Geopolitical Risk in Middle East and China Currency and Trade War Risk Supporting Gold

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It's far more simple: gold is being supported and bid in here because every single country has decided to print untold sums of confetti paper to push against the montrous collapse of debts. The only sound money is Gold. Period. It will once again lead allmarkets higher with alpha to boot. Silver will alpha-beta Gold. 

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The gold bull market isn't over as long as real interest rates remain negative.

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Right on.  Results of 15 years of central banks blowing a money / debt bubble is now collapsing on us and inflation is accelerating.


This Iran stuff is laughable. But it doesn't mean NATO won't attack Iran and blame it as our currencies collapse.  Much like blaming 1970s inflation on OPEC and the Anchovy fishery failure after printing money for a decade for the Vietnam War and LBJ's policies:

Explaining the 1970s stagflation Further information: Nixon Shock

Following Richard Nixon's imposition of wage and price controls on August 15, 1971, an initial wave of cost-push shocks in commodities was blamed for causing spiraling prices. Perhaps the most notorious factor cited at that time was the failure of the Peruvian anchovy fishery in 1972, a major source of livestock feed.[16] The second major shock was the 1973 oil crisis, when the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) constrained the worldwide supply of oil.[17] Both events, combined with the overall energy shortage that characterized the 1970s, resulted in actual or relative scarcity of raw materials. The price controls resulted in shortages at the point of purchase, causing, for example, queues of consumers at fueling stations and increased production costs for industry.[18]

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yup. war spending.

Throughout history....war spending.

What knocked the europeans (& the us) off the gold standard in the 20th century?

war spending.

Alongside Congress "cake & eat it too" mentality and Wall Street's men of Moloch running amok, what do we see?

TEN YEARS of war spending..."I love the smell of graft in the morning...It smells like, stalemate"

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Given the example of the suisse franc, how can anyone deny this? People want money that is a legitimate store of value. The best option of the few remaining is gold then silver.

That doesn't even begin to touch on the real fact that money printing is the state robbing the people and buying gold and silver is the best way to give the state the bird.

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wow,  the smell of war and protectionism are the teats on which feed the gold bugs!

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That's a real mixed metaphor .. bugs aren't mammals and wouldn't be interested in teats.

I think gold bugs are more derived from dung beetles .. they feed on the stinking waste of the fiat system.

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'gold bugs' referred to the human species not to the true buggies. But thanks for your post!

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But humans behave just like a virus, not bugs .

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The meme that humans are a virus is a virus.

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Goldman Sachs let off paying £10m interest on failed tax avoidance scheme

Leaked documents show top tax official shook hands last year on secret settlement described by sources as a 'cock-up'

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I'm sure Blankfein is scared... SIKE!

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Disregard the charts, paper price, rumor mill, etc. Just stack.



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Yes, paper is paper, whether it's a gold ETF or an oil ETF or a stock index.  Good fundamentals about the underlying don't change the fact that you are trading paper not gold, and that paper is subject to the whims of the king of paper, The Bernak. 

Stack physical. 

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in fact you could argue the exact opposite. in order to pay for this war the powers of Saudi Arabia and Iran would have to sell their oil and gold. We are getting one wild card after wild card now which begs the question will we ever know the true source of said oddities? (An Iranian assassination attempt of the Saudi Ambassador on American soil using Mexican drug cartel gangs? Both brazen AND weird.) Anywho futures are soaring so it would seem the world has placed their faith a stable USA and our ability to work our way out of our own catastrophe.

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i understand how gold would lift to the moon(Alice)  but step and step correlation for equities, makes no sense. Seems like another cover then euro, liquidity ramp.  short covering rally...

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I agree.

It looks like Gold is mirroring the Euro which is not a good sign.

The USD index seems to want to test the 50 DMA at 76 just like it did in 2008.

If history repeats itself, the USD should resume its rally after that (with a vengeance).

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"Mexican drug dealer to assassinate Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States" ?

Doesn't everyone know that in a recent court case a Mexican drug dealer cartel pleaded they were working for Washington DC ?

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Waiting for headline "MExican drug dealer with smuggled guns from Eric Holder to assassinate Saudi ambassador to the US."

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Paper Bear

Doesn't everyone know that in a recent court case a Mexican drug dealer cartel pleaded they were working for Washington DC ?

