Germany Finds Replacement Buyer For Its Submarines: Israel

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There are those cynical elements out there, who think that the primary reason why Germany has been unhappy with Greece is that the Germany military-industrial complex has lost a staple buyer of its military products (recall: "Greece Spends Bailout Cash On European Military Purchases" and one wonders just how instrumental the brand spanking new PASOK leader, Venizelos, who was Greek Minister of National Defense, has been in such arrangements in the past). Well, Germany may have just found a way out.  Reuters reports:


And that is how Germany has just found a replacement to the Greek military bid. And since Israel is not part of TARGET2, it is likely that Germans won't be on the hook for this particular German-funded purchase. The question remains if they will accept shares of Apple in exchange, directly from the Bank of Israel. As for the implications of Germany providing weapons to Israel, well, we can just assume it is part of the New Normal.

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The negotiations for this purchase go back to at least 2005.

But nice web you weaved.

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Who cares.  If you have a number, and something drops from your forecast, you do what you can to replace it with something else.  The web hasn't be weaved by anyone other than the participants.  Tyler is just pointing it out.

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"Would you like uranium with that sub, Menachim?"

"Just a schmear."


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Will the new Israeli sub be armed with some of the hundreds of nuclear warheads Israel has?

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Israel will not pay for those submarines, now that the WWII camp “survivors” are finally dying off, they continue the extorsion racket with weapons for free from Germany. If I remember correctly, they just paid one submarine out of the three they got from Germany.

The German industrialists are happy too, the German tayxpayer is footing the bill.

In any case, the nuclear-tipped missiles those subs will be carrying are not to defend Israel from the useless Middle East militaries, their role is rather to threaten Europe with nuclear devastation if Europe does not help Irael if and when they are overrun by their neighbors’ strong demographics.

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Oh, don't worry about it, Israel.  This one's on me.



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Christian Zionists in America believe Israel must be supported to bring about the end of days, the second coming of Jesus, and so on and so forth.


Yes, they really truly believe this.


Christianity is the religion of the slaves.  Created by the Jews to enslave the goyim.  Just a little convenient that it preaches obedience, slave like existence, and fealty to "God's chosen people."

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litoralkey is completely correct.  This is a nothing post.

Germany sells Dolphin-class diesel/electrics to a wide variety of buyers.  The subs are first-rate silent-running (under electric) shallow-water attack subs perfect for the Mediterranean.  Countries with deep ocean ports just aren't going to be interested in a sub that can't handle depths, and can't stay submerged for extended periods.  So...  If you're not going to complete the delivery to Greece, then yeah... who else is Germany supposed to sell it to?   Israel is a perfect replacement buyer, both in terms of proximity and in terms of a shallow-depth defensive requirement.  This is an obvious, completely expected move.

For the record, Germany sold many more of the Dolphins to Thailand last year than Israel -- but that doesn't make for inflammatory link-bait posts on Zerohedge.  Nobody really gives a crap about Thailand defending it's Gulf.  So yeah, can you believe it?  Fucking Germany selling to Israel.  Outrage. 




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The Jews dont need any help for anything. They already owned the entire world.

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They have already received 5 of them at half price, next to the annual monetary support to Israel and the annual payment for the US bases in Germany. Sucks to be German. Germany has to pay infinitely for stuff that happened 70 or in the future 700 years ago. Reminds me of the 20is, that,s how you start a nationalistic government.

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The Israelis will use the sub to catch salmon to make into lox and ship to NYC

battle axe's picture

Perfect, everything is lining up just right to hit Iran, then start the fireworks, and don't forget to drag those stupid Americans in. 

JPM Hater001's picture

"Das Boot!"

Nien Das Boot...Das Flipper!

BLOTTO's picture

They own both sides.

To control the outcome of course.

LeBalance's picture

dude, check out whom they openly worship and get back to me on "hell."

john39's picture

no doubt, the war god of the OT, chose his people well.  the myth that he is God the Creator is getting quite stale.  Michael Hoffman has done some amazing research in this area:
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For those men, war is profitable.

Bubble's picture

Greece will need German engineered gallows for Venizelos when the time comes. Doubt the domestically made ones will stand up to the job....

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It has nothing to do with Greece. Germany has provided a number of submarines to Israel. this is the 9th in the Israeli fleet. This deal was put on hold before, its just being picked back up now.

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Yeah, but this one is "Yellow" & it's on BLUE MEANIE patrol...

onebir's picture

And I think we can guess why Israel might want to beef up it's sub fleet...

(Not a big country to be hiding nukes in, & you really want to be sure "they're" sure you have second strike capability...)

spanish inquisition's picture

Correct, the 9th sale of a sub that can be converted to fire nuclear weapons to a country that has nukes and has not signed the NPT. Wow, seems like Germany can't get enough of war crimes tribunals......

dumbengineer's picture

Can it really be converted to fire nuclear weapons ?

A Ballistic Missile submarine is kind of a different beast.

SheepDog-One's picture

Israel needs financial aid to buy a submarine, yet has plenty of cash to pile into iCrapple stocks? 

Matt's picture

They'll use the AAPL dividend to pay the interest-only payments on the loan for the submarines. It's a brilliant plan, really.

jannewmx's picture

I wouldn't be surprised if Israel has insiders telling them to buy Apple stocks. Israel buying AAPL makes me think Apple is going to hit 1,000$ this year. I'll sell when Israel sells.

wombats's picture

You don't want to wait until someone else has already smashed the price.  You want to be at the head of the line and not at the end.  Who cares if you don't time the top perfectly.  Much better than being swept away in the panic sell when the bubble pops.

