Global Bailout Curiosity Soars

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If Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain can do it, why not everyone? Heck, why pay for anything, instead of just ramping up debts, until the consolidated debt load is so high the Fed has no choice but to bail everyone out? Of course, this is purely a thought experiment (for now... there are still 5 months in the presidential race). Still, we were curious to see if there is validation of this meme "out there" - and to do this we of course went straight to the source - Google's most recent addition in tracking public queries, Insights for Search, and looked up the term "bailout." We were not at all surprised to find the English-speaking world's curiosity in this particular synonym for a 'free lunch' (with other people's money) has exploded in the last few weeks.

The regions that appear to have the greatest interest in perpetual socialism:

  1. Ireland
  2. United States
  3. Singapore
  4. Canada, and 
  5. UK

Sounds about right: source


And further drilling down into just the US, while seeing DC in the top spot, and Michigan in third was quite normal, finding Montana, Oregon and the hedge-fund haven, Connecticut filling out the remainder of the Top 5 was a little disconcerting.

Just the United States- source

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mrktwtch2's picture

somehow i think a war gets started out of this global mess..hope that im wrong..

battle axe's picture

The storm clouds are gathering, and it is going to get mighty ugly. This years  long  farce, is going to end in a lot of destruction and bloodshed. 

ZerOhead's picture

Looks like Gooogle is predicting that "bank run" will become very popular again in May 2013...

Leopold B. Scotch's picture

Those are shit clouds, son.  It ain't gonna be perty.

Leopold B. Scotch's picture

Leaked Memo: 

Time to hand out the innoculations to the chosen few. 

Time until the release of the virus: T-Minus 130 days and counting.

1835jackson's picture

You will not be wrong. Never let a good crisis go to waste. War is coming. This is the 1930's all over again except this time people have worthless homes and bits of plastic in their pockets called credit cards and they are maxed out.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

This lil ol study should be done in other languages too.

No to war!

JimRogers's picture

If you make it "bailouts" instead of "bailout" Google will predict future interest...


Spoiler: it goes up.

boogerbently's picture

Why should "healthy" countries amass horrible debt to bailout losers.

Just "forgive" THE DEBT, wipe the slate clean, restart from zero.

No WAR, or any other historically possible Armageddon scenarios necessary. 


SeattleBruce's picture

'Just "forgive" THE DEBT, wipe the slate clean, restart from zero.'

Easier said than done.  It must be done in an orderly fashion.  Here's one way to get it done.  Non-Debt based money.

Cursive's picture


As oppossed to the global war on terror that is currently ongoing?  We've had a century of war, more or less.  Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Cold War, Vietnam, Iran/Contra, Reagan's little wars, Noriega/Panama, Gulf War I, Somalia, Bosnia, Gulf War II, Afganistan, global rendering points.  And those are just from the American point of view.

El Viejo's picture

If a banker can't be repaid his money he will demand his pound of flesh.

walküre's picture

Trouble is, we all know that it wasn't "his" money to begin with. He just created the money out of thin air.

So it was neither really there nor backed by anything.

Now come bankers and try to demand being paid back on the ficticious currency or worse yet, try and demand whatever we purchased from it.

Bankers made their money back multiple times already.

However, we can turn the table and tell the banker they can keep some of it if they "voluntarily" surrender most of it back to the treasury. If they don't comply, they can't keep any of it.

Sounds fair?

earleflorida's picture

 'Indeed, as Shylock beckons to Octon,... inferring, that the 'quality of mercy is not strained' upon ones own unfortunate usury?'

JPM Hater001's picture

ibailout coming soon to a list near you.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Perhaps the people are catching on?  I would assume Snooki's boobs or some interation of that would still be a more popular search term though.

q99x2's picture

That's what I say. Why pay for anything. Let the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and the Queenie from England pay some of that stolen cash back. Give it back you devils.

Grimbert's picture

Why's Singapore higher than the UK?

Chaffinch's picture

Grimbert - good question - maybe because everyone here in the UK too busy watching crap on TV? MSM coverage in the UK tends to be very boring, more so because the MSM journalists (and I use that term loosely) don't really understand what is happening.

Unprepared's picture

Because the values are not absolute but are relative to the total searches. They reflect interest and not volume.

zrussell's picture

In the UK it's: Boilout

CPL's picture

They like their PM investments.  Unlike the west, Asia has had no problems explaining the situation to crush the western competition.  Buy all the gold.  Buy all the copper.  Buy all the Oil.  They make most of the worlds electronics and need all three PM's to make that happen.  Prices will go up, everyone knows what the game plan is.  CTRL-P baby.


