German Foreign Minister: "I Don't Want A German Europe... I Want A European Germany"

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With nothing but mute silence out of Germany in the aftermath of last night's "historic" Greek vote, the EURUSD is getting nervous trading down to just above 1.3200 minutes ago, well below the level reached last night following the passage in the Greek parliament of the vote with 199 out of 300 votes. As such, everyone is starved for some clues of what Merkel and Germany thinks at this point - will they simply leave Greece to flounder by demanding even more "reality" and implementation of measures from the first bailout - something Greece obviously can not do? Or will Germany relent for at least one more payment (of €210 billion). We don't know, at least not yet. But the following Spiegel interview with German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle may provide some insight. The key part: "Q. The second aid package will presumably be more expensive than anticipated, partly because the Greeks haven't kept their promises. How much longer will the German public put up with this?...Westerwelle: It's undoubtedly a moment of truth for Greece. If a sustainable and correct course is set in Athens now, Greece can expect our support -- but only then. There will be no more advance payments. Only actions count now." Like we said, hardly the ringing endorsement people expect. Then there's this: " I am more than dissatisfied with the political impasse in Greece in recent weeks. I'm also addressing the German opposition when I say this: You can't solve a debt crisis by constantly incurring new debts." And yet that is precisely what Bailout 2 is doing as we have patiently explained over and over.

Yet Guido said something else which may be of interest to everyone else in Europe: "I don't want a German Europe. Q. What do you want? A. A European Germany." Aaaand, enter lost in translation interpretations.

What, however, certainly can not be misinterpreted is the following: "There is a tendency toward re-nationalization throughout Europe, which I oppose. Germany occasionally shows a tendency to boast, which concerns me. I don't think it's smart for us to shift the differences among German parties to the French election campaign." Did Guido just slap down Angela Merkel for her decision to be Sarkozy's running mate in the French presidential elections in April? Because, as we asked before, what happens to Die Frau's credibility if the current polls leader - Hollande - who has promised to undo all European contracts and agreements, ends up winning?

Key selection from Spiegel interview (in English, so Google Translate can not be blamed for translation losses)

Westerwelle: You know, I wonder why my predecessor Joschka Fischer, who doesn't exactly have a small ego, agreed to that curtailment of his authority at the time. I'll ask him about it the next time I see him.

SPIEGEL: So what contribution can you still make in this crisis?

Westerwelle: Ideas on the establishment of a stability union came from the Foreign Ministry. We played a key role in developing the fiscal pact. But I think there's more at issue: We must now open a new chapter in the integration of Europe. I also want to contribute to improving the image of Europe in Germany and the image of Germany in Europe, because when someone says: "Europe speaks German ..."

SPIEGEL: ... as Volker Kauder, the parliamentary leader of the Christian Democratic Union did ...

Westerwelle: ... then it can be misunderstood. By the way, Volker Kauder meant something completely different. I don't want a German Europe.

SPIEGEL: What do you want?

Westerwelle: A European Germany. We should not believe that we will always be the strong man of Europe. Ten years ago, we were still seen as the sick man of Europe.

SPIEGEL: Is Germany becoming too dominant at the moment?

Westerwelle: There is a tendency toward re-nationalization throughout Europe, which I oppose. Germany occasionally shows a tendency to boast, which concerns me. I don't think it's smart for us to shift the differences among German parties to the French election campaign.

SPIEGEL: You're referring to the chancellor's campaign assistance for French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Westerwelle: No, I advise all parties to treat every country in Europe with a measure of respectful restraint. We can say very serious things to our European partners, but we don't have to offend them. If we believe that it's necessary to swing the Teutonic club on a surge of great economic success, we will eventually discover that it isn't a club but a boomerang. Europe is not the answer to history. It is our community of fate for the future, politically, economically and culturally.

SPIEGEL: Should we allow the Greeks to decide what they want to do with the money from Germany?

Westerwelle: I am more than dissatisfied with the political impasse in Greece in recent weeks. I'm also addressing the German opposition when I say this: You can't solve a debt crisis by constantly incurring new debts. Growth doesn't come from debt but from competitiveness.

SPIEGEL: Greece is getting a new infusion of cash once again, and yet hardly anyone believes that the country can still be saved. Is it time for an orderly default?

Westerwelle: Greece's future is in the hands of the Greeks. They have to demonstrate that they are serious. It isn't enough to adopt reform programs. Instead, the reforms have to be implemented without delay -- not at some point in the future, but now.

SPIEGEL: The second aid package will presumably be more expensive than anticipated, partly because the Greeks haven't kept their promises. How much longer will the German public put up with this?

