G-Pap Demands Referendum To Rescue Plan, Seems Set To Throw In The Towel

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It appears the Greek leader has had it, and is officially throwing in the towel, leaving his citizens to tell Europe to shove their perpetual bank rescue plan, via Bloomberg:


Naturally, with scenes like this one from last week, don't expect a glowing Greek endorsement of abdicating national sovereignty to the European superstate. In fact, expect the opposite. And with that, preparations for a Greek exit from the Euro and Eurozone begin in earnest. Needless to say, Deutschland is not too happy.

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meanwhile back in the United States of Corporations, Spiegel Online (Germany) looks at if America has Become an Oligarchy (yes!)



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Turns out that there are lies, damn lies, accounting lies and the worst of all - Greek lies.

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G-Pap just got his ass "saved" and now he wants to put the decision up for referendum?  This is trully getting more absurd with every day.  If only Jonathan Swift were alive today. 

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I have been running the popcorn machine pretty hard now for months.  Looks like I will have to buy a new one...

And this time, popcorn in bulk!

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I am pleased, I hope the Greeks vote the rescue package down and declare their exit from Eurozone. Then the whole Euro-prison can collapse and national currencies and national responsibilities can be re-established over the current leeching system.

It won't be fun for the Southern Europe, though, or to the banks and investors who have invested there. Better put your Euro investments in Northern European countries now.

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My Big Fat Greek/Italian/Spanish/Portugese/Irish/French haircuts.

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Or Eurodebts converted to devalued domestic currencies.

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And in France:  Maginot Line re-activated, and crash re-forestation project in the Ardennes.

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OPA!  PAPANDREOU.. jack ass

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Who would want to run that shithole? The Germans? lol

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Yeah G-spot probably got death threats and finally realizes that he better do what the people wants, not what the bankers want.

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Which ones? The German or Greek ones?

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I think I'd go with Rabelais; this is getting Gargantuan.     Milestones

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I think he found out how much he is giving up by taking their plan.  He wants the people to say F it and default pure and simple.

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'You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink' !!

Good riddance, Greece.

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nice tits, but not so sure on the comment

your analogy fails me... leading a horse to water is to lead a horse to sustainability.  leading greece to accept another bailout is to lead greece to death.  how do the two compare? 

Will you say good riddance when Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy follow suit?  They will you know as there is no alternative short of total debt jubilee

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Absolutely, baghead. Let them go, if they wish to do so. Why would anybody throw more money after these...? It would lead to a painful decade but it will also be very cleansing.

I for one produce enough milk to stay afloat...!

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Much like Socrates, the horse was lead to drink hemlock. Turning and running may not have been a bad idea.

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Yes, if they want to keep their various PONZIs running, they better do it in Olives, Ouzo and Drachma than playin' with hard money... I'd say gogogo, but I fear Merkozy will come up with some new accounting trick...

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G-Pap was born in the good ole USA (Minnesota). He was educated in the USA. His mother is American, not Greek. He seems to think in English, as it is often noted that he makes mistakes when speaking Greek. So I would say his lies, and I believe there have been plenty, are grade A American.

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Referendum vote held = austerity fails = Greece declares bankruptcy = All major banks collapse = economy goes down = local barter economy surfaces


YEAH!!!  Let's get it on!

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Good thing I know how to make cheese.... stuff will be like gold!!

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Escpecially if it's got ELECTROLYTES!!

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HaHa Yes!


The years passed, mankind became stupider at a frightening rate. Some had high hopes the genetic engineering would correct this trend in evolution, but sadly the greatest minds and resources where focused on conquering hair loss and prolonging erections.

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My favorite movie! 

" Do sumthin smart!"

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My girlfriend is pretty good at churning butter, but I have no useful skills.


(I might be overcaffeinated this morning)

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Not a very hygienic GF. 

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Mine juices grapes pretty well...with her feet of course

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Good thing I know how to make cheese.... stuff will be like gold!!


Are you hiring? I can cut the stuff like a champ.

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YEAH!!!  Let's get it on!



...so glad I don't have kids.  An ugly world awaits them.

Brace for impact, perhaps - looks like this might FINALLY be it.

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I second this. My chick wanted to have kids. I told her to look around at this grossly overpopulated shithole of a planet, and asked, "are you fucking crazy"?

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Planet"s not going to be overpopulated for long. Once people start viewing other people as a food source.

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She will be happy to overpopulate the world with somebody else... you determination is a non-sequitur.

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Problem is, most smart, kind people think like this, leaving the world to be populated with tons of half wits and sociopaths.

Beat up your significant others uterus, and make the world a better place.


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the markets seem to be assuming this is purely political rhetoric, but if it ends up being substantive its huge. he wouldn't leave this decision in the hands of the citizens who are sure to vote no unless he had a plan for negotiating a larger haircut. i then wonder how far they can go before this default... i mean haircut is no longer voluntary.

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I think I will trust the markets on this one. He may just be buying time-- All the other parties in Parliament have been calling for early elections. A referendum, and a postponement of it, and further postponement of it, will give him plenty of time to sell what is left of Greece.

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Bloomberg radio just said the DOW was up 150 pts.  <rolleyes />

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'It's not my fault' - GPap.

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Better ... "Wasn't me" (a la Ali G)

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I swear to God, Angie, if you tell me to suck your dick one more time, I'm quitting and taking the whole damn thing down with me.

- G'Pap

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'It's not my fault' - GPap., 2011


'It's not my fault' - Obama., 2009

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A real G-Pap smear campaign if I ever saw one.