Game Over Sino Forest

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My, my, how the mighty have fallen...

How the fuck do you loose $500,000,000 bucks on something like this?

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Can't wait to see a Muddy Waters "we told you morons" article.

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Muddy Waters.  Upstanding citizen, patriot.

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here's to you ontario sec commission - better late than never like our own sec

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I don't know what brand of drink that is, but it looks refreshing!

If it were Talisker 10-year Distiller's Reserve Single Malt Scotch, I could go for a dram.

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I have a bottle of 18 year Yamazaki single malt calling my name at home. Perhaps i'll have a dram of it tonight....

I keep trying to tell myself to quit drinking, but every weekend i forget about the previous weekend and just remember how much i love the taste of great drinks.

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Youngster.  If it's only weekends, you have 20 more years of hard drinking ahead of you.


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Muddy Waters is da bomb.

What great analysis they produce.

Almost as good as ZH itself!

BTW ... SPRD (another muddy waters target) is ripe for shorting (again).  Just reach in the till and take out a few dollars for yourselves.  Be careful though - it's one of the most manipulated stocks on the planet, methinx.




The only thing the USA manufactures these days is YOUR OPINION !!

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how many of these "analysts" who held Sino Forest at a "Buy"...  have been fired?

fired? bwahahahahaha. how many have been promoted for getting suckers to buy the stock?


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Ask Warren Buffet after today's close.

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con men are more renewable than trees

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Sino Forest reminds me of the BreX scam in many ways. In 2005, I asked one of my friends if I should play Sino Forest. He suggested that it may offer good trading opportunities, but it was a pure pump and dump play.  Like BreX,  Sino was likely to be a quick play to separate suckers from money, but the scam far exceeded the expectations of the most optimistic players.  What I find amusing is why anyone would invest in any of the chinese fraudcaps in the first instance. A superficial due diligence of their markets would reveal that most listed companies routinely exaggerate assets, conceal blatant conflicts of interest, and inflate earnings.  It is just the way they play given rampant government corruption.

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Fired? Are you naive TD? Unless I missed your //sarc/ ?

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give it a name...

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never had this happen to me before... what happens to my short position?

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The same thing that always happens. Your children will pay for it.

foofoojin's picture

The same thing that always happens. Your children will pay for it.

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If you sold a call, you keep the money.

If you bought a put, you're shit out of luck.

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ALLEN CHAN found shot in head, will be buried at sea. 


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funny as hell.




The only thing the USA manufactures these days is YOUR OPINION !!

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that's why our economy is simply jacking off

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"Also, as a reminder, how many of these "analysts" who held Sino Forest at a "Buy" as of June 3, or the day before the Muddy Waters report, have been fired?"

analysts positive reccos are a very good contrary indicator when a security is going down, their customers shorted the stock on the way down and now they need to unload the stock to the stupids that actually trade using the analysts.

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well done Tyler, and muddy

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Tiimmmmmmbbberrrr, bitchez!

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Can't wait the resume of operation to Short Sino forest.

Oh... maybe I won't be allowed to short a penny stock ...

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But does the delegation from China still get to keep the Wu Tang Clan?

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The game of chess, is like a swordfight
You must think first, before you move
Toad style is immensely strong, and immune to nearly any weapon
When it's properly used, it's almost invincible


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But SPRD, which MW suggested could be another fraud is still at $16. Higher than the price on the day before MW issued its open letter.

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Impossible.  Wasn't everyone just falling overthemselves about how awesome the Canadian banking sector was?  Those guys know what they are doing obv!

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You should have seen the stink the Canadian MSM made when this report came out.

"Oh, Sinoforest has been doing business in Canada for all these years. It is obvious that these allegations are false... Blah blah blah."

ZH information gets the Canadian MSM in as much of a tizzy as the US MSM. I think the reason for the Globe and Mail 'attack' on ZH was carried out because of Sinoforest as well.

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all these banks that are concentrating in Asia particularly China must now start scrambling. How many of these duds have they fought each other to finance? HSBC?

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I'm sure Tyler was busy and just forgot, so



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ok Larry,


I am trying to find a clip of a cartoon we use to watch as is the one of a dog- cant remember his name- but he is trying to kill some other character by cutting down a tree...he cuts it so it is about to fall....then takes the innocent look with his hands behind his back.


The funny part of it is he is like TIMMMM....ber. The tree falls on him but the sound of the voice is classic....the BER! is so nasaly it is it should be..the TIM is in regular voice but the BER is really as if the tree fell on him.....


it's hilarious and I cant find it....

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Or even better:

<singing> Ohhhhh, I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay...

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Is it time to break out the:

DOW 10K hat again?

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might be prudent to buy (hedge for gold going down hard after bernank) a few gll calls

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Gold will still recover nicely after chasing out the trader/speculators....remember, we have NOT printed any LESS no matter what the clownass says today.