Westerwelle: It's undoubtedly a moment of truth for Greece. If a sustainable and correct course is set in Athens now, Greece can expect our support -- but only then. There will be no more advance payments. Only actions count now.

SPIEGEL: Does Greece have to stay in the euro in any case?

Westerwelle: That remains our clear goal.

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mayhem_korner's picture

"I Don't Want A German Europe... I Want A European Germany"


I don't like Spam!

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Guido running wilder with chiasmus than Schiller.  He must be getting desperate (his party is crumbling).  

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"I Don't Want A German Europe... I Want A European Germany"


They don't want to hang a rope from your neck... They want to hang your neck from a rope!

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Wake me up when the nazikraut ambassador to greece hangs from a lamp post.
With UEFA champions league going on, the "collapse" has been posponed for a few weeks, as the eurosheeple are yet once more dumbed down to their true state: a moronic mass of beer guzzlin hooligans.

fightthepower's picture

I know, what a joke.  Greece needs to start taking this out on any German that steps foot on their soil and any Greek politician that sells out Greece to Germany. 

walküre's picture

There are alot more Greeks in Germany. They live there and work there because there are no jobs for them in Greece AND most importantly their government stopped hiring. Not sure if you get it. But then, I'm not sure if you're able to get anything. Oh and before I forget. Fuck you.


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OT but worth the hits that keep coming:

02-13 13:09: FT writes: "UK and France named among EU’s ‘imbalanced’...

FT writes: "UK and France named among EU’s ‘imbalanced’ economies"

France and the UK are among 12 non-bailout countries whose economies are suffering from so many imbalances that they will be subject to in-depth investigation by the European Union.
The 12 countries to be named in a report on Tuesday by the European Commission, the EU’s executive branch, have triggered concerns because they have run afoul of a newly-created EU “scoreboard” that measures economic danger signs like asset bubbles, high labour costs and persistent trade deficits.

Full Story:

walküre's picture

It's all on the table now. The myth that any nation can afford to run deficits, increase debts only to keep ponzinomics going is exposed. Hey, if Greece can't afford their government and their socialism what about the rest? The US increased its debt ceiling 2x in recent history. What does that tell you? Wack-a-mole comes to mind.

Few are realizing that only a complete RESET can right the ship. A reset that addresses all imbalances including the massive wealth imbalance by the very small elite compared to a massively poor population. Is that necessary? Does it still make sense that anyone earns more than a million per year? How much can you spend? How much can you save? Why is that person's family more important and more deserving than the family down a couple blocks on the other side of town?

Those questions are being asked. Those questions are surfacing when more and more people are struggling because they can't find work, or the work they have doesn't pay their bills. Those questions are being asked when wealth is being flaunted by the elite that at the same time is bankrupting one treasury after another.

It's simple. The French people were starving and suffering while the elite was partying. Sounds familiar? Is it any different today? Are we as people any different? 

If Romney were to become King for the Elite, the country would face BainCapitalization and an upswing in revolutionary movements imo.

Nussi34's picture

Westerwelle wants a gay Europe!

BLOTTO's picture

I know i keep repeating this...but,

'New Holy Roman Empire' lead by Germany - The Houses of Europe Banking Elite.

If their is 'Nothing New Under the Sun'...and 'History merely Repeats Itself'...

Well, than, there you have it...back to the Roman Empire...

Its been a long time coming

LongBalls's picture

YES....someone get's it. We are watching the rise of the forth Reich.

socalat_Kruger's's picture

The thing about the Holy Roman Empire is that no Emperor managed to centralise/consolidate enough power within the Reich for it to be considered an empire. As Voltaire said - 'The Holy Roman Empire is neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire.'. And this was when the Reich consisted mainly of Germanic states and was lead by mainly Austria (proportionately more powerful then modern Germany is in respect to the rest of the Eurozone these days). If they couldn't do it then, what makes you think they can do it now?


eurogold's picture

I can't wait for Greece to declare bancrupcy. I will buy so much beachfront real estate there for next to nothing!

Clueless Economist's picture

Hey, aren't you Jim Morrison?  Didn't you die in a bathtub like Britney did?

Global Hunter's picture

Somebody contact the Martians Krugman is using sound logic

BLOTTO's picture

No, im baby 'Buy Evil'...errr, 'Blue Ivy' - and! thats trademarked by the way.

My parents are Jay-Z and Beyonce... but I had a surrogate mother. (See fake baby bump video on yt)

They got rid of the old (Houston) and introduced me, the new Diva with pics - on the 54th Annual Grammy weekend.


Abitdodgie's picture

" a moronic mass of beer guzzlin hooligans".  If they were then we should of had some hanging's by now, how about " a moronic mass" 

Global Hunter's picture

throw in some grade A pharmaceutrical (sic) amphetamines from Bulgaria or Belarus and I'm there!!! On a more serious note moronic mass of beer guzzlin hooligans pretty much describes everywhere on the planet outside of the Gulf States.