Why would it be so difficult to understand?.

We have CalderNuts, and Obama,on T.V. calling for stricter gun control,and CalderNuts saying the USA is the reason for the violence and cartels(while we train their officers military tactics)and THEN they go to work for cartels.(trained in the latest Mil Tactics)

Then we have Eric Holder getting caught HOLDING it,authorizing Operation Fast and Furious, with the POTUS's a/ok, and still calling for more gun control.

So far over 2000 firearms have been dumped by OUR GuB for use in Mexico.

Some are not making it in, one Fed officer is murdered with the weapons, and another murder with one is  El Paso.

Meanwhile CalderNuts is screaming bloody murder, that WE are the problem................and he is in collusion with the Feds allowing 2000 illegal weapons(more) into Mexico.

I say, screw em.

Holder needs to lose his job, and Obama needs to be impeached.

And CalderNuts need to STFU.

Corrupt SOB.

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Gold has not seen the blow-off top you would expect for terminal 3rd phase asset bubbles...The rest of the geopolitical stuff is just too incomprehensible for comment...Sorry!

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Is your moniker Euro for "the deluded one?"  You seem like a short-term minded, technical trader who froths at the mouth on the paper trade.  There is nothing about the gold market that resembles a bubble.  It is target #1 for sovereign statists who fear a return to real money.  But for their tamp-down tantrums, gold would be moving physically at some multiple of the Crimex posted price.  Stick around here and perhaps you'll gain some insight as to why...

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Hmmm??  You can buy physical gold?  But I don't have enough money for the big gold bars on TV...

And all that conspiracy talk...That's crazy

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No kidding.


And all this talk of inflation being a monetary pheonomenon and that the Fed is increasing the money supply - simply NUTS!!!

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Price of the gold on the manipulated market has little to do with news. When it goes down or up. 

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If I were manipulating the price of paper gold, I would wait for some geopolitical event to give meaning to a rise in price, let all the dorks who think gold prices reflect fundamentals jump aboard, and then run all their stops just after gold closes over the $2000 level, ruthlessly driving prices back to the $1600-$1650 range and demoralizing everyone that sits all day watching for some progress.

but that's just me. 

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The FED/JPM/Options/CME margin manipulations are part of the course, and we know we just have to punch the wall and live with them.

The biggest new threat seems to me that if China and India have been driving up the gold price, what happens now these economies have started crashing. China is likely in a bigger bubble than the US. Is it going to take gold down with it?

Gold might be currency in Asia, but that's no good if they arent generating wealth. Im thinking less about the Chinese CBs who surely must be wanting to diversify out of dollars, and more about your average citizen.

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If China and India start what we have been thru, they will INCREASE thier purchases,like we are.

It will be difficult for them to increase their purchases as they are up (both counties in double digits)over 2010 purchases, and the year is not even over.

The Indians are buying like nuts at the 1600 range,sales are up 28% YOY over '10.

China is increasing their yearly purchases(Gvt) 10% per yr, for the forseeable future.

In the  North Texas  area, the largest dealers here (institutional) are 6-12 weeks out on Slvr,and if you do not buy brand new gld coins double the prems,(there are no pre-owned coins for sale,that you would want,less prems).

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+1 for putting my mind at rest.

Im in the UK- got this email from my coin dealer today. They've had literally no coin stock for 2 weeks now...

"Due to the unprecedented demands for investment gold coins we are changing our price structure for 1oz gold coins. With immediate effect all 1oz gold coins will be bought at 100% of the London Gold Fix on day of receipt." 

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Come on with this gold stuff every morning...I'm a believer in the fundamentals of gold, but the correlation between this recent ramp in the stock market and the corresponding ramp in gold/silver is a little frightening to say the least.  I'd feel much more comfortable is there was a negative correlation between equities and PMs.  It's lockstep right now.

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Johnny Lawrence

 I'd feel much more comfortable is there was a negative correlation between equities and PMs.  It's lockstep right now.

When has it not been?.

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There are no Gold or Silver price manipulatrions.

There are only gold and silver PAPER price manipulations.

There is no metal available at the phoney "paper price"

Who, unless their IQ was in the single digits (hamy-the-wanker) would exchange metal for colored paper? Anyone doing so would be locked up in a padded cell to protect themselves from further harm.