Gallup Finds Unemployment Rises For Fourth Week In A Row, Cautions On BLS Data

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Wouldn’t you take money out of individual accounts rather than losing your life?  According to SilverDoctors, that’s the choice Corzine was faced with.

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The Careless Whisper Afternoon Update & Threadjacking


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A little story today about Muslim/GM Motors fvking over Saab.   Saab had a Chinese investor to help save the company.  GM/Muslim Motors vetoed the deal.  Saab will probably liquidate now.


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I just heard Dick Morris on the Sean Hannity talk show talking to Mark Simone about Ron Paul, and he just call him a "Flaming uh Hole". For those who don't know what that means it's "Flaming Ass Hole".

I think Dick Morris should be fired from FOX news for his outragious disrespect. That's like calling some a nigger or other ethnic slur on national radio. I'm calling for Dick Morris to be FIRED right now.


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Look for more wars from China or a nice civil one, they are short women, as they like to abort the girls or abandon them over there(as does their next door neighbor India). Maybe they'll be smart like the Japanese (which coincidentally are serial abortionists too) and import some Philipino women, which are just as gorgeous as the women they chose to throw away. Don't you just love over reaching, controlling societies which shoot themselves in the foot all the time...and people hate the religious right wing...LOL, yeah...right, do what you want, but having as many women as possible seems to rank high on the list of any of the healthy societies.

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You can never have too many women!

Every guy needs two or three.

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Gallup has a long history of politically tainted polling - so let's not kid ourselves about the motives here by designating them as somehow pristine.

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Flaming?  Are you sure he wasn't referring to Marcus (Ladybird) Bachman?


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I have an immediate family member that works for the Unemploment dept. in Florida.

Since the new Governor took over, they have been continuingly making it harder and harder for people to collect unemployment for legitimate claimants. They reduced the hours that people could call in to file which overloads the system so people can't get through, they send job seekers to minimum hourly rate job interviews many counties away in the hopes they don't waste the gas so they can deny them their claims, they are no longer allowed to help people fax, or work on the computers to look for jobs, and they also increased the number of required weekly applications so that they can remove more UI claims for not adhering to the tougher guidelines.

Maybe some of this is picking up or has been going on in other states as well. If people can't file and are blocked from getting the benefits, it would present itself favorably in the Gov't statistics but not the independent's.

Meanwhile, everyone in the UI office knows that no jobs are forthcoming, and the Management in the offices are pushing very hard in their attempts to manipulate and manage the statistics through these and other similar tactics.

So maybe the statistics are in fact accurate; but how and why the numbers are moving the way they are, is a little less genuine.

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I junked you because there's simply not enough good Scotch in the world.

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The latest official unemployment rate is 8.6%. Everyone knows it is worse but very few have the skill set to find out the truth. Different economist have different methods. I like using “real world” analysis comparing today’s economy where the federal government consumes 25.3% of the GDP to the 1999-2000 economy where the federal government consumed 18.2% of the GDP.

Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate going nowhere but down

I do this because that is when the labor force participation rate peaked at 67.9% in July 1999. The employment-population ratio also peaked at 64.9% that month. Compared that to today’s dismal 27 year lows of 63.9% and 57.6% respectively.


Simply put keeping the 1999 ratios we have 140,580,000 workers today compared to the 148,681,000 we should have with limited federal government and sound economic policies. The civilian labor force is 153,683,000 but under the 1999 criteria it would be 157,278,000. Doing the math the “1999? unemployment rate would be 10.6%, not 8.6%.

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Filipinos are a standard deviation lower in IQ.  Should have keep the close hanger in the closet.

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Dick's mom sure got his name right.  Did he really say that?  So, Ron Paul is an asshole but Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Romney, Gingrich, Bachmann, the Clintons, are great people?  Oh, didn't Dickie have a falling out with the Clintons when he got caught with a hooker?  Was the hooker a guy?  Had to be. 

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So you're saying Dick knows something about uh holes.

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Yes he actually did say that. Someone has to youtube the clip. Perhaps Drudge will put it on his front page. What was that Gandahi quote.. then you win?

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I am all for Ron Paul but we have to make sure that POS Gingrich does not get the nomination. He is the worst. Huntsman is close.   These people are so evil.  Gingrich is a huge NWO/CFR stooge. I never realized what a mega POS he is.

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Anyone who gives Dick Morris cred has something up their uh hole.  Having Morris against him should help Paul.  It's like if Hitler came out against Paul, which he would if he were alive.

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Every institutional politician or media hack is afraid of exactly what a Ron Paul presidency would mean for them. Lies would be exposed. They will do everything they can to stop him.

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dickliss morris is a fucking nerd. I really don't like him

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Hannity loves that NWO/CFR POS RINO name Newt Gingrinch.  You might as well vote for Obama cause Gingrinch is just as bad.  

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FYI.  Limbaugh's web site is dumping on Ron Paul as well.  F you Rush.  Rush is pimping open-borders Jeb Bush (gag).  No more Bushes.

Gingrich tried F over Ron Paul years ago when he was running.  Gingrich the POS got Poppy Bush to campaign for Ron paul's opponent.  Ron won.  Newt is a real slime ball.

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NEWT tried in 1997, to make it a federal crime punishable by the death penalty for selling quantities of marijuana. Despite Newt admitting he had smoked marijuana himself. And that he had tried to pass a medical marijuana bill in 1981.

He is the lowest sort of self serving scum that will say anything to get elected.

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"I just heard Dick Morris on the Sean Hannity talk show talking to Mark Simone about Ron Paul, and he just call him a "Flaming uh Hole".

