G-8 Caption Contest

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Today, the G8 came, saw, and wrote down a bunch of meaningless promises on paper as it does every several months (spoiler alert: more printing). They also posed for photos, such as this one. We leave it up to readers to provide the context.

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                                                                          B O


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Looks like they are watching a real-time feed of FB quotes.

"Come on Morgan! Don't let it break $38!!!" ~Obama

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"Come on QE3, go Bernanke go, print more FRNs you SOB......"

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"Upon flipping the coin, it was decided to try and keep Greece in the EU - reactions were mixed"

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angela looks great tho, doesn't she?

the liposuction has left her much less jowly

i'd like to see her in this color more often and the faux linen look works for her, too

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OK, slewie's been possessed....anyone know a non-catholic gold toting exorcist?

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David Cameron "West Ham, WEST HAM!"

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...there fucking ping pong balls!!!

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Run damn you! Daddy needs a new pair of shoes..

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"Seven Bitchez & Their Queen"

watching Timmay Geithner getting fisted during the last G8 Finance Ministers meeting.



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They were watching the Kings go 3-0 on Phoenix !!

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His Grace, Arch-Bishop Emmanuel Milingo*

*Actually retired and still very RC.

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It's Primark. €1.99

It's where Obama gets his suits.


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i'd like to see her in this color more often and the faux linen look works for her, too


"Zese are ze people's fabrics. You vill notice how I am retaining ze essential element of feminine mystique."


Something about the look in her eyes and the set of her mouth tells me that she is waiting patiently for the approach of the final victory of Communism. Over the horizon, any moment now.

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[Television commentator]:


"And with an explosive finish, it's I'll Have Another [QE] by a mile to complete the triple crown!"

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Oh watch...right here is the part where I killed Osama!!!

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Look at their respective Body Language.... speaks volumes to me...

Each one is different. Fascinating.


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They are watching the Euro getting slaughtered!

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Bernanke wins by a nose.

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They are watching another great performance by Nigel Farage

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"Oh my goodness how's that gonna fit in there!?!?  Hey, where's Strauss-Kahn he'll know."

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Wait, what's Blakfein doing to that muppet?   Oooohh!?!!

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"Destroying the world is so fucking fun."

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exactly  Chelsea penalty shot beats Bayern...


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Coulda' been Robbin missing the PK, douche that he is.

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F Chelski. OWned by an oligarch gangster who laundered what he looted in Russia through London.  Another of the Roth klan of gangsters.

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Not as bad as watching that horse win the second leg of the TC for the owner who gave us "lost another loan to Ditech..."


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David Cameron Cheers as Bayern Munich Score the First Goal of the Match.

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Zeich Heil - followed by a rousting chant in unison: All praise the supreme lord of the under-verse. (ain't that what food prey whimper just `fore the big pointy fang rip blood clot artery from man meat)?

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Yup, looks like they were watching the Preakness.  I cashed on that boy three straight times now.  Merkel should have laid a trillion Euros on his nose.  he still would have won but she would have knocked the tote board into the stratosphere and crushed the odds to 1/1,000,000,000,000.  maybe a local bookie would have let her lock in the 3/1?



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On second thought, the ECB accepts used condoms from Amsterdam brothels as collateral so Angela probably could have gotten Draghi to let her lay down a few trillion and fix the odds at 3/1.  if she loses eeehhh who cares.  if she wins eeeehhh the ECB wouldn't care.  what's a few trillion amongst friends when you have a printing press.

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In all seriousness, though, are they watching the Preakness in that pic?

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Thoses are not NASCAR engines, those are blown top fuel funny car or tractor pull engines.

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Yes, they are fuelies..

I should have said NHRA, but likely not an acronym most know of.

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"What a riot!    Those Greeks are somethin' else ain't they?"

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from right to left, top row.

Kill Free Markets, Kill America, Kill Freedom, Kill the USA, Fuck yeah!

New World Order, Hoot, Hoot, Hoot!


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Can't you just feel the love for Chelsea and the UK? It looks like Barroso is about to pull a gun.