Since nothing is made in western hemisphere that gets overlooked.  Your suppliers are making sure they match the bailouts coming to get credit facilities online because their cost basis is going to increase.  By proxy so is every consumers end price on practically anything they purchase that is imported, which is practically anything with a chip, shrink wrapped or comes in a box with a gel pack.

World isn't absorbing the inflation anymore, it's getting handed back.  The manufacturing countries can't function with 80 + a barrel oil, so how do you deal with increased energy costs.  you pay peter, to pay paul, to pay Mary.  You throw the energy cost into the exported inflation which reenforces the PM market again feeding more energy into the inflation cycle.

Good times.

slow_roast's picture

Oregonians and Montans on their way to the gun shops now.

drink or die's picture

Oregon is an interesting one (I live in Oregon).  The majority of the population is ultra-liberal douches in the Portland area, and I'm doubting they were the ones doing the searching. 

Cursive's picture

Does anyone remember how hard it was to get state lotteries started only 20 years ago?  The horror at having Indian casinos opened?  Well, all of the cautionary tales and slippery slope analogies are metaphorically coming home to roost.

pods's picture

I vividly remember the NC fight, as it was pretty recent.  Proponents said all the proceeds would go to schools.  Naysayers (like me) said that school budgets would get cut to equal the lottery inputs.

Low and behold...............

At least it is a voluntary tax?


the 300000000th percent's picture

This is leading to war

subqtaneous's picture

…and all of that for the sake of the Russell 2000.  just splendid.

somebody better start this f*cking revolution, and soon.


Calidreaming's picture

Fuck this Market, Fuck Bernanke , Fuck Obama   they can go fuck themselves

RobotTrader's picture

June puts are toast.


Bernanke burned the bears once again.

Dr. Engali's picture

That would bother me if I had June puts....but since I have precious metals instead I'm feeling pretty good right now.

Cursive's picture


Who are these bears you speak of?  They were all killed off long ago.  That was Bernanke's big mistake.

disabledvet's picture

"look out above" as market collapse "due to Europe" proven to be total b.s. next stop "problem that China isn't."

boogerbently's picture

Don't be such a gloomy gus.

Sorry the world isn't ENDING soon enough for you Armageddon A-holes.

I made LOT'S of money from this recession. I was optimistic and in the game, NOT on the sidelines, waiting for the "double dip."

g3h's picture
Global Retardation Soars.
RobotTrader's picture

There are millions of bears out there, trying to profit off the following:


"The End is Here"

"Global Systemic Meltdown Imminent"

"World Chaos" is upon us!

And assorted other "Gloom and Doom" headlines constantly featured on the web:


Bartanist's picture

I think that people who have been living in their isolated shells and are just now becoming aware do not realize is that the financial system has been broken since its inception and always will be broken.

Everything else is simply noise and manipulation.

walküre's picture

You're right about that. Many try and trade this market in hindsight. The pigmen are not crashing the market 2x when everyone is aware and positioned to potentially collect. Pigmen own and control the market and they're always winning.

But even pigmen need players, suckers, muppets to come along and buy the market.

Outflows are telling the true picture. Players, suckers and muppets are leaving the casino.

Not even the short squeeze delivers a significant and meaningful bounce.

Al Huxley's picture

I suspect that's what's keeping the markets propped up - perpetual short squeeze.

boogerbently's picture

.....and they've been waiting since DOW 6500.

Rather than admit they missed the first leg up, they're willing to miss the rest, waiting for the 50% correction. LOL

Cruel Aid's picture

Till the Euro actually tanks hard on genuine breakup, the market will not.

Bartanist's picture

and once all of the currencies are destroyed, the savior currency will arrive from nowhere in particular (read BIS).

you enjoy myself's picture

err, is there any reason at all for the market to be up 15 today?  Ben has certainly created one hell of a moral hazard.  its at the point where i wonder if you can hold him civilly liable once the market actually drops for real.  

carbonmutant's picture

I noticed that North Dakota has a complete lack of interest in Bailouts.

Is that because they have the country's only State Owned Bank or because North Dakota voters are deciding whether to abolish the state's property tax...

emersonreturn's picture

carbonmutant, thank you for your past posts.  when i saw the chart i thought oil and gas may've contributed...

carbonmutant's picture

Damn Emerson, Thanks for encouraging my behavior...

zrussell's picture

Come on! No one is going to show up for a war.


Each rival nation's population will be issued WAR-O-RAMA III on an iPhone App and, after a "global game" the winner sends the loser all their gold.  :)

you enjoy myself's picture

ahh, now i see - missed the end of day dovish comments from Evans.  he's open to more "stimlulus".  we're doomed.

WallowaMountainMan's picture

hey, watch what you're sayin!  we here in oregon aim to be more than just a 'little disconcerting'.