Global PMI Summary

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All we can say is thank god for Hungary and, well, uhhh, Greece (that would be pre XGD Greece of course) in keeping the monthly average somehwat respectable.

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France could soon become another major downwards spiraling eurozone country...

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no kidding!!

let's not forget Iceland started 'the party' and Britain was 2nd nationalising half of its dumb-arsed banking sector

if London is such a hot-spot for financial talent why is half of it in A&E on State-aid drip feeds?

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Mr. point zero.  Old, indebted, and irradiated is no way to go through life, son.

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I like India there, steady ship, expanding. But ever so slowly!

Knowiing my country, that number is massively inflated. So take it outta the mix actually.

All around me, I see shrinkage, except in the growth of cheap, slap-together housign projects and apartment buildings.

End of the machine age, end of frigging supply-sidism....

Eat that iPad, it dee-luscious!



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ORI what condition your condition is in?

And please can you elaborate on your doom prophecy (about 2 weeks or was it 10 days from now) so that we all can have a good laugh when that turns out NOT to be true?

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Primary wave 3 down for the Dow - this week should finish down - the coming weeks do not look good.



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These numbers are meaningless. It's all theater