With Germany Down 2 Goals To Italy, Merkel Cancels Press Conference

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No, we are not making this up:


In other news, Germany is down 0:2 to Italy right now, with the name of the guy scoring the second goal for Italy suspiciously close to Bailoutelli.

Some US-based readers can watch the game at the ESPN3 link below.

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Clueless Economist's picture

Wow 2 goals scored in 1 game, by the same team no less!

Is this a record for the EuroTrash Soccer Championships?

Troublehoff's picture

It's actually been quite a good tournament! I've enjoyed it.

Just because you Yanks arent happy unless the scoreline is 42 - 68 and there are fireworks, cheerleaders, ad-breaks and giant sodas any time someone scores ;)



CClarity's picture

The Italians will win the futbol game but they will be crushed in the bond market game.  Same for Spain.   Eurocup doesn NOT = Eurobond.

falak pema's picture

thank God for small mercies! 

OttoMBMP's picture

Two great goals. Chapeau, Italy!

goldfreak's picture

now they'll never get a bailout, you dare beat the masters! Who do you think you are?

old naughty's picture

Wait, may be there's more to this...

anyone know what the odds/payout is?

Sore loser, perhaps?


BandGap's picture

I like the jiggly stuff.

insanelysane's picture

We get tired of seeing grown men writhing on the ground (and not just talking about Greek elected officials) and then miraculously being cured when 2 guys show up next to them with a stretcher.

stocktivity's picture

Better than hooligans, riots, and skinny guys running up and down a field bouncing balls off their heads

HarryM's picture

They need a comeback like the DJ this afternoon

HarryM's picture

The symbol for UVXY is being changed to AIDS

Randall Cabot's picture

Canceling press conferences is BULLISH!!!


Yup yup.....only stocks surging, nothing else moving.  Sounds about right nowadays.

t_kAyk's picture

Speaking of bullish news, Alien invasion bitchez!! 


As it turns out, the idea of aliens and UFOs isn't that farfetched to most Americans.

Here are some of the survey's most surprising findings:

-More than three quarters (77 percent) of those surveyed believe there are signs that aliens have visited Earth, and over half (55 percent) think Men in Black-style agents threaten those who report seeing them.

-More than a third (36 percent) believe aliens have already visited.

-Eighty percent believe the government has hidden information on UFOs from the public.

-Nearly two thirds (65 percent) think President Obama would be a better leader than Mitt Romney if an alien invasion were to happen.

-When it comes to superheroes, 21 percent think the Hulk would be their first call in an invasion, 12 percent would call Batman, and 8 percent say Spider-Man's their guy.

-In the event of an invasion, the respondents themselves would leave the fighting to superheroes and presidents, it seems--about a fourth said they would try to befriend the aliens, 13 percent said they would hide indoors, and just 5 percent said they'd try to "inflict bodily harm" on the invaders.

-Just 17 percent of those polled did not belive in UFOs; about half said they were unsure.

Plutox's picture

May be we can try to sell them some italian debit.... :D

SmoothCoolSmoke's picture

2-0 at halftime is the equvilant of a football score of 14-0 after Q1.   You would probably thnk that was a great football game, 

Seorse Gorog from that Quantum Entanglement Fund. alright_.-'s picture

Unfortunately for you, it usually takes real work and persistence to achieve a goal. Or would you prefer if the goal lines were 1 yard apart.

And it's 'foot' 'ball'.

Nussi34's picture

The winner is allowed to keep the Euro currency, the user has to introduce his own!

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Magnix's picture

BarreraNorman70 wants your money! STAY AWAY, SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM!

Tenshin Headache's picture

You might as well know. She's not making that money on the computer.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


You might as well know. She's not making that money on the computer.

The goat and the Doberman also get their cut of the money, and those wading pools full of thousand island dressing have to be paid for as well.

Temporis's picture

So what your really saying is your friends mom is a whore who sells porn pictures of her getting plowed by 3 black guys, and occasionally a random farm animal.

Terminus C's picture

Wow! my friends mom makes $1776 / hour dealing in silver certificate out of her basement.  She designs revolutionary software that destroys counterfeit money and gives the AIDS virus to bankers and politicians who touch a computer or cell phone.  The 99%ers are lining up for her guillotine package.  Read more here at www.revolutionsoonbitchez.com


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i understand that ZH does not moderate but this human trash should go.

Kick out the spammers.

Jack Sheet's picture

no, w e do not read more here. Y o u fuck off.

ChelseaAggro's picture

It will be soon if the Germans play as badly in the second half.

battle axe's picture

The world is blowing apart and these idiots heading up Europe care more about F-ing soccer.....


Troublehoff's picture

that's pretty bang on...


... i just got back from spain and i was amazed how cheap everything is over there now... seems quite deflationary - Perhaps that is the answer to this supposedely unworkable euro without fiscal union stuff... people in less productive places, earn less and pay less for local services... oh and default on debts that cant be paid...


...crazy idea


...but yeah - they were going mental for the football in spain.... many resturants and shops were empty

pkea's picture

She just doesn't know how else to explain to the boneheaded millionth time that THERE WILL BE NO EUROBONDS BACKED BY GERMANY....

Crack-up Boom's picture

but what if Spain says pleeez? 

LongSoupLine's picture

Italy won the soccer game and now Germany will say fuck you to ANY bailout in the future. Ha ha ha. This shit is fucked.

fightthepower's picture

Germany can't win anything.  They can't win a war, they can win at football, but they can pay for other people's welfare.  Bend over Germany!

Robot Traders Mom's picture

Mario Balotelli is a modern day Jesse Owens.

Clueless Economist's picture

Mario Balotelli, doesn't he run a chain of soul food joints in Harlem?

Joe Davola's picture

I thought he was that croc-wearing dude on Iron Chef.  Not that I watch it, just what I've heard.

Clueless Economist's picture

You watch it I know.  That obese red haired Irish looking dude with the orange crocs is actually really Italian dude.  Giada somethingorother

pods's picture

Obese Irish looking dude should NEVER be said in the same breath as Giada.

Contributor help me out?


t_kAyk's picture

I believe he is an obese 'Iron Chef'. 

insanelysane's picture

Didn't he have to close those restaurants after he crapped on his clients (Wall Street) when he sided with the Occupiers?

falak pema's picture

and Angela is Hitler at the Euro Olympics!