A Glimpse Of What Is Really Happening In China

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Earlier today, the Chinese Internet (yes, it is its own category) experienced a glitch in the matrix. Whether this is due to further potential confusion over the fate of Bo Xilai (and/or any rumors of a concurrent/past/future military coup), or just overall confusion as to what is actually happening in the country, or simply mere censorship gone uber-wild is unclear. As the WSJ explains it, "At around 11 a.m. local time Thursday, China’s Internet suddenly began behaving very strangely. People inside China reported being unable to access some Chinese web sites like Sina’s Corp’s portals as well as popular foreign web sites not normally blocked by China’s firewall. Simultaneously, Internet users outside China, including in Hong Kong, reported difficulties accessing key Chinese sites, like search engine Baidu and the website of the People’s Bank of China." And while we have no idea of what is going on behind the scenes, we are fairly confident what isn't. Such as the country growing at a 9% as has been wildly speculated all day in what some suggest is a leak of Chinese official data. For a glimpse of what is going on, we went to get some local color such as this message board posting at CND.org. Is this the full story? Of course not. But neither are the endless lies peddled by the PBOC and the CCP. Our advice: keep the below in mind while reading any economic data coming out of the country Ministry of Truth and Bureau of Propaganda in the coming weeks and months. Because if today's Internet glitch is any indication, things behind the scenes are truly starting to heat up.

Google translated from CND.org (original link)

Bo Xilai event uproar obscures the attention of people more serious underlying crisis. Continental Bureau of Statistics released the latest economic data 1,2 show that the economy has begun to negative growth in the profits of industrial enterprises in China fell sharply, the real estate bubble has burst, and a sharp rise in banks' bad chain. Of course, this is Communist China two decades despite all spoiled countries attempt to delay the inevitable results of it perish fate. Finally broke out of these evil consequences.


Serious inflation triggered a sharp rise in labor costs. As a major processing plants in China, from the beginning to put the operating profit too absurd. Government export subsidies makes the price of many products is equal to or even below cost. Serious inflation, the basic cost of living is greatly improved today, the CCP is extremely irresponsible to administrative means to burden enterprises. This will inevitably lead to a large number of business failures and unemployment soared.


The real estate bubble burst is continuing, when the panic crash, who also can not predict. But the fairy tale of the real estate prices sky-high price, the vacancy rate as people stunned and appalling rough housing,


China's real estate crash is the inevitable result of leading to the collapse of the Chinese economy.


Chinese people are not stupid. Madness out the transfer of assets in addition to the corrupt officials, in recent years made their fortunes in the size of the rich and a large part of the property firmly Dangdang arrived to a foreign land. If you analyze the many companies the company's financial will find they are barely sufficient funds in operation, because the bosses an excess money quickly take away. It also can not blame them, we all know this is a land of block no tomorrow. Therefore, when the collapse of the Chinese economy, you understood why banks are empty shells at the same time, but also a loss for words to face the many deserted the once mighty booming company.


Of course, the Chinese Communist upper struggle for power will be in this last scene was very impressive and ugly bestiality on its head. Finally, you will find that they are not only some of the hypocrites, bandits, wolves, is an absolute coward.


Like many of the dictatorship, as the collapse of the CCP's very likely as volcanic eruptions, sudden and violent. Many hands were stained with the blood of people of corrupt officials is certainly as much as possible to flee his country, I thought it was for them, the Chinese at home and abroad should be concerted action, urged the international community treatment to war criminals, not only confiscated all of them with their associated property, and be tried and brought to justice. This is not only for the Chinese people are cruel persecution torture a proper explanation, but also a warning to all present and future of brutal rulers.

And this is what the Ministry of Truth is censoring in the past month, accrdoing to China Digital Times

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India's Industrial output revised downward over 80% ...www.philstockworld.com Same story all over the world...insiders release phony data to push index higher to sell out

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As I have mentioned previously, I lived in Shanghai for awhile and the second lesson I learned in dealing with the Chinese was that manipulating data as a means to an end was not a shameful act. Getting caught was in fact shameful.

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Well yea it may be shameful in China, but if you get caught its also the death penalty too.

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Which is why wealthy Chinese are moving to the US.  In the US neither menipulation of data nor getting caught for doing it are shameful or criminal. 

