Gold Breaks Out and Consolidates Above $1,700/oz – Financial Alchemy Risks Severe Inflation

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In the mist of gross market manipulation. And it don't make sense

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The futures market wagging the physical market's tail doesn't make much sense. But given the role gold is playing in the currency wars these days, true price discovery is coming.

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Max, perhaps you meant to say midst, but really mist works better in this market, eh?

Optically Misty days ahead...


Nuclear Echoes etc.

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Yes Max, this is a puzzler. I can't join the gold fans by saying it's because of events in the EU. The EU has been a basket case for some time now. This is definitely not news related, or if it is, it's related to news that has yet to become public knowledge.

I also can't agree with the author that a close above $1700 and trading in the $1700-$1710 range in the premarket constitutes "consolidation". We will see today if this thing has legs or not, but as far as I'm concerned, it needs some sort of a confirmation day to show it's for real.

Don't get suckered by the news explanation. The news was just as bad when gold tanked recently.

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Substitute "tanked" with "got raided and had 5 margin raises in a row here and overseas".  Then you will realize your logic is backwards. The move down was the paper baloney. 

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Absolutely, and the five weeks of ranged bound trading were the result of manipulation. I get that. So what made TPTB stop manipulating the price and allow it to rise to the top of the range (and beyond now that we are at $1712? What has changed? My point is there is something going on that we don't know about that removed their foot from the brake.

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Tuesday at 1:30 PM EDT New York is the cutoff for this Friday's COT report. We know that the bullion banks (JPM, HSBC, etc.) are quite often 'tardy' reporting their numbers for the preceding Tuesdays trading at the cut off.

Me thinks they have used this same old, same old, to cover some more of their massive short position and then attempt to hide the fact, by delaying their timely reporting of numbers to this Friday's COT report.

Just more market fiddling. When they cover their shorts to that amount, has the same effect as a buyer with deep pockets showing up. Watch the COT report for hints, but you may have to wait an extra week! 

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Gold is not breaking out to the upside, but to the downside.

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You must live in an upside down world then!

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Not on a weekly chart my friend.  Look at the positions of large traders on the USD index.  This move in precious metals is merely a fakeout.

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Your view is terminally short-sighted, at best.

Go call up the ten-year chart of the gold price, and then come back here and dare tell us that "gold is moving downward".  You daytraders are such a hoot --- always driving by looking at the pavement directly outside their open door, rather than looking forward and getting the big picture through their windshield.

Have fun with that "rising dollar", LOL.

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Day trader?  If you look at the chart I posted it is a weekly chart.  We are talking near term future.  While you are talking 10 years?  Yeah gold will always continue to rise with the structure of the Fed but are you honestly telling me gold cannot take a hit here because it's gone up for the last ten years.  It will hit the 61.8% retracement level at 1450 I can promise you that.

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You can promise us nothing.

If all your charts and squiggles were SO infallible, you would be relaxing on a beach somewhere after having retired a billionaire, rather than trying to convince us of your clairvoyance and prescience in an online forum.  But thanks for the laugh anyway.

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I am not a greedy pig like most investors.  I guess time will tell in regards to gold.  Maybe I can recruit some investors out of all of this.  Look me up when I am right.

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As long as the CME doesn't JUMP IT yet again, and raise margins looks good.

They were a  factor we did not have to put up with when they show/ed they kicked the crap out of the rise.

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GS, gold breaking out to the downside..  I sure hope so, I missed the wagon on gold..  Please let it be...

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Unless the CME raises margins again, and the market doesn't tank BIG,like down to 7500, you missed your shot at 1600,I fear.

From here out I think I start buying silver,or plat,pall.

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Gold will be 1450 at year end. 

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I think your crystal ball may be in need of a cleaning --- it evidently has a rather thick coating of bankster shit all over it.

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No need to be rude.  I am just one man expressing his opinion.

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Greenspan Shrugged

Appears the Comml Hedgers are moving the market here..............not a good sign.

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They probably should have turned off their ceiling fan light before recording this on their reflective TV screen...

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Agreed - but it was the only daffy duck gold video I could find strait away. I wanted the video where he swims in a pile of gold...

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And the printing of money and adding more debt to "buy time" is exactly what the US has done with not a whiff of a plan to actually create growth. Structural competitive disadvantages and lack of technological productivity growth cannot be magically fixed with refinancing underwater mortgages or paving more roads. The next 5 years are probably lost so the real question is whether the government will take a longer view, and start allocating capital to R&D, fix the patent system, withdraw troops and from the IMF, and raise tarriffs to protect jobs. A little period of isolationism here is exactly what the doctor ordered..

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You lost me at, "start allocating capital to R&D."

I don't want the government allocating anything nor spending any money on R&D for anything. Leave that to the private sector.

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The headings on those graphs are inaccurate. Please replace the word 'Money' with 'Currency' or, my personal favorite, 'Jew Confetti'.

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First post as a new member of the fight club (although a long time lurker). Looking forward to mixing it up with you guys (and gals).

Silver is a better play than gold - in my opinion (although both will do well).

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I may have to change my name if you're wrong. Welcome aboard.

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You and me both.  And welcome to the FNG.  :-)

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Never saw so many Netflix ads as I see here after reading about them.

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Indeed. You'd be surprised how many Jim Cramer ads appear here too...which I assume is some type of comic relief.

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The ads are based on your viewing habits. All I get are ads for porn sites (probably a glitch)

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All I get are PM dealers. But now that I think about it, no gun ads. Very weird.

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Just as well - my 870 gets jealous when I look at other "girls"...

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Et vive Adblock plus plugin (firefox, chrome, whatever... it works so well) !!!


So you can think freely without your brain being compromized by all that shiny blinky brainwashy ads.

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Just don't forget to select the "Donate" link at the top of this page.

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"U.S. Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner warned of the “catastrophic risk” posed by the turmoil." ... after looking in the mirrow this morning

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This coming from Timmah "Zero Risk of US Credit Rating Downgrade" Geithner?

Color me amused.

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An open strongly above $1700 would be very telling.  We'll see.

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EU won`t be able to do any money printing via ECB because Germany(the no1 EU member) clearly opposes it, although Sarkozy would love it.


China won`t lend to them and today Brazil said they won`t either. Without BRICS, leveraging the EFSF, they`re pretty much doomed. They`ll have to let some banks fail and we`ll see a big Lehman type scenario unfolding again. Following the pattern of 2008 crisis, gold and silver might tank for a while.

US Fed might restrain from more printing due to political opposition and riots accross the country. Printing more money would make matters worse for people, lowering purchasing power and creating even more riots in an election year.

Bashing the FED rethoric has become widely popular on both Occupy Wallstreet and in Tea Party and some FED members are afraid of being sacked if they don`t abide to political pressure. They`ll most likely do what`s good for them and restrain from printing.


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The Austrian school wins over Keynesian and Monetarists.

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Bashing the FED rethoric has become widely popular on both Occupy Wallstreet and in Tea Party and some FED members are afraid of being sacked if they don`t abide to political pressure. They`ll most likely do what`s good for them and restrain from printing.

When have they ever NOT done "what was good for them"?

In the end, they will print, and print with wild abandon --- it is their nature.

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What blog are you paying your visitations to for Leo? I'd also like to drop by periodically to pay my respects... if you know what I mean   : )

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Hey WB,

Actually, I had been blasting leo in absentia here on ZH --- cant' remember which thread it was now, but it was a couple of days ago.  No, haven't seen his sorry statist ass anywhere online, not that I have been looking for him, or would want to run across him either.

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ohhh Ok. I thought you'd found another hole that he was occupying.

Thanks Mr. A.