Faux (Murdick) is establishment Republican and Romney is their boy. They are terrified of Ron Paul. Go Ron!!

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Less competition the better it is!

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Bundle up like this gal -  --- BERRRR its gonna be a cold night 

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This will not please Kim Jong Barack!

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Employment is so overrated. The USSA is nirvana, didn't you know?

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banks could write down the principal of underwater mortgages (roughly 30% of total) at a one-year cost of $71 billion saving underwater families an average of $543 per month, pumping billions into the economy and creating one million jobs.

The banks have the money – this year’s compensation pool is projected to be more than double that.

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Who needs a job?  Medicaid is great here in the US

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Im eatin my gold, fuck it.

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Well, At least youll be shitting tiffany cufflinks for Gunnery Sgt Hartman

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I was walking into a mall on Saturday.  Don't ask me why.  I knew it would not be my thing.  Looking at the collection of misfits walking in ahead of me made me want to cry.  I went to Macy's, hoping that the scene would not be too vile.  I was wrong.  The customers were repulsive.  Clothing, and other goods, were treated with absolutely no respect.  It looked like wild animals had been looking at the merchandise.  The whole scene was one that made me just want to get the fuck out of there.

And these "people" are employable doing what?  They can't even act with a shred of dignity and humanity during Christmas.  Just disgusting. 

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at the mall today, last minute as usual. many shelves empty, stores bought just enough to last through black friday. department stores offering 50 pct off already. just not feeling that whole credit induced frenzied atmosphere vibe in the shopping centers these days. if the retail numbers come out strong, then its clear the merchandising industry went the way of the realtors...counting a pair of pants as exactly that, a pair....................

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Really? Have you tried it yet?

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Im not smart guy trader and all but I used to be a builder in my former life, its pretty clear that that drop was cuz all the poor bastards on 99 month unemployment droped of the rolls.. and POOF our fearless leaders in guberment have determined all is well thats good for a .4% drop in unemployment.  Funny you cant make this shit up!!!

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Yup. Lots more to come as the 99ers drop off the ice cliff

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I talked to an old friend today that is a contractor.  This is the first time he told me that his business is so bad, and has been for so long, that he has to think of doing something else.  He is bringing in little money and has to think of finding another way to make a living.  I don't know what he will do but I know he doesn't show up on any employment statistics. 

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What else is your friend going to do?  This is the same thing I am hearing and seeing from my clients (who are not builders, but all walks of biz).   I have people who have been self employed/biz owners for years talking about getting a "job".  Where?  Small businesses have been devastated over the last 3 years and none of this is reflected in the unemployment stats, except, perhaps, when they lay off their employees.  Oh, that's another thing.  Many of my clients have told me they have put off laying off their employees until after the holidays.  I think this will be known in the future as Black Xmas. 

One of my clients told me this morning her 3 businesses are hanging on by a thread.  I have seen a DROP in traffic as I work out and about, store parking lots empty, few smiling faces.  This is all reaching a head.  I think people are just trying to keep a little cheer just for the kiddos sake, but from the signs I am seeing, the New Year is gonna be awful. 

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Thank you for your thoughts.  I have no idea what he could possibly do.  He has been in building, in one form or another, for at least 15 years. 

His wife took a huge paycut a couple years ago.  At least they managed to save before this spot but without her parents swinging them money things may not be so good.

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My heart goes out to them.  Even my own business is starting to tank, costs/margins are tough for all bizzes, not just construction.  Cash flow projections are horrible everywhere.  I was wondering when this economy would catch up with me.  I don't know what else I would do.  The thought of going to work for some f'n corporation or collecting a "paycheck" where half of my money is taken before I even get it makes me ill.  I have to go have a drink and a smoke now......

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Get loans to go back to school.
An older person ought to be able to choose wisely so that the loans are worth the training and income potential.

Move to north dakota. If you hang out in the restaurant for an hour you have a job according to a previous CNN news story. Be prepared to hot bunk due to the housing shortage.

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Cost of doing business and margin squeeze are unreal for small businesses in the construction sector. It is by far the worst I have seen in 25 year's. Most owner's I have spoke to, there 13 week cash flow projection's are horrid at best. 


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Cost for any small business is unreal.

I am supposed to have an MSDS on my white out and airfreshener even.
Oh and keep it updated. ADA. Insurance, both liability and healthcare.
Employee turnover, cuz they all naturally want that big corporate or government job if it comes up.

All small businessmen seem to agree with me that in order to survive and become successful you will be breaking a few laws and regulations. If you dont believe you are then you are probably just blissfully ignorant.

We are the new outlaws.

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I sure feel like an outlaw whenever I deal with government paperwork.

Or is it:  I sure feel like I'm dealing with outlaws whenever I deal with the government.

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Large businesses and government agencies provide forms of stability not found in small businesses.



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I suspect that many small businesses are in a similar predicament. I suspect that the sentiment of those that have been added to the increasing class of marginalized citizens may some day get it.


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Im not smart guy trader and all but I used to be a builder in my former life, its pretty clear that that drop was cuz all the poor bastards on 99 month unemployment droped of the rolls.. and POOF our fearless leaders in guberment have determined all is well thats good for a .4% drop in unemployment.  Funny you cant make this shit up!!!

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I'm not a "smart guy trader" either but I read this site daily because Tyler & the bunch tell the truth here.  I just read Ron Susskind's book about Obama "Confidence Men" and in it the White House "smart guys" are scratching their heads because Obama was going around saying that "unemployment was high because of productivity gains" and that the "government couldn't and shouldn't do much to impact it" because it was "natural".

As Popeye used to say "Well blow me down!"