MarketWatchTerrorist's picture

Poor education and poor prospects for upward social mobility contributes to the poor behavior of the lower classes.  This is perhaps by design because it grants the European aristocrats that much more separation from those they lord over.


Much easier to treat a group of people like cattle when they are poorly educated, abuse drugs, fat, ugly, speak differently, etc.


For an Americanized analogy...


Many of the ancestors of the blacks wearing suits and running our government today were slaves in the fields not so long ago.  It's a lot easier to look down on/hate the typical black inner city gang banger/slum dweller than the 20% of government employees that are black, most of whom dress well, speak proper English, have no criminal record, drive nice cars, etc.

Uchtdorf's picture

Germany better be careful or Greece is going to punch them right in the fist with its face.

walküre's picture

I'm pissed that their parliament passed the vote on the package. Their intent is to collect this one last time and default right after. Wait and see.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

perhaps in another year or two, people will begin to understand that either these nations go along w/ the banksters or they are fuked

greece will go along;  at least as of last nite;   as you see, what tf do they care as long as they get the "financing" and their cut of the EUR 200+ Billion pie, here, which according to tyler is abt 20% and the banksters get the rest

so what about germany? 

they gonna stay or they gonna go from the EU?

they're discussing it, right now

trust me

of course, they shoulda been long-gone, but communism is way too much fun!

p.s.  who fuking cares?

this whole thing could be at peanut butter, eggs, and bikes, by tomorrow morning, slewie!

shit!  i've already been there for years.  this is fuking hilarious to me!

got popcorn?

walküre's picture

got popcorn?

I'm all out and lost my appetite for it. Seriously, can you imagine a revolution on popcorn?

slewie the pi-rat's picture

i wasn't talking about a revolution

but about the bankster deal that the germans are trying to decide about

yes.  as entertainment!

but i can understand how things might taste to you, also, sir

we're not immune to these bankster shitheads, for sure, here, either

now our chairsatan is gonna "fix" the housing "lack of response" and "clear" the MBS backlog

or some fuking thing.  who knows?

i'm fuking terrified and i expect you might be laffing yer ass off!

OMG!  NOOOoooo!!!!  ask him who gets the bill!  somebody!   what if thigs don't go "as planned"?  again? 

i'm sure they will argue that, all things considered, this may well be the greatest good for the greatest #, so what the hell, huh?  generalMoRedux?  yes, communism! 

how fuking styoooopid are we, here, walk?

still, it is entertaining, getting terrified like this, all the time! 

i don't own much of anything, but, boy,  if i did...!

MarketWatchTerrorist's picture

How do you people have such a poor grasp of recent world history?  Germany is a slave state run by the the shadowy figures behind the new world order and has been since their crushing defeat in WW2  They are only nominally independent (need proof?  The most powerful military force in Germany is the U.S. Army and Air Force).  All of the important decisions are made for them.  Germany's only policy with regards to the EU/Euro is to reinforce it, expand it, and solidify E.U. power over the previously sovereign member states.


The very notion that Germany might "leave the Euro/E.U." is absurd.  The notion of an E.U. breakup is absurd.  The E.U. is the cornerstone and show case for the New World Order.


The current drama and "crises" are engineered from start to finish to solidify power of the supranational European Union over its soon to be ex-sovereign member states.  After all, the global economic system is an artificial construct of man.  How do you think it could be beyond the control of the men who created it?  They change the rules on the fly, violating whichever rules they choose whenever they choose.


To put it another way, the beatings will continue until the Greeks, and Europeans generally, acquiese and surrender their sovereignty.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Real translation:


"Bend over, bitchez, because we're going to park a capsizing, sharp angled PIIGS up your rectums."

Texas Ginslinger's picture

The Greeks are looking for a payback for what the Nazis did to them during the WWII occupation. 

They will tank their economy in an effort to tank the German economy after taking their QEII.

The ISDA is looking at a Greek default / credit event like it was an unavoidable train wreck. 

Odd that Greece was allowed to join the Euro club.

New name for Greece - Hell......

FIGHTING a lonely battle in hostile territory, Greek-born Eurodeputy Yiorgos Chatzimarkakis is striving to defend his native land from the vilification of the German media.
Although he represents Germany’s business-friendly Free Democratic Party (FDP), a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling conservative coalition, Chatzimarkakis has often clashed in public
with his party colleagues who seek to victimise and punish Greece for its role in the eurozone debt crisis.
It therefore came as a shock to his many friends in Athens, when he suggested on February 4 to the German media that the country’s foreign name should be changed from Greece (or Griechenland)
into “Hellas”.


trilliontroll's picture

long time ago ..