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In China, neither publicly spitting nor shitting on the roadsides is considered shameful or criminal. 

This is what doomed the chinese-citizenism-inspired Easter Island citizens: they had no roadsides upon which to shit, therefore resulting in chronic and fatal intestinal blobbing-up.

No such lack of crapped-up roadsides prevails in China, however, nor any compunctions against public expectoration or defecation.  Such is the eternal nature of nose-picking, running dog imperialist, algebraic coconutistically blobbing-up chinese citizenism.

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akak said:

No such lack of crapped-up roadsides prevails in China, however, nor any compunctions against public expectoration or defecation.  Such is the eternal nature of nose-picking, running dog imperialist, algebraic coconutistically blobbing-up chinese citizenism.

I cannot add anything to this brilliant analysis. It is accurate and complete.

My only comment is that the failure of AnAnonymous to grace us with his presence today is an indication of the degree of the recent increase in censorship imposed upon the Chinese citizenism internet. Such a sweeping clampdown will no doubt be toned down and refined in the near future, as I'm sure it was not their intent to impose restrictions on paid Chinese citizenism spokesmen.


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Good find, tempo.

Here's the direct link for those interested in what I think is a pretty incredible turn of events in India (another BRIC in the wall, bitchez):


Thursday Fakery – India’s Industrial Output Revised Down 83%
TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Revised down 83 percent?!

That can only mean one thing: BLS statistical analysis and reporting will soon be outsourced to India.


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If China blows up, you will have more than the world economy to worry about.


If there is a coup . . . just remember that China has hundreds of Nukes.



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thxz, tyler;  not 9% growth? 

"serious inflation"

but growth was so much higher than any known inflation that it did seem to many that everything was banksterrrific!

maybe some guy from the chinese state economics dept of truth will report soon on how the yen is about to be devalued...

but we still know very little don't we?  and, unless you actually thought china was the/is the salvific economic engine of today and tomorrow (many never believed it for a minute, btw), nothing is new here

they may be out shopping for more oil and other resources as we write;  so are you, too probably...


0T & fyi:  jasonH picks up our darling blythe where we last bid her adieu: JP Morgan Silver Manipulation | SilverSeek.com

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Who's the world's engine of economic growth. Don't tell me is the shitty US who values social network as their prime product of the future. I beg Porn dating sites have far more potential than the facebook shit regardless the economic rules of free market demand

slewie the pi-rat's picture

well, then, its gotta be india  (?)

somebody put up a link re how india's "growth" had been "overstated by 80%"

i didn't ckeck it out, but i'm still laughing about it

so! as long as we can all continue to sell out national debts to each other for colored paper coupons, we can contiue to buy and sell sex wholesale, retail, in brown paper, or flambe'

be a hoot if we all went tits up over something as basic as sex and the banksters who make it all possible...  L0L!!!

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Hmm, how big are those tits of which you speak? :>D

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ORI - we have comrade BO here too - right inside the White House.

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The whole article was a poor translation..too much chinklish

GeezerGeek's picture

Nonsense. My Shanghai-born wife still speaks just like that. Eat a spring roll and you'll understand better.

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Eat Two. They're smaller these days.

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Confucious say:


He who spread information casting emperor in harsh light spends many nights in pound-me-in-the-ass-prison, and Yankee will also find a Stellar Wind blowing up his asshole with passage of NDAA 2012, bitchez.

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What did you call me ?? asshole?

TruthInSunshine's picture

I stopped reading at the sentence that states "ugly bestiality on its head..".


That's all I need to know.


Shit's about to get real, yo.

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My face is locked up, tears streaming, for the love of absurdity make it stop.

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The non-native language bubble burst is continuing, when the panic crash, who also can not predict.

But the fairy tale of Engrish transration as people stunned and appalling rough wording.

Like many of the hypocrites, bandits, wolves, is an absolute coward, as the collapse of the firmly Dangdang very likely as citizenism eruptions, sudden and violent.

This now elucidation of having made more clearing is the inevitable result of leading to the collapse of the Chinese citizenism.

But hey, bear with it the repeations and offuscation.


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A poet of the citizenisms expression in pureness you are being, FourthStooge-ing!