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Germany unhappy with Greece...

As a US taxpayer, I'm glad it worked out for them...

From either Greece OR Isreal, Germany is recieving US subsidy....

Dr. Engali's picture

Why in the world does Isreal need a submarine?

Theta_Burn's picture

It would probably rub some people the wrong way if we just gave them one.

Besides the Germans make a fine sub...

john39's picture

to threaten more countries around the world who dare to recognize Palestinian or complain about the systematic slaughter of Palestinians by fascist Israelis.

Monedas's picture

The warriors who put Communism and Islamo-Fascism in it's grave deserve our support and admiration !   Monedas   2012   Christo-Jewo-New Asia Oreo Cookie Alliance

HD's picture

There is a german sex joke in that headline somewhere...

CheapPanderingCrony's picture

A sub gives Israel an all strike ability. If their possession of Nuclear Arms is to be believed, and if Israel has the technology to put these weapons on the tip of SLBMs, even if Iran was able to destroy Israel, Israel could still strike back. Now that's deterrence. Won't stop Iran from threatening though, not Israel, and not its neighbors. With proxy armies in Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen, now Syria, Africa and South America, they can still extract their blood.

mess nonster's picture

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't deterrence only work once the ability to destroy each other has passed the realm of survivability?

Until that sort of parity is reached, any imbalance is only going to spur the other nation into action to acquire commensurate weapons capability.

In the case of Israel and Iran, if Israel has the ability to destroy Iran from the grave, doesn't it make sense for Iran to want to achieve the same capability? Then, if both nations become the equivalent of giant scorpions that can still sting even after their neural circuits have shut down, only then will they become suceptible to the logic that the madness of their arms race has become senseless, and they will be able to build a detente, knowing they are caught in the perpetual dance of MAD.

World peace at this point is beter served by iran gaining a nuclear capability. The longer Iran remains without a credible deterence, the more likely it is that Israel will attack Iran, and start WW3. 

mess nonster's picture

Nuclear deterrence triads (land/sea/air delivery capabilities) only work if you DONT want to use your nukes. If you WANT to use them, then it makes sense that the people you want to use them on don't have them as well, because if they had nukes, they'd use them against you if you used yours, and their use of their nukes would make you not want to use yours, which is the essence of deterrence.

It seems to me that it makes sense then, for every nation to have the ability to launch nukes from the land, sea, or air against any other nation. It's the only way to ensure that no nation does anything stupid. The only ENTITY that doesn't want its neighbors to have the right of nuclear self defense is the one that plans to attack that neighbor in the future. Nuclear deterrence is the nation-sized equivalent of the personal right to bear arms. I am less likely to attack you if I think you could put several 3/4 inch holes in my body within the space of two seconds.

CheapPanderingCrony's picture

Your logic is flawed. Nuclear weapons aren't only for attack, they're for deterrence. Meaning, I'm gonna do whatever the fuck I want, and if you interfere, I'll nuke you. Its a threat. Supposedly Israel has had nuclear weapons for 20 years and they haven't used them. So just why do you think Israel would want to Nuke Iran, to occupy it? Either you're sorely ignorant of the facts and any ability to use reason, or they just don't matter to you.

mess nonster's picture

This is a comment, not a forum for full-blown essays, but I'm happy to flesh it out for you.

Israel has a national ideology that is FOUNDED on obtaining their "true homeland", ie the West Bank. The only trouble is that it is already inhabited by people who are not inclined to just pack up and leave. How will Israel ethnically cleanse the West Bank of Palestinians? Ah, a thorny question, to be sure, and Israel seems to have adopted a 100 year plan of slowly sqeezing the Palestinains out.

But over time, resistance by the Palestinians evolves, complicating the problem. The Pals find allies to help them, like the Iranians. If Israel adopted a pullback to the 1967 borders and allowed the Palestinians to have an independent state, I think the Iranians would leave them alone. Better yet, if Israel adopted a single state approach of full citizenship and civil rights for all inhabitants of the territories controlled by israel, the problem would be completely solved.

But the issues of Jewish State identity prevent both solutions. What is Israel without full settlement of the West Bank? Having nothing but the land of the Philistines means the dream of a Jewish Homeland is bankrupt. Under such conditions, Israel is nothing but a giant Shtetl, or Pale, a ghetto that could be located anywhere on the planet. The ancient land of Judea MUST be taken, the Temple Mount MUST revert to Jewish control. Otherwise, they might as well all go back to Brooklyn.

This crisis of identity is what fundamentally drives Israeli agression. Israel doesn't want to attack Iran "just because". Iran by itself doesn't mean anything. But when put in the context of Israel's Lost Cause for gaining Judea, Iran means everything. If Iran gains deterence capabilitiy, then Iran can keep helping the Palestinians defend themselves, and Israel can do nothing to retaliate. Thus, Iranian nuclear deterrence capabilities spells the DEATH of Israel's national ambitions. Israel becomes simply a Jewish enclave on the shores of the Mediterranean, no temple, no homeland.

This is the real reason behind israel's hysteria surrounding Iran's nuclear capabilities. Israel cannot afford any nation gaining a deterrence capability that might thwart Israel's territorial ambitions. Therefore, I say, yes, Iran has a right to gain a deterrence capability, because Israel has no right to the West Bank, and they might as well get used to being the wandering Jews that they have been ever since that day they stood before Pilate's balcony and cursed themselves.

optimator's picture

To make it simple, just look at the map of "Greater Israel".  The world capitol needs to be in a large country.  Capital too.

lironr's picture

can anyone tell me how many palestinian were killed by israel since 1948?