GGB2 Bond Rerack

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Nothing like having an inverted curve before you even break for trading. GGB2s trading T+4, subject to succesful
issuanc. Indicatively the dealer on this particular rack is going to get blown out of the water as the market is far too high.

Security            B  Px   A  Px       B YTW A YTW Mood S&P   ISIN


GGB 2 23       
23.000-25.000   21.218/19.986 N.A. N.A. GR0128010676

GGB 2 24       
23.000-25.000   20.121/18.962 N.A. N.A. GR0128011682

GGB 2 25       
23.000-25.000   19.222/18.120 N.A. N.A. GR0128012698

GGB 2 26       
23.000-25.000   18.474/17.418 N.A. N.A. GR0128013704

GGB 2 27       
21.000-23.000   18.996/17.845 N.A. N.A. GR0128014710

GGB 2 28       
21.000-23.000   18.430/17.311 N.A. N.A. GR0133006198

GGB 2 29       
21.000-23.000   17.946/16.854 N.A. N.A. GR0133007204

GGB 2 30       
21.000-23.000   17.531/16.461 N.A. N.A. GR0133008210

GGB 2 31       
21.000-23.000   17.173/16.120 N.A. N.A. GR0133009226

GGB 2 32       
21.000-23.000   16.863/15.823 N.A. N.A. GR0133010232


Security            B  Px   A  Px       B YTW A YTW Mood S&P   ISIN


GGB 2 33       
21.000-23.000   16.592/15.564 N.A. N.A. GR0138005716

GGB 2 34       
21.000-23.000   16.357/15.337 N.A. N.A. GR0138006722

GGB 2 35       
21.000-23.000   16.151/15.138 N.A. N.A. GR0138007738

GGB 2 36       
21.000-23.000   15.970/14.962 N.A. N.A. GR0138008744

GGB 2 37       
21.000-23.000   15.811/14.807 N.A. N.A. GR0138009759

GGB 2 38       
21.000-23.000   15.672/14.670 N.A. N.A. GR0138010765

GGB 2 39       
21.000-23.000   15.549/14.549 N.A. N.A. GR0138011771

GGB 2 40       
21.000-23.000   15.441/14.442 N.A. N.A. GR0138012787

GGB 2 41       
21.000-23.000   15.346/14.346 N.A. N.A. GR0138013793

GGB 2 42       
21.000-23.000   15.263/14.262 N.A. N.A. GR0138014809

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GeneMarchbanks's picture

I'll take 4, NO! 10!

Cdad's picture

I'll take the times three levered long GGBs bet, please.  I'm sure there is an ETF for that.  After all, bad news is good really, really, really bad news should set me up to retire by...oh, I don't this time tomorrow?

LongSoupLine's picture

Thank you Central Bankers...WTF.

bdc63's picture

I love the smell of napalm in the morning!

withnmeans's picture

Now you did it, I have to listen to the "Ride of the Valkyries" , Love it....


sessinpo's picture

I love a vagina in the morning unless it smells like tuna

Global Hunter's picture

Real men with honour and integrity have walked away from the ponzi already, the only ones left to run it are diddlers.  Last one to leave turn out the lights!

mantrid's picture

Roubini: Greece’s private creditors should stop complaining and accept the deal offered to them this week. They will take some losses, but those losses are limited and, on a mark-to-market basis, the debt exchange offers them a potential capital gain.


I wonder how he runs his "investment" company and its clients positions with such agenda...

Everybodys All American's picture

and I wouldn't pay that price for that shiite.

HoofHearted's picture

But the yields are out of this world. Sure you'll take losses on every transaction, but you'll make up for it in the volume of your transactions. Gotta love the old SNLs, but now we are living in the world of farce.

johnQpublic's picture

this is all greek to me

youngman's picture

I picked up my toys and went home a long time ago...if you are still playing this game....good luck

Hugo Chavez's picture

Goodbye Portuguese bonds.

We hardly knew ye.

ZeroPower's picture

PSI2 for GGB2, ad infinitum. 


Gold Dog's picture

Are there position limits on N.A.? I want to load up!

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