6 Pack of El Presidente will do the same
Black 40oz will blame the white man

Frat boy keg pack will either blame Europe or The Tea Party, depending what helps them get more action

rocker's picture

Yes, Goldman has offices in Europe too.   

trade the day's picture

We would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling Europeans

Belarus's picture

Bernake has carte blanche now. Operation Helicopter Drop--into personal bank deposits. That will solve all the problems, right?

sunny's picture

And use the $$ to buy gold??  Silver???  Well, if he insists, it's worth a try.


Prometheus418's picture

Don't forget food, water and heat/electricity.  Hate to see you have to spend your PMs for 'em.

unky's picture

Quite a drop... now they are in time with QE3 on sep/21 ;- )

buzzsaw99's picture

I don't see why squid credit is gapping, they have the full fledged fascist efftard seal of approval.

JohnG's picture

Tyler's - might be time for a refresher on index drop trigger points.........

bob_dabolina's picture

Down is relative...we are handidly up from the 2009 bottom

The auto industry is doing great as Obama stated earlier. After GM went bankrupt and IPO'd at $33 or whatever it was, is now steadfastly trading @ $22 and looking to really pick up some steam. 

The post office is looking great. 

Solar panels are flying off the shelves. 

Shit...are we lookin' at 2007 highs in the near future maybe before October?

If Maxine Waters get's her way we can spend another trillion dollars to create 250 jobs, so maybe the recovery is near. Maybe we can bail out her husbands bank a second time (only if we're lucky)

Meanwhile, big labor is all getting roudy because no one wants to buy their overpriced shit, but that's the republicans fault. If only the private sector would pay more taxes to subsidize their bloated pensions... those evil and selfish privateers.

Thomas's picture

A full paragraph of snark. Does it get any better?

bob_dabolina's picture


Infinite QE's picture

Dude, it's 251 jobs that Maxine sample the Waters will create. Just stick to the facts.

Long-John-Silver's picture

Someone should hire you to write a reality show or just about any kind of show.

Pool Shark's picture



Or he could write comedy for Obama...


New_Meat's picture

TOTUS writer just exited Stage Left.

nmewn's picture

I'm applying for the position...told them I would do it for half of what he made.

They sounded interested ;-)

Long-John-Silver's picture

Anyone with any sense at has already left in whatever direction an opening allowed. He's a disaster and no one wants to be associated with him when everyone realizes it. 

New_Meat's picture

LJS, au contraire meathead: but it isn't you, it might be the folks who have rather been embedded in the system, have no tendrils outside (especially within a 50 mile radius of DC--because there, well, thingz b boomin').

I know any number of folks who I'd trust in <various serious situations> who can't / won't go.

otoh--maybe you are right.

and maybe we'll have "embedded" folk.

go play!

- Ned

blueridgeviews's picture

Thank you for the laugh Bob. As far as my educated eye's can see we now have a country that is FUBAR.  I appreciate your sarcasm.

prophet's picture

dats really good, your best yet, someone should write a book on it

oogs66's picture

Because Buffett kept the free warrants and is getting nervous?

bob_dabolina's picture

Buffet is giving his fortune away to a much higher cause.

Lifetime supply of Dilly Bars for sub-saharan African tribes. 

H H Henry P P P Paulson's picture

I think Buffett needs to go soak again and think about what he's done... but just with his head this time.

Two Towers AU AG's picture

But to think with his head.. he will need to sit over the pot and not stand in the bathtub.... lest he starts shitttin after he is done thinking on what he's done

Thomas's picture

The appropriate phrase is "Buffett needs to take a bath."

delacroix's picture

does that come with a haircut?

virgilcaine's picture

Let me get a Dow 10k Party hat ready.

JohnG's picture

But, but, that newsletter reader, oh, what's his name, MARK HULBERT, is calling for 13600.  He's an xpert ya know. 


(He's a loon.......)

Thomas's picture

What does Gartman have to say?

JohnG's picture

IF he was honest, he would tell us to fade his calls??




If I only had a brain....

Long-John-Silver's picture

Me thinks you are a little optimistic....

Imminent Collapse's picture

My only question:  Will it be a slow fall or a cliff dive?

caerus's picture

imo...slow fall began 7/25...neckline broken 8/2 - 8/4...expected ~120 pts (1360-1240) from neck at 1240 to bounce at 1240-120=1120 then possible test of resistance at 1240 (didn't make it) now plunge to 1080 and beyond with maybe one more bounce before bottom...