Global Central Bank Intervention Half-Life: 30 Minutes?

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One of the bigger beneficiaries (BNP) of this mile-wide hose-pipe of USD provided by the global central bankers has already retraced more than 75% of the reaction spike. As humans realize the desperation in this move and that solvency and liquidity are two critically different things, we suspect reality will set in further.

Chart: Bloomberg

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I think you meant 24-48 minutes...

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(the bernak) GET YOUR DOLLARS HERE, HEAR YE, HEAR YE, GET YOUR DOLLARS HERE, DOLLARS FOR ALL, GET YOUR DOLLARS HERE. (the carnival continures) Where is Bernie Madof when you need him?

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Dollars aren't the crisis. Euros are. Are they still wondering why there's a problem?

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The desperation is palpable.

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"Desperation is a stinky cologne"  Anyone?  Great movie, if you know it.

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I'm not sure I understand how Europe getting a USD$ bailout is going to help americans get jobs... I hate being dumb....

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And now you know why the DOA 'Obama Jobs' bill was laid down last week.  It was merely a smokescreen.

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Yes, he obliterated coverage of the republican candidate debate with daily verbiage, then upstaged the developing greek wide-on, and i'll be watching to see if ongoing 'perception management' is all we are getting from the white house.

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More free gifts to Europe on the backs of bankrupt americans. Why people arent in the streets burning down banks, I have no idea, other than 'Idiiocracy'.

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Simple bro, they ARE clueless it's happening,and if they did know, they would think the dollars ar coming from the Fed, and they are not responsible for paying THOSE back.

People are ignorant as hades when it comes to HOW their government of thieves works.

They will get the ideas soon enough.When the Tax man comes due, the SWHTF.


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This is all kick the can.  The money can't ever be fully paid back.  Once we reached that point, they started throwing money aroud with a vengeance.  When all is said and done, all that will matter is who has the biggest military, the most powerful friends, and how much gold they collectively have in their vaults.

Kick Can + Buy Gold = Game Plan for TPTB to screw everyone and remain in power.

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SHEEPDOG-1.....SHEEPDOG 1 ...... LET ME TELL YOU WHY PEOPLE AREN'T IN THE STREETS BURNING DOWN BANKS ....... from my personal point of view :

PEOPLE ARE STUPID & ill-educated.      I am sending out emails left & right to my friends (with links to educational material) about what the hell is happening.   I am begging them to run (not walk) to the coin guy & buy silver & gold while they still can lay their hands on it.    My friends either do not understand or do not care.    I am the PAUL REVERE of my circle of friends & all they want me to do is shut up & leave them alone.    I tell them to stockpile food & they laugh at me.    true story :   yesterday my best friend asked me how to become rich.   I wanted to strangle her.    i've told her 100 times to run & buy silver; but, no ...... she thinks the way to become rich is to have a bank account filled with money .        

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Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

People are not so stupid or dumb as they are ignorant and foolish. It is difficult to challege a belief system. Few people are capable of it. It is easier to pull the covers over your head and click your red shoes and say home home home. We (the ZH crowd) know more today than we did yesterday because we search for knowledge. We work at trying to connect the dots to make sense of it. To bring it into focus. Most people choose not to do that because it simply scares the crap out of them. There will be no riots and not even any marches on Washington. What is happening does not involve abortion, civil rights, racism or any of the hot buttons the MSM feeds off of. The sheeple will walk quietly to wait in line to board the cattle cars to take them to a destination they choose not to know about. That's just MHO.


Men are so simple and so much inclined to obey immediate needs that a deceiver will never lack victims for his deceptions.
Niccolo Machiavelli


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The fucking Department of fucking Education has armed agents.  You wanna mess with the FBI?  People aren't in the streets burning down banks because they're scared of death scared of any conflict, like telling the waiter that the steak is undercooked, because they are afraid of their food being spit in.  You want those people burning banks?  Good fucking luck.

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think again.... it's the opening rush to get in, then the averaging *UP* after a morning pullback that flows to the end of the day, closing at the top, and remaining level throughout Friday going into the weekend.  walk away from the monitors, go to sleep.

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I'd say its the 3 Stooges on the free buffet now, theyll tear thru this in half life 30 minutes, not the 3 months they believe. 

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fool -- spy will make new 2011 high before september ends!!

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Yea sure whatever troll. Bet on it then.

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superman suit

S on the front is a $ sign

kryptonite boulder overhead tied onto frayed noose


sorry another peyote induced vision...

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but Geithner's true creators are making a litlle more money than Superman's

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Just because one can find a bank stock with a big spike in it that subsequently falls back (possibly because all the buyers already bought) does not mean that the 'half life' is 30 mins (especially since during the time of writing this post, it has moved up again). If only it were that simple.

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actually it is that easy. no one can tax people more right now. CB's will print and cause asset inflation.  average guy doesn't have assets to "inflate" so no problem.  markets move higher ono stimulus and inflation, taxes rise in the 24 monthhs after elections, cash repatriated to the treasury.  coordinated efforts rewarded with more peace than disruption.  relax.  own lots of cash, some metals in a vault somewhere, some equal weight global index funds, emerging markets, walk away for 5 years.  earnings and interest rates will be higher, you'll have a portfolio that appreciated.

