Global Growth Outlook Weakens

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Three weeks ago we noted that Goldman Sach's Global Leading Indicator (GLI) and its Swirlogram had entered a rather worrying contraction phase. Today's update to the June GLI data suggests things got worse and not better as momentum is now also dropping as well as the absolute level.

This continued deterioration in momentum suggests further softening in the global cyclical picture. Of particular concern is the broad-based deterioration in the GLI’s constituent components in June. 

Nine of ten components weakened last month, only the second time this has occurred since the depths of the recession in 2008Q4. The June Final GLI confirms the pronounced weakening in global activity in recent months. Goldman has found elsewhere (as we noted here) that this stage of the cycle, when momentum is negative and decelerating, is typically accompanied by deteriorating data and market weakness.


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hhhmmmmmm, mmhmmm judging by the EKG (Economic Krugman Guide)

acute mayocardial infarction,

who is this patient?

do they know how close to death they are?

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This is called increased upside for the market believe-it-or-not.

We have a deep retracement coming.

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Sooooo.....the fed has talked up the spx to the tune of 800 point above the 09 lows??!! Shocked

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All The Fed can do is create bubbles and even that is starting to lose its fizz. All Fed indicators are declining.

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Toilet is full, no one is flushing it

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looks like mom's recipe for making fudge brownies from scratch



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Nothing massive Ctrl+P can't handle by rehypothecating and redistributing (a.k.a. stealing) the accumulated wealth of the world to create a simulacrum of actual growth and progress!

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There is too much focus on manufacturing in this index. 8 out of 10 components are manufacturing and/or export related, and none directly relevant to services - which is the biggest component of developed economies. Its seems obvious there is a glut of manufacturing capacity worldwide, perhaps due more to overly rapid supply growth in China and the developing world, than a lack of demand. Thankfully most developed economies are no longer  reliant on this sector. Even in China there is strong growth in the services sector as today's PMI shows, and meanwhile their industrial production continues to grow at a rate of 10% p.a.


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Bellwether meltdown via China (commodities) as Canada and Australia still playing the goverment bond re-flation RMBS conjob (housing), all the while...

* Australia May bldg approvals +27.3% m/m, +5.1% eyed, priv-sector houses +8.7%.

* Australia June RBA commodity price index -0.7% m/m, -10.5% y/y at 132.6.

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Good data => Bullish.

Bad data => more CTRL-P => Bullish.

So, Bullish.

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crime will save the world econ..drugs, finance,war for profit..that's the new econ of should be a criminal offence to not be criminal.