German Bundestag Approves Second Greek Bailout

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As expected:


Same thing from Reuters:

Germany's parliament approved a second Greek bailout package on Monday despite growing German unease over debt-ridden Greece's ability to push ahead with painful austerity measures and remain in the euro zone.


It was not immediately clear if Chancellor Angela Merkel, facing a revolt from a small group of members of parliament from her own coalition, had to rely on opposition votes to pass the 130-billion-euro ($175 billion) Greek rescue programme.

And now, here come ze German tax collectors. The Greeks are ready.

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lolmao500's picture

Redcoats... all of them.

Ze German collectors shall hang high!

slaughterer's picture

The German political class is totally confused by "European community" "European solidarity"   They have jettisoned any real perception of the everyday life of their voters or of the future consequences of this "Rettungspaket." 

Ghordius's picture

perhaps because the numbers are so huge that they dwarf the comprehension of most?

have you noticed how many times news anchors have trouble with millions, billions and trillions?

Ahmeexnal's picture

Greece is not the one being bailed out.
It's the eurobanking mafia that is getting bailed out by the german taxpayer (and the greek taxpayer, and...the world taxpayers).
When are the sheeple going to wake up?

TradingJoe's picture

"All the above" slaughterer and the fact that they too have been bought and paid for just like all other "politicians" from all over the "totally and utterly broke" world!

slaughterer's picture

I also distinctly heard a "Nancy Pelosi-esque" turn of phrase from the mouths of these Teutonic DC counter-parties.  It is as if they all studied their political rhetoric through DVDs of Nancita's speeches.    

Nussi34's picture

Do again all the established parties voted yes. There is no paet on the most important question of the time that reflects the pnion of the people.

So I will vote far roght next time: NPD. Let´s see what Merkel says then.

Let´s bring their sick socialistic dream of a European superstate down!

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Poor Germany.  I really feel for them.  They are going to pay most of the bills, while the the rest of Europe parties on.

Sometimes, it looks like being the more responsible ones are the ones get shafted the worst.  

There is no justice.  Sigh.

Uchtdorf's picture

If I make a mistake, I pay for it. If somebody else makes a mistake, what the heck?!, I pay for that, too. It's the new justice system.

slaughterer's picture

Problem: Germany got itself dirty with peripheral bonds.

Is the solution really for Germany to get itself even more dirty with peripheral bailouts?

Even Merkel, with her "safe harbor" statement today, seems to be admitting between the lines this will only lead to a catastrophic "Schweinerei". 

fightthepower's picture

How does it happen that a politician votes against the wishes of 80% of the voters.  This is just like TARP in the US.  Are the politicians blackmailed or threatened?



Ms. Erable's picture

I think the word you're looking for is 'owned'.

dracos_ghost's picture

There just vassals for the Church of Bank of International Settlements.

slaughterer's picture

Exactly.  These German politicians had two days to read through 700 pages for the Greek "Rettungspaket" they voted on today.  How many do you think managed that?  It is as if the ghost of "Honk Paulson"   were speaking through Merkel as she gloomily assessed the unknown unknowns of not passing the "Rettungspaket."   History repeating itself as farce. 

lolmao500's picture

I bet 90% didn't even bother to start reading the bill. Too busy with male hookers pissing on them, you know.

kanenas's picture

The Greek MP had 1 evening to read 1000 poorly translated  pages. Now, who do you call lazy uh? /sarcasm off

jumblies's picture

>How does it happen that a politician votes against the wishes of 80% of the voters

As I recall there wasn't a whole lot of support for the Iraq war but even after 1m+ of us marched in London our beloved Tony "JPMorgan owns my sphincter" Blair effectively said "i'm doing god's work" before launching 10+ years of humanitarian suffering.

EuroSovietSerf's picture

The interests of the politicians are not the interests of the people. You see, the Eurocrat elites are so determined to abolish parliamentary democracy and establish a EuroSoviet Union, they will let nothing stop it.

They know full well, if Greece leaves, it will be better off within 2 years. And they fear this. Because if Greece leaves and is seen better off, the peoples of Ireland and Portugal and perhaps Spain may want to leave as well, thus bringing the 'project' of the Eurosoviet Union crashing down. The elites are determined to stop this from happening because they want to sideline democracy and give all powers to the Politburo (European Commission) and the Duma (European Parliament). This has been the goal from the get-go in 1957. They will not be deviating from this one iota. And all the while, they employ the main stream media to propagandize on their behalf with semi-threats like 'collapse if Euro disappears', 'default means genocide' and 'we must rescue or else World War IV' (WW III was the 'Cold War').

This is what this whole 'show' of the last 3 years has been about, 'saving the project' ie saving their dream of ending parliamentary democracy and re-establishing pre-1914 rule by decree with a mutually appointed elite taking the place of the old hereditary elite.

malek's picture

"Confused" would imply that the (majority of the) political class still has good intentions towards their constituents, not towards CYA.

