Futures Turn Negative, EUR Back To Pre-Summit Levels Following Global Easefest

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In continuing the quantum physics scramble of the past 48 hours in the aftermath of the potential Higgs Boson discovery which confirms mass exists (and will soon be blamed for America's obesity epidemic) we ask if three of the world's largest central banks eased and futures turned red, did three of the world's largest central banks actually ease? Because if today is any indication, either all the EURUSD-ES algos are being furiously shut down right now to prevent risk from being dragged far lower, or we have reached peak central planner intervention. In other news, the entire EURUSD ramp since last week's summit is now gone, which incidentally is just what Germany always wanted.

EURUSD tumbles:

to retrace 100% of the EU Summit gains...

and S&P 500 futures are up a measly 1pt...

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I forget - did Goldman say I'm supposed to be long or short again?

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It's every Muppet for themselves at this point.


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Just hang on to your dollars my friend - if you have any. Sell your gold if you have any left. Try to avoid buying gas, it will be half the price next week.

Got USD?




GetZeeGold's picture



Nice try but you're completely bassackwards. Trade paper for gold as it's on sale.


disabledvet's picture

Are you talking DEBT paper? Cuz that crap sure ain't on sale. At least not YET.

stocktivity's picture

No problem...futures will turn positive soon. Everything is better than expected. It's all Bullshit! Rally on.

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Hummmm...it's going to be  busy day for you Tyler!

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central banks have turned the markets into somewhere only traders dare to tread.  The current market levels are in no way indicative of the underlying economy, but rather driven by policy.

When you leave it to the traders, they will buy the rumour and sell the fact, so the markets were seeing this as a top.


Is this what they wanted?

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Alcoholism kills... Eventually

GetZeeGold's picture



I'll drink to that.....yes....I'm aware what time it is.


EL INDIO's picture

It depends where you are !

hugovanderbubble's picture

Begin loading Volatility





-Welcome to Japanization II



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Yeah, TVIX is going to 15 (after the reverse split)

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SHHHH! the equities might hear you!

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Music to my ears and....pockets

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I would've thought we stayed green all day after that CB Trifecta

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Don't worry, those down in the Fed's bunker will get this green by close.

HellZero's picture

Central Banks protecting the world from deflation

MillionDollarBogus_'s picture

When the EU head puppets figure out how to get their sovereign bond rates near zero, so the serious printing can start, then it will be clear sailing to infinity.....and beyond......

They set the rules so they can also break the rules, right..???

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They set the rules so they can also break the rules, right..???


We deem that to be correct sir.


LawsofPhysics's picture

correct, infinite inflation is the banks best friend, deflation, not so much.

101 years and counting's picture

ES still up about 40? time to give it ALL back. in a flash?

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“…Higgs Boson discovery which confirms mass exists (and will soon be blamed for America's obesity epidemic)…”


Man, you sure are funny.



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Merkel was on RTS a few minutes ago walking back all "new commitments" from last Friday mornings text messages ;)

New, commitments, what new commitments?

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The law of diminishing returns FOR THE WIN........YESSSS

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160 professors call for protest on €

In a public call, 160 German-speaking Economics Professors, condemned the decisions of the EU summit last week as false. Germany and the other 'financially solid' states are continually being forced to extend their liability risk.



q99x2's picture

Dow 13,000 here we go. Again!

Dr. Engali's picture

"strong dollar" today. They are trying to hammer gold below 1600 again.

EL INDIO's picture

You still don’t get it, do you ?

No massive money printing and everything goes down (and USD up).

Dr. Engali's picture

I think you're the one who doesn't get it. The dollar goes "up" against a bunch of other shit currencies. It's a race to the bottom.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Correct, the plan has always been to kill all fiat in order to replace them with a single world currency.  Economics has never been about money anyway, power and control (of natural resources in particular) has always been what all this gaming is really about.  Who will be the better slaves and who gets to be the slave master.  Place your bets, the casino is open.

EL INDIO's picture

I don’t know if you realise it but it’s gone up against gold too.

It’s been going up for a year now and in real terms not just compared to other currencies.

Check the facts rather than just regurgitating perma bulls crap.

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Lots of fiats have gone up against gold, what's your point?  Just because a fiat currency goes up against gold, it doesn't mean I would want to hold it.  PMs are manipulated by all central banks.

Let me know when a currency is freely exchangable FOR A FIXED amount of gold, then I will be interested in holding it.  FYI, I sold some euros last week for gold on the euro strength.  I may buy more euros on the weekness.  This is how the game is played as we all race to the bottom.

No one in their right mind should be holding any fiat for too long right now.  

EL INDIO's picture

My point is simple, PMs are in a bearish posture until there is massive money printing

LawsofPhysics's picture

How can they be bearish if their purchasing power has remained the same? 

Moreover, ZIRP is essentially money printing!!!!!!!  Now CBs are proposes and implementing NIRP!!!!

Unless you really believe that there is no cost associated with creating capital, especially when you create no real value.

In that case, I have a couple bridges for sale that you may be interested in.

Bastiat009's picture

Facts are too confusing. People only want to hear what they think is right. 

asteroids's picture

The announcements seemed "sloppy". It's as if no one knew they were coming, or if they did they didn't care. If it's a "co-ordinated" move then there are a few other players missing. Very interesting.

MFL8240's picture

2.5 years of lies, disception and outright rigging by the financial media and the banking liars.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Coordinated action by all central banks.  What could possibly go wrong?  Please, share your thoughts;

1) They get the inflation they weren't looking for - hyperinfaltion.

2) They kill all fiats (in order to feed us all a new one)