Here Comes The Non-Boring Weekend: G7 Says "Central Banks Ready To Provide Liquidity As Required"

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Double black diamond downward slant.

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The one thing I am looking for has not been mentioned anywhere: how can we have faith and sustainability in a system, particularly in EU but also in the US, when there is no democratic say so and when politicians election promises are lies? How can you plan and invest in marxism, socialism and a world of stinking political charlatans? And they wonder why PMs are the future.

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how can we have faith and sustainability in a system, particularly in EU but also in the US, when there is no democratic say so and when politicians election promises are lies?

In short, we can't, and don't.

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+1 Herman, but maybe planning and investing have always been illusions.  Maybe the flaw is your perception of rules, or that there should be rules, when there are none.  Selectively enforced rules and laws are just tyranny or mob rule by one group over another.  Same as it ever was.

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At first blush I feel like I want regs to keep people like polluters from doing what they want in other folk's back yard. I am starting to come around to your way of thinking though.

Any thoughts on this? Free market may not handle that one...

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"There are two kinds of people in this world; those with loaded guns and those who load all the trash they just dumped back onto the truck. You dig?"

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Anybody think Jim Flaherty is going to make Jack Layton roll over in his grave and actually "fiscally consolidate"?

The majority support his government has could allow him to tell the G6 to enjoy sex with their hats while they print and deficit spend themselves into oblivion.

My guess is the status quo of self inflicted head shots will prevail.


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S&P is a tight range right now, im curious to see if the bottom of 1100 will fall out. If it does then SPX 1000 here we come.

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Tight?! Like 1250 to 1100? Trading ranges are never tight when vix is over , wait for it... 40!

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Global response from unconsulted billions in regards to continued government tampering with no regard for long term disintegration:


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The Status Quo must not be harmed! My favourite song of theirs is DOWN THE DUSTPIPE .. check it on Youtube. 

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Flexi-what? Is Dubya running the show now? Or have the worms finally eaten into their brains?

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but it was only a fantasy

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lol flexibilization, yeah that one threw me too. Its a word, but probably the wrong one in this case.

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G7- We have too much debt.  But, its okay, we talked it over and realize the only solution is to make more debt.  Fight fire with fire.

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Flexibilization = ramp the Ponzi

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Again, they got nothing, printing is not even short term of any help, everyone and their momma would sell into that rally! I know I would! We'll see Greece go, aided by most likely the Germans, helped by the French, once it is clear it's too little too late, markets will tell THEM the whole story!
We'll gap down on Monday, by how much, where the fuck should I know, fact is, S&P @ 875ish might just be the signal for Benster to come into the ring! Once selling commences and momentum gains "strength" he'll knows where we stop!
Happy Weekend and lets don't forget the ones missing for 10 years now!

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A week's worth of hard selling right before the 2-day September meeting,  Just in time to announce the QE3.  Perfect.  How convenient.

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I gotta believe Benbux is pretty pent up with the abstinence since June.

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That is exactly how I imagine the next couple weeks to play out as well.  Bank stocks getting hit the hardest hopefully.

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On bank funding:

"Solutions should be found from private markets, from private investors and if that is not possible there should be national backstops in place to ensure recapitalisations or restructuring for these banks."



   Bend over taxpayers. More & bigger bailouts on the way. Take the pain, bitchez.

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Looks like the Euro-Peons have their work cut out for them this weekend; feel lucky, punks?

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if these assholes were smart they load up their planes and take the 48 hour headstart the weekend gives them.

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Fucking great line, Lazarus!!!

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They'll think of something to push the bulls into a feeding frenzy come Monday morning.  It's so pathetic.

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Flexibilization=the ability to use 1 word where 25 are needed.

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Let them eat liquidity

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Ugh... So Tyler, are you saying that if the Saints still had Reggie Bush this could all have ben....... aah ben.....

Can't believe Timmay G said the US is fine but Eurall fuckedup..... sigh...

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We will take all necessary actions to ensure the resilience of banking systems and financial markets. In this context we reaffirm our commitment to implement fully Basel III.


Basel III from what I've read will reduce GDP growth! Whats pumped out of Central Bank will be used to bolster higher tier 1 capital in the failing banks.

Utter pish, let them collapse....

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The organization for the prevention of harm to the Status Quo

Spot on TD +1



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No doubt TPTB must be desperate to utter a statement on a Friday night.

They must be planning a barrage of "feel good" support statements to roll out the rest of the weekend so Asia has a green "Happy Print" when it opens.

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Fri night crisis news used to be reserved for bank it's sovereign takeovers......all progressing as scheduled. 

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I read "udder" a statement, nice tits

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this early release just may mean that the USA/Fed will backstop Germany (with or without PRChina &/or Japan &/or Saudi visible support), so Germany can fake tell vigilantes that it will backstop ECB which will ride to the Greek default, CDS implosion 'rescue' of Euro/Int'l banks ...

or is it Charge of the Light Brigade ... onward onward into the valley of death they rode ....

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I agree with you for once.. I seriously doubt we get a red monday...but a blue monday for sure...

This is where the rubber meets the road and the ultimate power of the CB's will be seen...

Call it a hunch, call it that hair on your neck going straight what have you.  I would go long everything (except reverse ETF's and such)  The only winners vs. losers will be the spread traders (you know, long this-short that)......

The algo's are full steam ahead....

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I'm not so sure, it appeared the algos tried several times today to do that crazy vaporless melt up they do so well only to be roundly bitch slapped down.

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No doubts.. tough call here, my take is the last 'battle of the bulge if you will is going to leave lots of corpses but the risk/reward is so one-sided towards the big miners and quality juniors that

I would be happier to be wrong and bet than to not bet at all..

It's just so skewed!!!


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As the number of desperate reassuring statements approach infinity, the probability of collapse approaches certainty.

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Nothing is confirmed until officially denied.

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Nothing is confirmed until officially denied.

For a nice touch, the official denial should be accompanied by a laugh track.


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just bought a 4 month supply of 25 year freeze dried food for the family ......suggest others do the same as i dont think we be testing the 25 year life (more like 25 weeks)

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The family dogs might start to look a little tastier after 14 days of eatin that shit. Plump em up.

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Do not forget the supply of wine!! A nice Malbec goes well with the family pet or rats. MRE's and most "YEAR"  supply type food will go down better w/some"etoh", since you will not have your xanax or antidepressants  it will be a great help.

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Some Vodka is great because it has multiple uses. Drinking, pain killer, sterilization, barter, it's a good one. Unlike wine, no expiration date (I like wine better but can't afford the quality stuff that would keep for years and years).

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copper tubing, bitchez. 

nice work at home plan.

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When will they learn - The very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again only to get the same results.

DO NOT Feed Pearls to PIGS - It is very expensive and the PIGS just have no appreciation and will turn on you.

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These Vyvanse Ads are f'cking annoying.

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dwdollar. I'm getting Ads for Diarrhea treatment in Europe

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Issue a year's supply of Vyvanse to every man, woman and child, and watch this moribund economy rock!

Housewives'll be scrubbing da kitchen floor wif a toothbursh at 2:30 am, yo!

Better living through chemicals, comrades!