Theories of war and peace: an international security reader - Page 489
Thus German leaders after 1897 were increasingly
worried about great power economic as well as military
encirclement. Their declining expactations of future trade
on the eve of World War I are revealed by the extensive
 documentary work of Fischer. His evidence shows a clear
relation between initial German war aims and the increasing economic
anxieties of a diverse group of individuals before July 1914.
The shared fear was that German industry, increasingly dependendent
on outsiders for vital goods, would be strangled by the growing
economic restrictions imposed by adversaries.Since these powers
had extrensive imperial possesions, they could afford to adopt
close economic policies; Germany lacked such an alternative.
As neomercantilist Gustav Schmoller in 1900 put it, the Russian, British and American
world empires, "with their greed for land, their power at sea
and on land,their trade" want to put all others "into an
economic straightjacket and to smother them".
By 1911, after the failure of the second Moroccan crisis
and "in response to the protectionist trends in the United States,
Britain and Russia", Germany "turned again to the idea of a
central European economic area as a defensive measure".
Concern for economic security was tangible,transcending ideological and party lines.
Future chancellor and National Liberal Stresemann stated in early
1913 that Germany must seek to "create a self-sufficient
economic area, as to make sure of our raw material requirements
and to protect our exports".


malek's picture

Guido himself has already crumbled, I am surprised he is still foreign minister.

His party looks to be on a clean path to complete irrelevance.
Actually the only person of his party still worth mentioning, is Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger.

asteroids's picture

At the rate they are creating debt, he won't get either. It will all be diluted to nothing.

Ghordius's picture

Guido is simply the worst Foreign Minister I have ever witnessed - the others were giants, compared to him.

"I Don't Want A German Europe... I Want A European Germany"

It would take pages to explain it, but to a German this phrase makes (positive) sense.

walküre's picture

He's actually giving one of his better performances in this interview. Not bad at all.

BooMushroom's picture

"I don't want the PIIGS to get off their lazy asses and get to work, I want those Goddammed Germans to shut the fuck up and roll over when they're told to!"

Seems to be pretty straightforward to me.

MarketWatchTerrorist's picture

To an American it will only take a few sentences to explain this statement.


President Lincoln didn't want a Virginian America (The Confederacy), he wanted an American Virginia (The Union, United States of America).  Sure, Virginia still has a border, but it is largely meaningless within the United States.


The Germans do not want to dominate Europe.  They want the European Union to go ahead full steam until the European Union has near total control over its member states.  I.E. they want to surrender German sovereignty to the E.U. willingly.


The relationship between the U.S. federal government and the individual states is the model for the eventual goal of the relationship between the European Union and its member states.

Hugh G Rection's picture

I Don't Want A German Europe... I Want A European Germany"

or is it..

"I Don't Want  A German Europe... I Want A Jewish World"

Ruffcut's picture

"I don't want a job that blows, I want a blow job."

battle axe's picture

I want everyone in Europe with blond hair and blue eyes, ooops 

Squishi's picture

fourth reich bitches!!!

Clueless Economist's picture

Greece?  Germany? EU? Who cares, I just heard that Britney dies tragically in a hotel bathtub.  Now that is important news!

brooklynlou's picture

Whitney died in a hotel bathroom.

Britney is alive and well and still snacking on cheetos ...

Alea Iactaest's picture

@lou - I think you missed his point entirely.

brooklynlou's picture

I got his point, just got annoyed by the whole "German bombed Pearl Harbor" thing. :-)

Instant Wealth's picture

... should Italy default one day in the future, it will need nothing less than a Madonna in a bathtub.

tamboo's picture

until she marries her heeb manager and dies in a tragic accident.


 whitney Price hike on heeby iTunes sparks controversy...

agent default's picture

It's the Dresden Night anniversary today BTW.

Hugh G Rection's picture

fourth reich bitches!!!

Yes! That's it! Perfectly stated!  The "New World Order" is a fabrication from the remnants of the 3rd Reich. We must never forget the horrors of the holohoa...holocaust.  Pay no mind to the forces behind Bolshevism.  Pay no mind to the forces behind the Mossad Operation on 9/11.  Pay no mind to the powers controlling central banking and the ponzi system!  Watch our media and don't think critically.

Hahahahaha, you Goys are so easy to manipulate. Cattle have more cognition.

falak pema's picture

oh the sweet man, he sees larger than life and is prepared to take a Greek wife! Going cheap now!!

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Fast forward to 2015: "I don't want an Argentinian America, I want a Canadian America" -- Mittens Rmoney POTUS