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I meant: if only statisitical analysis of price time-series was that easy. I wasnt aiming to get into a bullion-length comparison competition, so chill. Good for you.

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Hahahahaha. Please tell me you manage billions!

pamriallc's picture

actually it is that easy. no one can tax people more right now. CB's will print and cause asset inflation.  average guy doesn't have assets to "inflate" so no problem.  markets move higher ono stimulus and inflation, taxes rise in the 24 monthhs after elections, cash repatriated to the treasury.  coordinated efforts rewarded with more peace than disruption.  relax.  own lots of cash, some metals in a vault somewhere, some equal weight global index funds, emerging markets, walk away for 5 years.  earnings and interest rates will be higher, you'll have a portfolio that appreciated.

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Bail out dialog keeps mutating looking for positive results. Lot easier then fixing the real problem.

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That's bcuz you just can NOT fix the Status Quo in a paper fiat sys:



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are we buying or selling gold?  I can't remember.

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Yes, you can make money in the paper market, but not if  you confuse it with real physical gold.  Just because the paper price has to rise in response to the Boyz buying physical, doesn't mean it has to do so in a logical fashion.  It's not a market, it's a game.

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"critical reality" is setting in

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printing is --well --just printing--and zeros are only zeros--

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Hope this spike will last just that, hurting my shorts you dirty central bankers/ front runners !!

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It is desperation, you can smell the fear. Central banks can pump money, what they can not do is pump money backed by real economic wealth.

Printed paper without a store of wealth behind it is what? Toilet paper. Markets will have to wake up to the fact that liquidity isn't changing economic fundamentals. But by a perverse method may be transferring wealth from savers to speculators.  "May" could be read as "ARE".

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So true. the powers always go for inflation, it puts them first at the trough unlike deflation. Things they can't print are BTUs of energy,viable food systems, and healthy business

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here is the Page16 story.

Banks, Governments Move To Restrict Personal Gold Bullion Purchases

Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez's picture

CA city looking down on that barbaric relic!  Buy while you can you terrorists you!

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I wonder when Tyler is going to post Gold chart?

ww2vet's picture

he's broken clock, at best

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I look at yearly gold charts everyday with great enjoyment...

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Keep buying Physicals! Nothing Else! Leave the "stock market" to the algos and their masters, at some point they will feed upon one another and game over! Physical is here to stay, for a long long long time! it will save your assets, your lives and families! get out of the "stock market" as long as you have enough left to buy more REAL GOLD! This will end so bad people are goiong to be so shocked they won't be abel to act, react or anyhting else, they will be so startled so incredibly afraid you'll see! This is no doomsdaying etc.'s this is the LOGICAL CONSEQUENCE of PRINTING! And for all it's worth, IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW MUCH LONGER IT TAKES BUT WE WILL GET "THERE"!!!

ww2vet's picture

world wants $, a few fools want gold

TradingJoe's picture

yes wothles dollars that is, be my guest, buy as many as you like, once it's buying power really goes to "KNOWHERE" you will be rememberd of calling me a fool!

tmosley's picture

Uh-huh.  Why don't you tell that to the ten year performance of both of those things?

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Yes, those of you who are trading paper gold in IRAs may want to start taking profits off the table and paying that 10% penalty to access your money.  A 10% tax hit is a small price to pay for having your assets safe in a financial hurricane.  Then there's also the appreciation issue.  The gold those remaining funds purchase is likely to go a long, long way in retirement.

Lord Koos's picture

This is good advice -- I waited until I could take mine out without penalty in March, but I would have been even better off taking the 10% hit and buying gold last fall.

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A new wave of crisis is coming and everybody will run to buy some dollars. Central Banks, the liquidity watchdogs, are barking. That's all for now.

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As long as Central Banks think more debt (liquidity) equals solvency, massive impending debt-deflation will mean a strong dollar.

The world will not end by economic catastrophe. The ability of TPTB to string this along dulls the drama. Steady deterioration is the game-plan. No sudden crash, just a long wheezing slow death by congestive heart failure.

The QE dollars are consumed by the black hole of global insolvency as fast as they are printed. Gold is the preservation of your assets in amber. IOW, buying power petrified- just don't let the inevitable deflationary crash of gold in dollar terms scare you. Just because someday, a 20 dollar gold piece will be worth exactly 20 dollars doesn't mean you won't be able to buy just as much with it as ever.

Smiddywesson's picture

I like the way MessMonster put the deflation argument, but I have to disagree with his belief that deflation will continue to infinity or even that hyperinflation will do the same, bringing the dollar down to zero.  That would be suicide for the central banks.  They will pull the plug on the patient long before that happens. 

Rather than ride the dollar up, or print it into oblivion, we are likely to see them announce a new monetary standard related to gold.  They are walking a fine line now between inflation and deflation, but this is reality, not an academic argument.  They are going to change the game when it suits them, because the world of money is the world of Extremistan where anything can happen.

Until then, they are buying gold and kicking the can. 

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Occupy Wall Street Sept. 17 crowd map details.