Gold Call Options at $2,000/oz – Goldman and Credit Suisse Bullish Due to US Interest Rates

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Options traders are bullish? Probably means a BTFD opportunity is around the corner...

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Only dips buy GLD. Get physical

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Gold, bitchez.

That is all.

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It's 2,000 an ounce till they ask for a margin call.

The entire econonomy has been taken over by speculators.

We need a hike in interest-rates to see who actually owns what.

Then we'll get the truth.

The true problem is leverage.

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Bling bling kerching!!

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Obama deciding to nuke the Keystone is Atlas Shrugged in action. Now we Canucks will focus on marketing the largest oil resource on the planet (larger than the Middle East) to the Asian Growth engine. It is hard to fathom what is going through the heads of the American Central Planners...

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their only plan is to get relected

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keystone would create thousands of good paying jobs,reduce cost of energy but it is nasty old oil and gas.. of couse Obuma relied on Immelt & chu (sp) to tell him it's not a good idea..wind farms and solar scams get the go ahead..don't you love it? Jobs we don't need no stinkin jobs.