I very much doubt that.

knight99's picture

Everyone knew this was going to pass. The real question is PSI and CAC. Will they get 75% participation dont know but they will have to use CAC which will have to trigger CDS. So no German tax collectors because Greece won't be in the Euro much longer.

Sandmann's picture

Funny that, the Redcoats in the American Colonies were press-ganged soldiers from Hesse and Kassel

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Classic. Let the absurdity commence.

Comay Mierda's picture

thank god.  its all fixed now.  time to buy more AAPL

Ghordius's picture

approval - applause - may the dance continue...

schweinehundez, truthinsunshine!

Azannoth's picture

"496 IN FAVOR, 90 AGAINST" - This soo (NOT) reflects the sentiments of the German people(especially taxpayers)

oogs66's picture

80% of politicians in favor - 80% of citizens against

Vergeltung's picture

yeah, that's what I thought as much for representative democracy......


Ghordius's picture

there are elections next year... elections next year...

who knows what will move the political will then?

Rynak's picture

Who cares..... the only party in germany who rejected the quick introduction of the EMU, the bailout crap, and first mentioned the option of default....

....would itself be unable to run a balanced budget..... but for the benefit of the lower-to-middleclass..... until germany too is insolvent.

In german party system, you vote for suicide by elite-spendogasm, or suicide by lower-class spendogasm.

Don Birnam's picture

"80% of politicians in favor - 80% of citizens against"

The 2008 "TARP" farce produced virtually identical ratios in the United States. American taxpayers were ultimately brought to heel then, as have their German counterparts today. 

lolmao500's picture

99% of Americans were against the bank bailouts. I remember congressmen receiving a thousands call against the bill for each supporting it.

Senate vote : 74% voted for it.

House vote : 60.5% voted for it.

Even after this... The stupids voted for Obama and McCain, who both voted for this crap...

Not to mention, 2008 house reelection rate : 94% Senate reelection rate : 83%... yeah people were so pissed they reelected their crooked representatives...

People are fucking stupid.

Ace Ventura's picture

In general I agree with you. However, don't be surprised that one of the BIG reasons the same sheissters keep getting elected is NOT because they're actually winning a numeric vote count during elections. Rather, they are winning an electronic, massaged, adjusted, passed-along, non-transparent, secret-location numeric vote count.

In other words, in the elections where there is real power at stake....the results are already decided for you. Thus, you have unbelievable scenarios like con-gress voting against 90% of their constituencies, while 70-80% of them who voted that way....miraculously manage to retain their seats.

What's that saying? "If voting really changed anything, it would be illegal."



Rynak's picture

Ignoring RP, what would be their alternative? Not voting?

Surely the most integer approach, yes.... but would it in the short-term change your stats, which only count votes, but not non-votes? IIRC, USA was that nation where the majority of the population does NOT vote, right?

So i'd say.... the majority of americans are already past "voting", and are now in the "inaction and ignorance" spectrum

TheHamburglar's picture

What I have realized in the past decade or so is that representative democracy fails almost every single time to represent the will of the people. Now whats amazing about this is that the people don't get mad about it, and continue electing and supporting fake assholes. Why do people like romney and santorum, who spend more time working on their physical appearance rather than their campaign platform get the kind of support they do?

lolmao500's picture

Screw representative democracy. There should be referendums on every bill. People who can vote have to pass a test every 8 years. Same test for everyone in the country.

Nussi34's picture

Only every third German is not jobless, retired, government employed...

Dick Darlington's picture

Hook, line and sink. Tax payers, put your palms on the hood of the bailout wagon slooooowly. U abt to be mishandled by the central planning mega-dildo. Again.

slaughterer's picture

Ok, so are we good on selling this news? 

TradingJoe's picture

it appears so! not much of a move, yet! i guess our "traders" still "digest" the news :)))!

slaughterer's picture

Next bullish event: LTRO take-up!

Next bullish event: initial PSI take-up!

Then, the worm (Elliott) works its way in. 

C'mon worm, show your ugly little head. 

maxmad's picture

Default on March 23rd!!!  Here it comes!!

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Tax collectors are the cover for the real reason to bailout Greece, which is that the Europonzi needs to leverage Greece's gold to balance all of the shitty liabilities they have.

Stoploss's picture

Funny how the first thing that was siezed was the gold huh? They made a bee line straight for the gold, and ran their grandmother over to get to it. This aint no bailout fest. This here is all out unabated, give 2 shits, global gold confiscation in high gear...

Ghordius's picture

hemmm... a possible claim has been agreed on it. I seriously doubt we will ever see eurozone warships in Pireus loading up the Greek gold

           when it comes to gold, it get's easy to focus the attention - and possession is...

Ghordius's picture

the voices in my head say the Greeks want to stay in that currency that has more gold reserves per capita than Greece, though - Greece's gold hoard is tiny

The Big Ching-aso's picture



"Hans, the only problem I see with the second bailout is how do we get broke Greeks to pay it back?"

Overheard in a restroom stall at the German Parliament