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When will people stop and think that China is a totalitarian, communist state with a horrific record of persecution of Christians and other religious groups as well as political dissidents.

Most of what we have seen in changes there in the past few years is simply window dressing.

resurger's picture

they slaughter animals for their fur too ....



tickhound's picture

All that is lost when they are the bank.  B'sides... it is all perspective relative to the nation state. 

One wouldn't have to travel far to hear that the United States has become a totalitarian, fascist state with a horrific record of persecution of Muslims and other dissidents.

"Most of what we have seen in changes here in the past few years is simply window dressing."

Deo vindice's picture

With all America's problems (which are myriad), being a Muslim in the USA is not even on the same level as being a Christian in China.

john39's picture

really, read up much on U.S. gov. renditions of innocent Muslims to third world hell holes?  illegal police surveillance of Muslims without any probable cause?   there is no difference at all.

tickhound's picture

You hit on an important point.... Being a Muslim outside THIS country has proven to be far, far more dangerous.  China tends to keep Christian "persecution" in house.  But to each his/her own flavor of "level"

If only persecution was in country AND out country... like in Israel.

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

Anything that happens to a faithfull muslim is Allahs will. Any so called muslim who complains about it is not really a muslim. Why would Allah allow anything to happen that he did not want to happen?

Go and read the Koran and then claim that a bad thing can happen to a real muslim. Allah knows everthing and approves anything that happens.


tickhound's picture

I read this and I'm forced to think...

Your "faithful" muslims have more in common with the christian fanatics then I'll ever have with either of you.  You two should be fucking holding hands as far as I'm concerned.

And yet, the rest of us watch as you bomb each other.  Cuz, as WE ALL KNOW... only one of you is right.  Because NO WAY, could both of you be wrong.  Or sorta right with a good story...

And forget about those billion buddists and the hindu and the EVERYOTHER FUCKING RELIGION that is obviously ACCORDING TO BOTH OF YOU going straight to HELL.

That poor devout native american... if only he could talk to either of you and realize just how fucked he is.  Peyote instead of communion... WTF? 

2012 ain't nuthin' changed.  The crusades, manifest destiny, the inquisition, salem witch trials, 9/11, jihad, war on terror... Same shit different day.

And OH GAWD don't EVEN bring up the jews... that's a whole nuther RELIGION or ETHNICITY depending on convenience.  The "chosen people" bitchez... that clandestine / implied master 'race'

What to do bitchez what to do

Temporalist's picture

But...but...they lend the U.S. money...

azzhatter's picture

that's a straw man argument. They "lend" the US money because they have to to keep the trinket trade flowing, not by choice

Crisismode's picture

Tell me why we need money from China,

when we have our very own Benny to print all the $$$ we will ever need.


moskov's picture

Because common sense tells the ordinary American folks they cannot survive by just wiping their asses with green paper, but they also need to dress, eat and live a urban life

Temporalist's picture

It's a symbiotic relationship. There is no economy in US or China without both giving each other the reach around.

Bay of Pigs's picture

And of course the USA is a beacon of light on the hill?

Pot meet Kettle.

knightowl77's picture

if you are comparing organized government interference with different religious groups then there is no comparison...here ( at least so far) people are not arrested or tortured for their religous beliefs...

Silver Dreamer's picture

Tell that to the people who died at Waco, TX.

IAmNotMark's picture

But that was for the children, wasn't it?

And we had to kill the children to save the children.

Bay of Pigs's picture

I have no illusions about China but who do these people think they are kidding?

I was a missionary when I was younger, and what I know now is that a lot of Christians in America are about the dumbest people around.

Wake up. The barbarians are at YOUR gate right here in the USA.

Marginal Call's picture

I don't care the least bit how the Chinese state views the sky monkey worshipers.  America is the number one jailer in the world, and it's not even close.


It's a growth industry, and it's bullish. 



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Yeah, cuz ZH never rips on the Amerikan government.

KTV Escort's picture

RE: your "window dressing" comment

Bullshit, if one wants to know what is really going on inside China, spend some time there, get to know the people... I have. These sky is falling in China posts are a total crock.




LowProfile's picture

Gee, no bias there, like not in the very URL of your blog or anything...


Chump's picture

Posts of window dressing to refute "the window dressing comment."