Global Retaliation To QEternity Begin: BOJ Considers Additional Easing

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Last week it was the Fed crossing the Rubicon with infinite easing. We explained very clearly that the next steps would be everyone else joining the infinite easing party. Sure enough, here comes the first one:


Keep in mind that the BOJ already monetizes ETFs and REITs, the very instruments which the Fed will soon be forced to buy. And so it begins - because when it comes to pushing CTRL and P, over and over, it really doesn't take much skill.

It also means that the next round of purchases of precious metals will come from everywhere else, in addition to just the US.

Finally, those wondering why there was absolutely no response out of the market to news that previously would have sent stocks soaring, the answer, as we explained before, is simple: the Fed has literally shot itself in the foot... and the head. Because when you tell the market to price in QEternity, you just can't hope any more QE anywhere, anytime, out of anyone, will be a surprise.

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ZDRuX's picture

I hear the Japanese have invented keyboards that have a dual CTRL-P key configurations. It'll be years before the FED gets their hands on one of these babies.

redpill's picture

The Japanese are unmatched in their ability to deny reality.  They will buy JGB until the bitter end.  And it's going to be really fucking bitter.

Lohn Jocke's picture

Which is ironic considering how literal they can be when you do business with them.

I can sell them a panamax vessel full of corn and they throw a fit when they get the quality specs off, measured in parts per billion.


Mark Carney's picture

hm let me see...... nope, silver did not get the memo.




Let me try....


ALL MOTHER FUKIN CB's ARE CTRL +P!!!!!!! hi ho  silver!

saturn's picture

Easy Japs! The Chinks are quantitatively comming!

LeisureSmith's picture

If you can't CTRL-P. any serious Physician would advice you to use diapers.

unununium's picture

> panamax vessel full of corn

Best investment idea of the day.  How do I get one?


Divided States of America's picture

Their adult entertainment industry is also unmatched. The creativity that goes into those films are truly astounding. However, I think Bernanke wants to outdo the Japanese when it comes to the creativity of printing more money.

redpill's picture

Given their affinity for tentacle sex, I would think they'd get along with Blankfein quite well.

vast-dom's picture

the Japanese have actually developed the SINGLE CNTL+P KEY such that it's now a one finger affair.

redpill's picture

Sounds like a Saturday night for Blythe Masters

BrainOpener's picture

If he really wants to do his duty to prop up the market that means propping up Apple more and that means he needs to be using COMMAND+P.


LMAOLORI's picture



The Fed set off currency wars and maybe other Wars too


Dollar Index Headed for Rapid Collapse: Chart



Quantitative easing is really another word for currency wars. A weak U.S. currency puts continued pressure on the Japanese Yen, the Chinese Yuan, the South Korean Won, the Australian dollar and other currencies.

 Cheap money also fuels speculation and this money quickly drifts into commodity markets and the ETFs that help propel commodity market speculation. This is inflationary for food prices.



Chinese General: Prepare for Combat


Land Grab Convergence: China Military Drills Focus On Seizing Japanese Islands By Force



Citxmech's picture

The Chinese have really floored the accelerator pedal on this shit, eh?  Damn.  I guess this is the counter to our build-up in the ME?

Debtonation's picture

Savings to refinance my home from 3.75% to 3.25% from QE3: $44 per month

Increase in the cost of living for a family of 4 due to inflation: $150 per month

Calling Bernanke a fucking idiot because $150 is bigger than $44: Priceless

redpill's picture

"There are some things that money can't buy.  For everything else, there's QEasy central banker madmen (tm)."


Lohn Jocke's picture

There is nothing that enough money can't buy.

e-man's picture

Eventually, there will be nothing that enough money CAN buy (the paper kind...).

lasvegaspersona's picture

uh John about stability...can't buy that with Ben's kind of money

Citxmech's picture

Yeah - apparently you can't buy "zee price stabeeleety" or sanity with Benny Clown Bux.

Winston Churchill's picture

Money to the banks by the Fed buying MBS=

$40bn  X 40times(hidden liabilities) = $1.6 tn.per month.

In a mere 18 months they MIGHT even be solvent.

cougar_w's picture

"Coordinated QE" has always been in the cards. The Fed is working with all the other CB, including probably China who really need a global recovery and they needed it yesterday.

BandGap's picture

There is a need to crash all systems simultaneously. This looks like a great approach!

LMAOLORI's picture


Indeed also a great approach for a World War 

BigMike's picture

If I were the BOJ, I'd print money to buy gold. Then maybe people would listen.

rubearish10's picture

BOJ exchanging US TSY's for US Weapons.

JPMorgan's picture

It's a race to the bottom, who can devalue their fiat currency the fastest.

kito's picture

strangely enough, the dollar is soaring today......................

Vincent Vega's picture

Just some other fiat whore taking their turn in the barrell today. Don't worry, dollah is toast.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

It is ashes to ashes for the paper that burns so quick in the inferno called economics and finance.

akak's picture

You are entirely wrong, Kito, the dollar is NOT soaring today, nor has it done so on any other day.  The values of fiat currencies move in only ONE direction, and that is down.

What you are erroneously equating to "the dollar" is in fact the artificial and contrived US Dollar Index, which only "measures" the US dollar against several other, more or less equally depreciating fiat currencies (on an long outdated trade-weighted basis, no less).  You know as well as I do that the dollar, like any fiat currency, never GAINS value, only loses it.


(PS: I did not junk your comment, as it is one that is heard so often in financial circles, incorrect and misleading as it is.)

Sheeple Shepard's picture

"OK, I'll re-raise you...1,no,10,no,100,no...oh forget it. CTRL+P

drivenZ's picture

Brazil will be next

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Brasil needs to buy some gold. 

They have none.

Dr. Engali's picture

So where can I get me some of this free money ? I have three kids to put through college, which by the time they get their the way they are printing will be funded with an one ounce gold eagle.

kito's picture

doc, why dont i see you in the chat box at the bottom right of my screen?.................... you are listed as my contact. im trying to reach you......check your settings to see if you are in stealth mode.........turkey just shot up 14 percent...............i have to hurry....................

Lohn Jocke's picture

Someone just went long turkey... it's not a very liquid market.

Nobody likes liquid turkey.

centerline's picture

Thanks for the tip.  I haven't actually checked my settings in a long time, and had chat turned off.

q99x2's picture

Head for the hills here come the zeros. The empty set. Most difficult opponent. 

Citxmech's picture

Bernanke and Obama both report to the same masters.

lasvegaspersona's picture

Paging Jim Rickards to the prophecy center....

Tyler Durden's picture

We may be wrong, but it is possible that Jim Rickards was still espousing TBTF and bailing out LTCM with the blessings of the Fed back in 2009, when it became all too clear that the only solution is a global currency race to the bottom and which others would rediscover as "Currency Wars".

From Zero Hedge, July 18, 2009: Relative Central Bank Balance Sheets And Currency Races To The Bottom

Rick Blaine's picture

Oh, come on guys...

It just HAS to work one of these times...


kito's picture

oh, it works.....been working for 100 years......just not working for the little people of the world..........................just ask g edward griffin........................

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Confidence schemes all around.